laminate vs door jamb question

Kay20October 10, 2012

I'm aware that you need to under cut the door casings before installing laminate, then install it under the door casing. I did that when I put down my laminate in our basement, however, my upstairs doorways aren't cased out. Instead they have what looks like pieces of lumber attached togther, creating a zigzag pattern. Do I still under cut these? The thickest piece, I assume, is the door jamb. But I don't want to create a structural issue with my doors, so I thought I'd ask....Please help.

More Pics of my situation:[]

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You will need a oscillating saw to under cut that, or strip some 1" by what ever pine and close in that is zig zag erea. But 1st!! You need to make your expansion gap 1/4" which you do not have there.

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Your picture here and those on Photobucket are a little different so I'm not quite sure what you have going on. You do need a 1/4" expansion gap. Around doors the typical solution is to undercut the trim and jamb. You do not want to undercut any structural members such as the studs around the door.

While an electric oscillating saw makes quick work, you can get by with a handsaw. They do make jamb saw but one of the Japanese style saws works quite well too.

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how would I know the difference between the jamb and a structural member Mike? Also to JetSwet, I'm aware that this vinyl doesn't have a 1/4" expansion gap, it's the allure flooring that was previously installed, that I'm taking up I just hadn't gotten to that when I took the pic

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When you cut casing.... the door jam you cut it till you hit 2x4 behind it that's when you stop.

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