What to do when the Trane is not on time?

ofrancoisFebruary 19, 2013

After all your guidance and other research, we settled on a contractor who was offering to install a Trane XL14C. There would be a two-week wait time for installation. We gave him the go ahead. Today, he called and is offering us an "upgrade" to a Lennox 15GSCX-24 because his Trane vendor said delivery would be longer than two weeks and could not give a new ETA.

Is a delayed delivery time a common occurrence?
Is this a bait and switch? and if so, to what end?

Again, thanks for your guidance.

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Have you given the dealer a deposit?
Is dealer a Trane authorized dealer?

I personally think the worst thing s the dealer is unable to give you a date. For me that is not acceptable.

I would not have the Lennox, mainly because I don't care for their products. If you are interested in the Lennox, tell dealer you will accept it with a discount of 5-10% or you can ask for the return of your deposit if you gave him one.

How long has this dealer been in business? Difficult for me to believe there is a backorder on this basic Trane model.


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Yellow flag lesson....
If you feel like it's difficult to work with a contractor, then you should find another.

A good contractor will set a price and date and stick to it.. I find it very hard to believe that story.

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audiomixer- We are very disappointed because this company was highly rated on Angie's list. I should have known when the guy did know know that the Trane XL14c was a two stage machine when I asked about the thermostat. -O.

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My theory is if the contractor did not know the Trane XL 14c is a 2-stage unit and quoted you the wrong price. He is now trying to substitute a cheaper unit in order to maintain his profit margin. He seems to be making excuses as to when the Trane unit will be available.

I would not accept the Lennox as a substitute if it does not have the same features and performance. You can call his bluff and wait a few more weeks. Don't be surprised when he says I can get it sooner from another distributor but it will cost more money or Trane just announced a price increase.

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The Lennox is similar but furnace eff is less than 80% according to website. Either would require a true two stage thermostat for best operation. Dealers know pricing so I just feel there is something more to this story than meets the eye.

I would not want the Lennox pkg unit.


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Mike_home, I think you hit the nail on the head. When I called him back and told him we were interested in the Trane and asked about the thermostat, he said he did not think it was 2 stage. I told him that I was very sure it was and he said he would "of course" install an appropriate thermostat and I should not worry. At that time he could have verified availability and price.

He took the deposit, said it would be two weeks, we said "fine". He then said it would be longer and offered the switch. Now, he said that the job would be $900 more because the crane operator had to work on a Saturday.

It may not be the best decision but we are going with the RUUD RRRL. The machine is sold and locally the company get's good reviews but so did the original contractor. They had stellar reviews actually.

Thank you everyone. Let's hope this is the end of a cold journey ;)

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As a consumer, it is important to write in a cancellation clause with a cancellation date, to every contract you sign. Something like, âÂÂAs of X-date, if said goods are not delivered in full, this contract is null and void - cancelled, with no penalty to the undersignedâÂÂ. Have the sales person sign or at least initial it.

Now you have leverage!


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It is frustrating when contractors pull these type of things. He could have been honest about it and told you he made an error in the quote. I assume if you agree to pay the extra $900 you can have the installation done immediately.

I hope you have a good experience with the new contractor and the Rudd unit.

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