Advice needed: Choosing most efficient ceiling fan

kate38February 3, 2012

We need a ceiling fan w/60" blades for our family room and have narrowed our choice down to two. We don't know how to determine which will be more efficient, electricity-wise:

Fan "A":Airflow: 6967 CFM, elec use: 88 watts, Airflow efficiency: 80 CFM/watt

Fan "V":Airflow: 4646 CFM, elec use: 12 watts, Airflow efficiency: 384 CFM/watt

Please give me your advice. Thanks.

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Those numbers can't be right but if they were, Fan V would be more efficient. There shouldn't be a nearly 5 fold difference in efficiency for a typical a/c motor. They should be in the 60-120 CFM/watt. So the 80 is probably right and the 384 is not.

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Thanks. Perhaps it's a typo in the advertising and the airflow efficiency is 84, but I will follow up with the company to double check. If that's the case, however, is fan V still more efficient? Also, if it helps, fan A has a "premium power 188x25 mm torque-induction motor," and fan V has a "premium power 165x25 mm dc motor."

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A DC motor? What is converting the AC in your house to DC? and how many watts is it consuming?

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I will check that website, thanks ionized. Re the motor (from the fan website--Monte Carlo, BTW): I don't know anything about dc motors except my sewing machines have them, too, and if they are converted, I don't know what is converting them.

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