A Shakey issue with T & G flooring

anniemac.643October 2, 2012

HI- I am posting this in the hope of getting some advice on our floor- and hoping that someone has some specialist knowledge of laying of T&G flooring.

We are in Christchurch New Zealand, home of 10,000 plus earthquakes in the past 18 months. Our home is damaged, but still standing.Extensive renovations, with repiling and levelling of the floor, and a large addition to the home occurred 3 years prior to our first big shake. The older piled part of the house has fallen off the newer concrete pad of the addition. The flooring is a hardwood- southland white beech-wide boards laid over the joists. Foundations have sunk in the far corner of the house so that the T & G flooring has been put under immense pressure- it is suspended on the piles,and now is bowed in the area nearest the concrete pad. The T&G boards in this area particularly are split lengthwise in places along the tongues of the boards, some have split entirely, and the floorboards overall are wavy - ie if you look along the length of the boards horizontally the spaces between the boards are all uneven.

The query I have is this- how easy is it to take out the damaged boards and replace them one by one? Can it be done easily? Will the finished repair look as good as the initial laying of the flooring?

We think the flooring should be replaced totally- we have replacement insurance- but the government body EQC have decided that one or two piecemeal boards can be taken out and that will fix the problem.They are not interested in actually fixing the issue so it is back to its original conditon.

We don't have any flooring specialists left here in town- the city is gone. Those buildings that didn't fall are now in the process of being taken down.Google our poor city and take a peek.

I can try for some photos if this will help anyone out there who is experienced in this sort of issue!!

Many thanks and hoping for some feedback :)

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