If people don't like you does that cause fewer people to

hamptonmeadowApril 27, 2006

answer ones posts? I post questions and not very many answers. I assume that it is because I am so curmudgeonly and a lot of people are not too fond of me.

I can't change in order to get answers so I guess I am out of luck, but it is an interesting question.

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hampton, they just don't all know you from the decorating board. Give it time!

I looked over in discussions and saw your sink question - - is that the one you're talking about? I would guess people just didn't know the answer off the top of their heads. But a good website to check out sinks of all types is homeclick.com, although given what I have heard on these boards, I wouldn't risk actually ordering from them.

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hamptonmeadow, I like you! And I would post if I knew the answers to your questions.

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Are you kidding Hamptonmeadow ~ how could anyone NOT like you?

This place is crazy, posts scroll so quickly - lots of good ones are missed. Try bumping your posts back to the first page, sometimes that works!

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I wasn't asking for ME! (ha ha) Of course I am so interesting and clever that everyone answers my questions. I have had 96 replies about how to hang the toilet paper roll.

I think it does have something to do with how people perceive you. Some people are just more interesting than others. One gravitates toward those well written, chatty posts because they are full of mental meat to read.

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