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NYGuy10025February 21, 2014

I am installing a split-system ducted AC in my space-constrained NYC co-op. We are using Aerosys THDC-30 condensers in the window but now we need to match them up with the proper air handlers. The manufacturer will only certify two air handlers to work with that unit and to achieve SEER 12 (space-constrained units need a minimum of 12 SEER, not 13): Carrier FV4C 005, and Rheem RHBP-21.
The Rheem is 36" long compared to Carrier's 53.5", so to save space we'd prefer the Rheem -- Can anyone offer a comparison of the units in terms of quality, quiet, performance, etc?
Lastly, Carrier makes a smaller version of its handler, FV4C 002 -- but Aerosys hasn't tested that unit against its condenser and won't certify it. Since it's smaller, they suspect it won't work at the required SSER... does anyone have experience with this match-up? I've heard anecdotally that it works fine, I've also heard there have been problems with that combination.

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NY Guy

First of all, I will say up front I know nothing about the Aerosys brand. I will assume by the model number this is a straight 2 1/2 ton AC condenser and that you heat by another source, probably boiler radiator heat.

Carrier's FV series air handler has a high eff var speed blower motor. Rheem's RHBP (letters may be misplaced) is a high eff fixed speed X-13 blower motor. Either if used in correct application is certainly solid equipment.

If you want more details on these air handlers, I suggest you go the respective website.

I did take a quick look at the AHRI AC directory and surprise, I found the following matches.

This gives you the tested performance/eff numbers. You will note these are with the Rheem air handler.

6032825 Active Systems AEROCON AEROSYS, INC. THDC-30RGASD RBHP-21J07SH2 990 28000 10.00 12.00 1 SCP-RCU-A-CB Yes 282

6032826 Active Systems AEROCON AEROSYS, INC. THDC-30SGA RBHP-21J07SH2 990 28000 10.00 12.00 1 SCP-RCU-A-CB Yes 282
6032827 Active Systems AEROCON AEROSYS, INC. THDC-30TGA RBHP-21J07SH2 990 28000 10.00 12.00 1 SCP-RCU-A-CB Yes 282

You should ask the dealer for the matching AHRI directory number. There was nothing listed with the Carrier air handler.

That's all the info I can offer.


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Thank you, tigerdunes. I had gotten that far myself, and as you have seen there is only one air handler listed for those THDC-30 condensers. In fact, Aerosys told me that Carrier's FV4C 005 handler is also being listed, just that the site is not yet updated. Our problem, on further measuring, is that neither the Rheem nor Carrier will fit in the constrained space we have.

It's implausible that in the entire product universe there are only two air handlers that will work with these condensers (which are quite common in NYC because of the space issue).
Contractors have recommended two other air handlers to us that they *insist* will work just fine: Carrier FV4C002 and First Co. 31HXX or 32HXX. But of course, they're acting in their own self-interest, trying to get the job. I'm trying to confirm if anyone here - presumably a disinterested third party - has any experience combining the Aerosys condenser with either of these air handlers... or, lacking that, could someone weigh in with their best assessment of the compatibility.

It's been quite frustrating in that neither Carrier nor First Co. will volunteer an opinion on the matter, and Carrier won't even talk to the customer regarding any technical info on their products.

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