Rosacea anyone?

bonnieann925July 26, 2014

Yesterday I went to my opthamologist for an eye exam. She informed me that I have rosacea on my face, by no signs of it in my eyes. I was shocked! In March at my annual physical, my internist found a red spot on the tip of my nose and sent me off to a dermatologist. I ended up with the finding that the spot at the tip of the nose is "nothing". I went back for a whole body scan, where a small red area on the side of my nose was enough of a concern that she asked me to come back in 3 months if it hasn't disappeared. NO mention of rosacea from the derm!

I'm going to schedule the 3 month follow-up, but in the meantime, I am befuddled by this recent diagnosis. My opthamologist is great. She recommended omega 3 oils as a supplement as the first line of treatment for a mild case.

Has anyone been diagnosed with this? According to it is common, and many people have it and are unaware.

I went to the beach today and slathered sunscreen on my face and kept under a wide-brim hat, but still I know the sun is not kind to the skin, despite all that.

Thanks in advance!

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I have it but don't worry about it much. The only thing that my ophthalmologist suggested was to wash my eye-lids, upper and lower with something called Eye-lid care ( these are small pads with a cleansing solution) which I do every morning. I just buy it in the eye-care section of the grocery store.

I am fair with a slightly ruddy complexion and blush easily which is typical for those who suffer from it. But I don't have the pimples or broken-like blood vessels of worse cases. I don't use soap on my face to prevent drying out but rather use Aveeno body wash that is fragrance free.

I always use skin cream, I have found Clinique is the best (for me) because it is absolutely fragrant free and hype-allergenic. And I have always worn sun screen and most definitely sunglasses. These things are more preventative than anything - just to prevent my eyes and face from becoming irritated.

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Yes, I was diagnosed with rosacea, during a visit with a dermatologist for something else entirely about 20 years ago. In my case, all that was visible was a "thumbprint" on each cheek that was slightly darker than the rest of my face and a few non-colored bumps on my nose. I was as stunned as you seem to be. After a round of antibiotics, I was prescribed a cream, then years later Metrogel, and told to use it whether or not I was having an episode, as a preventative. Several years ago, my dermatologist said there was no sign of the rosacea, but I continued to use the gel anyway. This past year my dermatologist said to discontinue the gel and I've had no return of symptoms.

Try to avoid anything that makes you flush. For me, this includes heat (yeah, sun's bad, but the heat itself can be a problem), extreme cold, alcohol, and certain foods, especially spicy ones. Be careful what you use on your skin and avoid cosmetics with fragrance or certain other ingredients (you'll have to figure out which ones cause a reaction in you; I avoid silicone/dimethicone, etc). Baby your skin. Clean your eye make-up off religiously and follow with a warm, not hot, wet washrag, with a little baby shampoo if you want.

Assuming you do have it -- did you ask the dermatologist in so many words? -- you're lucky it was caught early. Mine never progressed beyond what the doctor first saw, aside from occasional flare-ups. My nose bumps went away -- what a relief, since I had visions of ending up like W. C. Field!

Are you very fair? There is one theory that fair people get it more often, another that it is simply more easily diagnosed on them, like rouge on Casper the Friendly Ghost.

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I have it. It is basically just redness on my cheeks that is sometimes hard to cover up with make-up. I try to look at the bright side... I NEVER need blush. However, my skin is so blotchy, I can never go without powder foundation. I took oral antibiotics for a while, and antibiotic creams. Now, I don't. I just try to keep it covered. I guess I didn't find the medications very helpful. I always wear sunscreen on my face and use fragrance free, hypoallergenic face lotion. I'm sad that they have quit making the only make-up that I have found that is affordable, easy to apply, and natural looking. If anyone has a powder foundation that they love and use, I would love to know about it.

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Joanie - have you tried the mineral foundations?


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joanie - I use Clinique products because I have found that they are the kindest to my skin and eyes. I do use their liquid foundation but I don't know if they do a powder foundation. Knowing what the rest of their products are like however, it might be one to check out.

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Many thanks for your input and for the tips in how to deal with this newly diagnosed condition.

blfenton-thank you for suggesting the eye-lid care pads. They are soothing to the tender eye lid area. I plan on hitting the Clinique counter this weekend to try their skin cream.

Chibimimi-Yes, I am stunned by a diagnosis of facial (not occular, thankfully) rosacea by my opthomologist, after a visit with my dermatologist just a few months ago. I am so glad that you are in remission and have figured out what your triggers are. That is a process, but one that I am willing to undertake.

Joanie38-I'm not blotchy and really did not know I have it, but fear that it may worsen if I don't treat it now. I have scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist. From what I have read, tina 61 is correct that mineral make-up is kind to rosacea. I use Bare Escentials foundation and blush when I do wear make-up, which is not every day. It might be worth a try.

On Monday I started the Omega oils that were recommended by my opthamologist. It's too early to tell, by I will probably benefit from taking this supplement in many ways (it's been an off-on again supplement for many years). I bought Ocuvite, which is omega 3 oils and anti-oxidents.

Sunscrean and sunglasses have been part of my daily life for as long as I can remember. Now I'll buy a big umbrella for beach days!

Many thanks!

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My rosacea is pretty mild - I have a constant blush and a few broken blood vessels but no bumps or pimples. I also took a very long round of antibiotics that didn't really help.

My triggers are wine (hard stuff is fine), stress and extreme cold. Weirdly, direct sun actually seems to help.

Be very careful with chemicals on your face like microdermabrasion (never!), peels (never!), exfoliation (gently), salicylic acid (test slowly), glycolic acid (test slowly) and retinoids (test slowly).

The only thing that I have found to make a real difference is magnesium supplements.

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Tina and Blfenton I have NOT tried the minerals foundation, are you referring to Bare Minerals? (and haven't used liquid foundation since I was in high school experimenting with Cover Girl.) I will look into it. Can you buy it in a drug store? Amazon?
I'm glad you asked about it Bonnieann. I didn't know to be careful about the eye area.

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My sister and mom have it. My sis was just dx with it . . .for years she thought she had acne! Seems very common. I know several people with it.

I got "lucky." Instead of rosacea, I have psoriasis. But, so does Kim Kardashian, haha!

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