Mojo - Part 2

mtnesterApril 8, 2006

Let's keep this Mojo idea going! I'm glad to see that most of us are still committed to making some positive changes in our lives, whether that means losing weight, getting more exercise, establishing better habits, developing new interests, contributing more to society---whatever it takes to get the sense that we are in control of our lives and moving forward in a healthy, fulfilling direction.

After dropping a few pounds last week, I seem to have leveled off somewhat, even gaining back a pound and then fighting to lose it again. But I haven't had any binges, and I've been walking almost every day, so I won't beat myself up over it; if I continue on this path, I know the weight will come off, sooner or later. The only dietary "culprit" I can come up with is portion size: there are times when I've probably had too much at dinner (e.g., when one burger is not enough but two is too much). I hereby resolve to stop BEFORE I get too full. I'm going to save the leftover half-burger, or whatever, for the next day's lunch.

I'm also still trying to get a handle on the way I structure my time. I tend to take it easy for a couple hours and then get absorbed in research or a project. Suddenly, it's late afternoon, and I need to get outside for a walk; then I want to relax again before starting dinner. I think I would get more accomplished if I took the walk earlier in the day and then devoted the afternoon to my projects.

I've been investigating gyms and fitness centers. I'm bowled over by the cost! The best one (with medical guidance, excellent facilities, and activities appropriate for someone with a back problem) costs WAAAAY more than I can afford, especially since I'm not working now. I wish I had room for a recumbent bike at home, but there's no space for one. Do any gyms offer "limited" deals for using just one or two pieces of equipment? I'll make some calls next week.

Hope everybody is having a happy, successful weekend! Stay on track!


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Glad to see Part 2 -- Mo' Mojo!

Last night's sushi binge has me retaining water (argh) that I need to lose before Monday morning's WW weigh-in... Despite the mostly good news from my home scale, the WW scale hasn't been so impressed with my progress. And that's the one that tends to deflate my balloon. So it's a veggie dinner for me.

I put on some sunless tanner today (first time) -- Cross your fingers that I don't end up looking like a pumpkin. Anyone have success with that stuff? After DH's skin cancer scare (hopefully only a scare), I won't go back to a tanning booth, but I'm naturally so pale that I really need a little artificial color.

Who's doin' something bold?

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Pecanpie, that is absolutely wonderful that eating better has you feeling better!! Do you mean you are going to have some kind of formal gluten sensitivity testing? Heck, regardless of the test findings, seems like you have discovered something very helpful about food and your body. Do be sure to have enough carbohydrates to fuel your energy.

Ooo, Sweeby, I've not had luck with the sunless tanners. I end up with dark places on my knees and ankles and between my fingers and toes. Not good enough at the exfoliation step. And now that I am virtually covered head to toe with age spots and all manner of other weird lesions, I discovered *each* of those also turns very dark. (it is all quite attractive). Bold for me is to accept there is nothing I can do but be the palest person on the planet with terrible skin slathered in sunscreen.

Hey, but my weight is dead center average on the BMI scale calculator. Win some, lose some.

Doing OK here. Catching up on work, eating well, but not getting to the Y even half as often as I should. It is ridiculous that time is so crunched. The Y is a nice 6 minute walk from my house - perfect warmup/cooldown stroll.

I will get to the Y
I will get to the Y
I will get to the Y

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Not much luck here with the sunless tanners, Sweeby. The older I get, the more 'exfoliation' I need before applying. I'm giving up this spring- I'd need a belt sander and a dremel for the creases.

Have you known anyone who had success with airbrush application? Results vary widely according to the skill of the operator. When done properly it looks like the real thing.

Celticmoon, thanks- I think it's a blood test they're doing. MIL has celiac disease and I'm familiar with the restrictions, as she and FIL join us for dinner often. She concentrates on what she cannot have, but it's really a very healthy way to eat. She raised 6 healthy boys on casseroles of all persuasions and processed and canned foods, bless her heart, and it's hard for her to get the 'grilled meats/fresh veggies and fruit' mindset. Diagnosed in her 60s, change comes hard, I suppose.

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There are many salons that do the spray on tans and they look great. All of the young women a the fashion and beauty mags get them and most of the women I know are always tan but would never think of sitting out. They look completely natural.

I've had good DIY results using the drugstore St. Ives Apricot scrub first and then the Clarins tanner which has pretty good color. At this stage I do not wear skirts in the summer without it as I have too many spots on my legs. And if I actually sat out I'd look like the old lady in Something About Mary.

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Hi Sue, Sweeby and Celtic,

Well, I made my 25 lb. mark today. It only took me weeks to lose 2-3 pounds. I have to remember I fulfilled my short-term goal. I just hope I can keep it when I start to eat again, since I'm still feeling puny. If coughing were an aerobic exercise, I should have lost more than that! (The muscles in my back are sore and feel bruised from hacking away as much as I have.) Anyway, my next goal is five more pounds (I'm goin' in increments), then five more, and so on.

Pecanpie, let me add my congratulations as well. The Glycemic Index really does work. I've been using it since I found out about it. I'm also eating chocolate since it's low on the index, and look forward to it every day.

I officially now have a pair of fat pants that I should probably throw away, but I'm enjoying wearing them around the house because I can tell where I've come from.

Sue, do you have a Curves in your area? I know lots of women who really enjoy going there. Celtic, that's fantastic you have a Y so close to where you live. Sweeby, your WW's meeting and my doctor's office have the same syndrome. I finally bought a scale that weighed to 1/10th of a pound to put me on even ground; that old scale of mine was driving me nuts. Would it help your spirit to adjust yours according to the WW scale?

Just remember, if you're stuck for now, ''this too shall pass''(given enough time)!

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Claire, congratulations on reaching that milestone! Sorry to hear about that cough, though. (I'm resisting the urge to tell you to drink plenty of fluids and go to the doctor if it's not better soon--oh, what the heck! Take good care of yourself, and feel better soon! [I'm such a Mom :-])

To answer your question: I don't know much about Curves, so I looked it up on the web. I found a site that has users' reviews (see link). Of course, I realize that every franchise is different, and a lot depends on the particular staff and clientele. The good thing about is that overweight women feel comfortable there, so they keep coming back.

As for the equipment they use, here is the description on that site:

"The exercise component of Curves For Women involves circuit training exercise equipment that targets specific body parts. A member spends 30 seconds on each of a series of 8 - 12 hydraulic exercise machines, including a squat machine, an abdominal machine, a leg extension machine, a shoulder press, a back machine, a leg press, an abductor machine and a biceps machine. The circuit is designed to provide both cardio and strength training."

Since I have a back problem, I'm not sure whether all that equipment is safe and appropriate for me to use. My physical therapy included different kinds of equipment (recumbent bike and elliptical), which are not listed. I'd feel better if there was a physical therapist or trainer on the staff who could confirm or modify the program for me, if necessary.

Also, the idea of only 30 seconds on each piece of equipment sounds weird; don't you spend most of your time moving from one thing to another?

Claire, have you gone to Curves yourself? What did you think of it?

And while we're at it, if anybody has experience with any other national chains, I'd be interested in hearing your experiences.


Here is a link that might be useful: Reviews of Curves

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Wonderful, Claire, way to persist. Sorry you're not feeling well otherwise.

adichristi, are you still around? Your elliptical trainer should be here today or so. How exciting! Tell us all about it when you get it set up & give it it's trial run.

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claire - congrats on hitting the 25 pound mark - great job!!

sue - I wish I had more room for exercise equipment too! I have my exercise bike in our family room - with a grand piano!! And my exercise ball in the middle of the living room - I slide the mat under the couch when not in use. I can of course move the ball out of sight if I want to and I can move my exercise bike (old fashioned schwinn airdyne)into my laundry room if needed. At times I have belonged to a health club but exercising at home seems to work better for me - I think because no travel time required.

Everyone - you have to stick with it and hang in there! It pays off. My pants are getting too big so I went to buy new pants. Last time I went to the mall to buy pants it was very discouraging. That is when I thought, well you're getting close to 50 - you can't expect to look like you used to.

Well, it was amazing how much of an improvement I saw in myself this time. It's still hard to find pants with the right fit but I found some - now a size smaller - and I was amazed at how much better I look this time. It was a very uplifting experience. I wanted to continue on with the shopping spree but I thought - oh my gawd - I have to get home before it's too late to ride my exercise bike!!

I really hope I can keep this up - I feel like I will because I can now see the impact on how I look and feel. Plus as I get older, I think more about not wanting to have a lot of chronic health problems, not be able to do anything, etc. I like just taking it one week at a time. Setting my measureable goal for the week and then feeling good about making it. Kind of like the person who said they just focus on meeting the calorie goal day by day. I think it helps to have small goals and celebrate that you made it!

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Claire - Good for you for losing 25 pounds!! That's great! I need to follow your lead by working in 5 pound increments. I know that is the way to go, but it can be really tough sometimes when you get stuck :/ As awm said, at those times I need to just focus on daily calorie intake.

Sue - I went to Curves for about 11 months (2 1/2 yrs ago) and it worked pretty well for me at the time. If I had only kept going! You do each machine for 30 seconds...then walk on a mat for 30 seconds....then next machine...then walk...until you go all the way around. You can work the machine very hard (or not) depending on your ability. I know some women would do a modified workout on certain machines because of health issues. When I joined they had a special waving the sign-up fee, and then I paid $29 a month with a one year contract. I thought that was pretty reasonable at the time. I know if you go in they will let you try out the machines to see if you like the concept.

gibby - congrats on the reaching a size smaller. I LOVE when that happens! It is amazing what a difference it makes.

I didn't get my walk in yesterday because I had company for most of the day. Today is another day and I WILL get it done. The weather is finally taking a turn for the better around here and the coming week is looking good. Hooray!

Have a great Sunday everyone :)

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Congratulations Claire! Hitting a big milestone like that is such an upper.

I'd heard great things about Curves when I did WW a few years ago, but at that time, there wasn't one that was close to us. Now, there's one right next door to the WW place, and it's on the way home from DS's school. I *could* go there every morning after dropping DS off at school. But I'm soooo reluctant. Something about machines? And I hate having to sign up for things where they get money every month whether you use it or not... I suspect I'm just making excuses. Buy hey - at least I'm walking.

Pecan - Celiac? Hopefully you'll be able to eat a modified celiac diet and won't have to go 100% gluten free. Gluten lurks in tiny quantities in the strangest places - even spices have trace amounts. The good news is that most 'regular' grocery stores now offer some gluten-free goods, and health food stores have a lot. DS had been about 98% casein and gluten-free for more than 5 years now, so it CAN be done -- especially if you just cook from scratch. Grilled meats and veggies, grilled meats and veggies...

Celtic - You and Pecan really had me worried about the sunless tanner! Sometimes 'bold' can just be a four-letter word for stupid... But it turned out OK. I did exfoliate carefully first, and I used a light-medium toned tanner, so I just have a bit of a glow. I may migrate to the spray-on stuff when I get skinny enough to show some skin...

Have a great day everyone!

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Great progress, folks!! Good to hear about. Glad you're not polka dotted, Sweeeby.

Question : any of you use music for walks or working out? How about a list of inspiring Mojo anthems?? I want to reload my little mp3.

For getting moving, I'll nominate:

-Etta James: Gotta Serve Somebody
-Was (Not Was): Walk the Dinosaur
-Bonnie Raitt: Fundamental Things
-Keb Mo: She Just Wants To Dance

And for double duty to get you going in mind and spirit:

-India.Arie: Video
("I ain't the average girl on your video
and I ain't built like a supermodel,
but I learned to love myself unconditionally
because I am a queen.")

-Indigo Girls: Hammer and Nail
("My life is more than a vision.
The sweetest part is acting after making a decision...
...I gotta get out a bed and get a hammer and nail,
Learn how to use my hands not just my head
- I think myself into jail.
Now I know a refuge never grows
from a chin in a hand in a thoughtful pose,
gotta tend the earth if you want a rose!")

What are your favorites?

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Rococogurl- OMG- Magda! What we all aspire NOT to be!!

Gibby, that's great news about your dropping a size! Way to go! I think there are lots of us on this thread in the vicinity of turning 50 who are wondering why pants don't fit like they used to. There's a gold mine out there for the company who realizes we Boomers have some disposable income to spend on stylish clothes that actually fit our bodies, without showing tummy or crack or whatever.

neverdone, $29 is a heckuva deal for a year's membership.

Claire, hope you are feeling better, sweetie! I'm looking forward to having 'fat pants' to schlep around in.

sweeby, DH went to meet some new neighbors last spring and came back reporting that they were a lovely couple, but the wife appeared to have some sort of skin disease. Saw her at the pool- nothing permanant- I think she'd put her sunless tanner on drunk or in the dark and then neglected to wash her hands well.

Why is it we always feel 'better' with a tan? Because brown fat looks better than white fat? Dunno!

Keep it up, kids!

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awm03.. I just spent about 15 minutes of typing on here and lost it all! What's with that? Has that happen to anyone else.
I'll be back later and let you know about the ET! ok?

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Hi adichristi, yes, I've lost text several times: confused the preview button with the send button.

Oh I hope you really like your ET! What kind did you get? Does it have any nifty bells & whistles?

I think my next exercise purchase (next winter) will be some rollers for my bike so I can keep the biking muscles in shape & also to vary the exercise routine. We're leaving for Italy on Friday for a 25th wedding anniversary/bike trip (hope DH's shoulder is ok by then), and my climbing muscles aren't what they need to be yet. Weather didn't cooperate for much biking after February. But if I'd had rollers...

Baggy pants: it's time to ditch all the pants I wear to work (they're a bit frayed anyway, & my colleagues are starting to make fun of how baggy they are). Thinking about hauling out the old sewing machine to make some presentable pull-ons & some shorts for summer too. I don't want to spend a lot of money on store-bought pants that, if I stick with my diet plan, will be too large in the fall. Sheesh, haven't sewn in years.

Here's hoping that we all will have a baggy pants "problem" :)

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awm03...Well, we got the ET two weeks ago. Really easy to put together. I have been going slowly. I go on it every other day for 20 minutes. I don't want to hurt my sciatic. Then when I feel that I am in better shape I will go 5 days for 30 minutes. It really gives you a good workout! Now we need to get a good scale, what kind of scales do you have (everyone)

Here's some information on our ET

The Eclipse 2100HR Elliptical Trainer showcases a unique patented Orbital Linkage System for a smooth elliptical pattern as you work out. The easy-to-use computer with LCD window provides immediate feedback on speed, distance, time, and approximate calories burned. Features Target Zone training with 6 programs (3 speed and 3 resistance); hand pulse focus bar with built-in hand pulse sensors for immediate heart rate readings, and large, slip resistant platforms designed for stability and ample . . .
15" stride-length and wheels for portability

claire de luna... We have that cough out here and can not get rid of it! It just lingers.... Hope your better!

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hey awm, best source for temporary pants is your local Goodwill. $4 or $5. Preworn, preshrunk, cheap - and just donate them back in the fall! Beats sewing! I'm way envious of your Italy trip. Enjoy!!

Neverdone, got your bloodwork results yet?

Any other MoJo anthem nominations? I'm thinking maybe you all may exercise without music....

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celtic, used pants -- that's a good idea. I live in a posh area too (we don't financially qualify to be posh). Bet I could find some very nice used pants decent enough to wear to work.

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Pecan - must clarify that my membership was $29 per MONTH, not year!

Sweeby - You should check out curves. Don't be intimidated by the machines. They aren't intimidating like the ones at the gym....all preset, just get on and go. Maybe I should quit taking about how easy it was, and sign MY butt up!!

awm - You must be getting so excited for your trip! I would LOVE to go to Italy. Hope DH is back to normal by the time you get there. How is he coming along?

adi- Glad to hear you like your ET. You are smart to start slowly. I had sciatic problems years ago, and I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy. Well, maybe my WORST enemy!

celtic - I got some bloodwork results back and she wanted to recheck cholesterol. I wasn't fasting when they drew the 1st blood sample. So, I went in Friday for a fasting re-check. I will call tomorrow to see what they found. Thanks for asking. As for exercise music, I walk with a neighbor so we just have blah, blah, blah for our music. I guess I could admit that alot of times I listen to Alice Cooper and Aerosmith while I do housework when I really need to kick it!! How about Aerosmith "Lord of your thighs" for a Mojo song? LOL ;) No?? Okay, how about Bon Jovi "It's My's now or never...I ain't gonna live forever...I just want to live while I'm alive...It's MY LIFE"!
I think it's a great pick my up song. (it helped me quit my very stressful job a few years back!)

For those who did great, keep up the good work. For those who struggled, have a better week. :)

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You guys are so funny with the theme songs! I walk by myself, without earphones. I guess I'm too late for the Ipod generation; I just like to hear my own thoughts! But you reminded me how, when my DS was in h.s. and I was driving him to his indoor soccer games, he always had to play "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions" in the car, to psych himself up.

Thanks, neverdone and others who have chimed in with info about Curves. Glad to hear it worked for you. The price seems pretty reasonable, and I've found a couple of coupons for discount on the registration fee or 2 weeks free. I might go check on it in the next week or two (I keep forgetting about the upcoming holidays). I don't like the idea of signing up for a whole year, but maybe that's what they all require.

Speaking of baggy pants, when I lost a lot of weight 10 years ago, I sold most of my suits, blouses, and dresses to a "second time around" shop. That kind of place might be another option for finding clothes for work in "temporary" sizes. They were a bit more discriminating than Goodwill (for example, they turned up their noses at one of my favorite blouses because it had a bow at the neckline, and it wasn't stylish enough for their clientele), and they only accepted clothing that was appropriate for the upcoming season.

Have a good week, everyone!


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Hi Mojo Girls !!
Primo support group, if ever there was one !! You are all so awesome and inspirational !!!!! WW times 50 !!!!
I've rather slacked off in checking in on a regular basis -
always felt that I wanted to have more time to comment on so many really wonderful highlights (and lowlights, too! )
and the time never seemed to be with me since I have weaned myself from computer time in a big way -- taking the slug factor out of my life !!!! For a fast report from this end . . . . two weeks since turnaround day, and six pounds GONE, and starting to be part of the Baggy Pants Club !!! Feels great !! I've walked every day except for the pouring rain days -- (not that much of a hero !!) -- and it just feels so great -- while checking out all the gorgeous wondrous things of Spring !!! Have been on Atkins -- REALLY on Atkins, like 20 to 30 gms. of carbs a day. (I guess you could say that I've been kind of on Atkins for three years, but big-time cheating, so low-carbs, then end of the day cheating with high-carbs just doesn't cut it !! Led to many extra lbs. !!!) So, pretty much had to go through the "withdrawal" of higher carbs, which meant about two or three days of feeling kind of weird -- shaky, the blood sugar thing and all that. On those days, I just upped my carbs to level the feeling out -- now that I've gotten past that point, I feel really great -- more energy than I've had for a long time, satisfied with a meal instead of looking for Dinner #2 AFTER dinner !!! Pecan, stuff you mentioned about the white food stuff, gluten and all that -- I read years ago that people can actually be "allergic" to white flour, sugar, carbs of that type, and that it sets off a trigger in your system where you NEVER feel satisfied, plus you feel like crud !! I remember thinking -- no way am I going to give up cruncy sour dough bread, etc. -- Well-l-l-ll-l -- I've finally realized that I really do feel so much better with all that out of my diet -- just another way of life !! When I was on Atkins three years ago, everyone told me that my BP would be sky-high, cholesterol off the charts, etc. -
Exactly the opposite -- my physical, after being on Atkins for about 7 months, was the best I'd had for years !! Really low cholesterol, BP lower than I'd had --
Plus, I don't have that whacked feeling of sugar blues or lows, -- whatever it's called !!

I know that Atkins is not for everyone, but for me, it's what works. I have my great little treats !! a choc. peanut butter bar with 2 gms of carbs -- get them at T. Joe's (along with the 99 cent a bunch daffodils !!!!),
. . also I get Atkins Vanilla shakes in a can, freeze them til they're slushy, and it's like a milk shake (kind of !!)

There are just so many of you that when I read your posts I kind of go, Oh wow !! that is just so way cool --
and ideally, that would be the time to write a really fast note, rather than going back through many, many -- what are we now?? on the way to 200 posts !!?? -- But for now, I want to single out three of you wonderful ladies --
Gibby, with your thread of starting up exercising again, and how great you felt, Pauline, for your "where is everybody" thread, which kind of pulled us all out of wherever we'd been (!!), and Sweeby, for getting this Mojo thing going !!!!! You three were the spark plugs that got us all going, - - and everyone else -- well, you're just one inspirational story after another -- and I'm just like, Yeah, I can do this !!!!

So, to all you beautiful souls and kind hearts of the Mojo Gang, I applaud you, and admire you !! You are true inspirations, over and over again !!!!

Wishing you all a great week !!!!


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Yea! We Rock!

Nice to hear from you Chris, and especially nice to know you're still with us. I love the "Baggy Pants Club" and would like to propose that as the header for our Mojo Part 3 thread when it happens.

For workout songs, I gotta confess to liking ZZ Top, especially Pearl Necklace and Under Pressure. (But I liked it much more before I actually understood the lyrics -- Raunchy!) Bon Jovi's It's My Life is another great one.

Good day at the WW weigh-in - 2.4 pounds. (Though I confess, I did wear lighter clothes) DS#1 is home sick today, poor baby. He's *never* sick, so I'm not quite sure what to do with him... I think the last time he stayed home sick with me was 12 years ago with the chicken pox! Which, being the great generous sharer that he is, he promptly gave to me...

Today's Mojo Challenge for me is to #1 - get out my invoices for my clients, and #2 - start on my 2005 taxes (yuck!) If I can do both of those, I'll earn a reward. Question for the day -- What's you best *non-food* little self reward?

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Sweeby, just had to chime in about my non-food (well, kind of non-food) reward -- I am just loving working in my garden these days -- everything is so incredibly beautiful, especially after our much-needed rains !! I'd rather work in the garden any day than do housework --
but anyway - - a real plus to all this, is that busy hands and all that . . . keep me OUT of the kitchen !!
The gardening is fairly decent exercise -- can just tune into nature -- okay, here's the rewards part --
at the end of the day . . . I pour myself a glass of wine and use my best crystal, go out on the deck, or the patio, and just hang out with the birds and the flowers --
LOVELY !!!! Maybe grab a book, or a rag mag like National Enquirer (hate to admit, but the gossip is fun !! ) Put
Barry Manilow "Hits of the 50's" on my Bose, mildly crank it --
And that . . . is "me" time !!

I wish I could share my garden with all of you !! The roses are all coming into bloom, -- delphiniums, larkspur, cosmos, coreopsis, daylilies, nemesia, gardenias, -- sweet smelling stuff, hummingbird attracting stuff -- my sanctuary !!!

And now with the warmer weather, it's starting to get time to have the "girls" in for brunch and eat out on the patio !! Love, love this time of year !!!

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Well, my reward used to be earrings.

For today, I'm going plant shopping for my hummingbird garden. My feeders are out and I'm waiting impatiently for one to would feel like a reward if one would show up!

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second shoes

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rewards: hefty stainless measuring cups to make measuring food more pleasant; pretty amethyst 16 oz. glasses to make drinking water an elegant thing to do; a cycling computer to help measure calories burned; a digital food scale; a memory stick (only an inch long, goes on my keychain) to back up my food journal/diet records. And $50 for the diet software. Actually, I see these things as investments in my health more than rewards.

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Rewards? We're supposed to get rewards?

I think the satisfaction of achieving our goals (or, at least, the milestones along the way) ought to be reward enough. Not to mention the clothes-buying spree when we're size 8's. Isn't there a saying, "virtue is its own reward"?

I'm not a Puritan, but I'm actually kinda serious here. I've tried playing mind games with myself, like: if I do a certain task, I can have such-and-such as a reward, but I find myself "cheating" because I've created a desire where there wasn't one and there's no real reason to be strict with myself. Then I feel bad about my lack of self-discipline. On the other hand, every time I go out for a walk, I try to really *see* the flowers and children and the beauty of the world around me. So I get a little payoff every day.

That being said, I think I'll have a chocolate bar when I've lost 25 pounds! :-)

Do those of you who use self-rewards really put them off till you've reached a milestone? More power to you!


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Hey Sue,

Do those of you who use self-rewards really put them off till you've reached a milestone?

Heck no! Neither do I deny myself chocolate, because that would just be too long to wait! I also don't think of having something I really want as ''cheating'', since I'm shooting for a lifestyle change instead of being on a strict diet. I guess I feel I'm at the stage of life where I can do anything I want, I'm just ''choosing'' a healthier approach. Making it a choice feels better to me than to think of the alternative as cheating.

I have no virtue, so as a reward? Well, I just don't know!

What I like about your approach is that you're present in the moment, and appreciating what's good about it. Perhaps you need one of my secrets, which is an afternoon spoonful of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter...around 2 Tablespoons. It's just sticky enough to eat slowly, and lip-smacking good enough to feel like you were treated to something delightfully decadent. Not many carbs and you know, peanut butter and chocolate are good for you...

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Claire, I'm giving you chicken soup, and you're giving me *chocolate peanut butter"? I WIN! I WIN! :-)

Peanut butter--the regular kind--is one of those foods I can abuse if I get started; it's easy to slather it on a piece of bread and then start eating it out of the jar with a spoon, and it's hard to STOP. I've learned that I CAN'T have certain foods in the house at all, because I'll binge on them, but I can have most of the same ingredients if I can find them in a safer form. For example, I don't permit regular "cold" breakfast cereals, because I will eat them out of the box, and I cannot buy packages of raisins or nuts, but I can have hot oatmeal prepackaged with raisins, walnuts, and dates to get my "fix" in a controlled way. (I know the prepackaged kind contains some sugar, but I never have a problem after eating it; the problems arise late in the day.) And chocolate is entirely off my radar screen these days. It's hard to admit that I act like a drug addict with certain foods, but at least I'm learning to avoid them. After I lose this excess weight, maybe I can learn to eat them occasionally, but not now. I admire your approach to PERMIT yourself these foods, but I'm like an alcoholic who can't have "just one drink."

Thanks for sharing your secret, though!


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Claire - my philosophy is like yours - I don't deprive myself of everything because I want to have a healthy lifestyle that I can sustain for the rest of my life. I can control myself with most everything except Hersheys milk chocolate and home made chocolate chip cookies. With those things I'm like mtnester - an addict. I'm thinking about switching to dark chocolate since I like it but not that much.

I don't reward myself for anything - so far - but I am going to buy more new clothes now that they look better on me. And shoes too - now that I can wear different height heels.

This may be weird but my greatest reward is marking every day on the calendar that I exercise and seeing five times appear for the week. I've heard you get some kind of natural high from checking things off a list. Seeing my progress on the calendar is kind of like checking things off.

Today was another fabulous day here - over 70 today. I went for another walk instead of the hideous exercise bike - it was fabulous. DH even went with me which is rare - he usually runs. No music for me - sounds of nature are just awesome - our swamp has come alive!! Days like today, I think how lucky I am to be alive and able to go for a walk.

Hope everyone is doing okay.

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Hey Gibby! That's exactly what I did...switched to dark chocolate. It's not quite as tempting as the other, but still good when it counts.

Ah, new clothes. I'm getting to wear a lot of my old ones that had grown too tight. They were like old friends, and I'm happy to revisit them again.

My biggest binge food (can't keep it in my house) is bread. Hot, delicious, aromatic bread. Turn it into cinnamon rolls and I'm gone. Garlic bread gets me high. My grandmother's potato rolls? Heaven. I know what I might have dreams about tonight, now that I've got myself started...

''I'm a carb addict (no more) and my name is Claire de Luna.''

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Oooh! Dark chocolate and crusty sourdough bread (not together) two of my absolute favorites. But let me not lead us into temptation... Fresh vine-ripened tomatoes with a sprinkling of blue cheese and cracked black pepper, sliced avocado with a drizzle of lime juice, fresh rasberries --

Sue - You're definitely onto something with the "mojo as its own reward" concept. Whenever I'm out walking and my muscles start to ache ever so slightly, or that feeling of very slight hunger -- that's the feeling of improvement, and it does feel good. (Seems I always feel like I'm either on the way up, the way down, or stuck at the bottom. Anyone else?)

OK - Back to my taxes... My goals for the day are to get revenues and expenses for both businesses done (mine and DH's), medical deductions, and investment income...

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Sweeby, I'm having tax flashbacks and it was just a few days ago! I even found a couple receipts when I was done and said sr*w it, I'm not doing all those numbers again for a couple bucks' deduction. Save it for ballast at the audit. And lest you think I have it together, I still have my invoices to get out...

No calorie dream reward = pedicure (with foot massage)

Stay the course, all.

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Seem to be slimming down around the midsection. Haven't had sweets in a week and minimal bread. Not very hungry except when I'm supposed to be.

Holidays start tomorrow but trying to resist temptation. Still must get to gym.

But got pillow fabric and lovely trims picked today which puts the cherry on the living room ice cream sundae!

Got some very cute espadrilles today, 15% off and no tax! (slight reward) LOL!

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Wishing those of you celebrating Passover a happy & meaningful time with your families & friends tonight.

Down another pound to 176. Hasn't been that tough or unpleasant, surprise, surprise. Beginning to think I can lose the remaining fifty. My diet tracking software is the perfect tool for a computer nerd like me. Not giving up or not getting complacent will be the ticket to success.

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rococo - great to hear you are making some headway - it helps when you see some results, doesn't it?

awm - you sound like you are becoming a weight losing machine - hang in there!

After 2 1/2 months of my new healthy lifestyle, I'm really getting used to it. I'm losing my taste and desire for the old junk I used to eat. I went out for a business dinner tonight at a nice restaurant. Thought I'd get some nice healthy Mahi Mahi. It was good but man, it was SO salty and the rich cream sauce was just too much. My first clue should have been fish that's served on a bed of mashed potatoes. These potatoes were loaded with cream and butter I think - obviously no resemblance to the ones I make with skim milk.

Weather is still beautiful here so I've been walking instead of the exercise bike. As long as it's a good walking day for me I'm doing that and I'll ride the bike when it's not. DH has also been going along which is quite nice since alot of times during the week we're both rushing around doing our own thing. Going for a walk after work is a nice way to decompress.

Been kind of quiet around here lately - how are you all doing?

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Good Morning Everyone!

I just realized I haven't written anything since Sunday. It's been a busy week around here. I'm having 6 people for the weekend, so I've been trying to get things organized. My challenge for the weekend is to get food prepared that will not send me over the edge! I know how easy it is to pop snacks in my mouth while visiting, playing games, etc...

My goal: NO mindless eating this weekend!
My reward: facing the scale on Monday! (down 6 pounds so far) I know 6 pounds can come back much quicker than they go away. :/

Chris - I'm with you...would rather work in my gardens than my house any day!

gibby - I love your idea of marking the calendar every day that you exercise. It keeps you honest, huh?

Sue - A chocolate bar after 25 pounds? Wow! You are way I could wait that long!

Claire - never heard of dark chocolate peanut butter...and I will forget I ever heard of it! Sounds like it would be deadly for me.

awm - Aren't you leaving for Italy pretty soon? Have a great time.

rococo - Getting that hunger under control is a big victory.

Sweeby - Hope you got those taxes done and that DS is feeling better. My 17 yo DS also very rarely gets sick, so it is strange when they actually DO get something.

celtic - got my blood results back this week, and cholesterol was way high....eeeekkk! I have to really buckle down on my diet/exercise and get it rechecked in 2 months. I guess my body has taken a beating on the inside as well as the outside :(

Ivette - Can't help but wonder how you are doing.

Seems like a lot of you have faded off this past week... I may have to go back to the 1st thread and start calling out names if we don't hear from you!!

Take care all, and have a great day :)

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Still here, but not much news to report. Weight loss has always been a very slow process for me, but I try not to be discouraged when the scale doesn't reflect my efforts (easier said than done). I have to remind myself that, if I'm "treading water" or stuck on a plateau, I just need to be focused and consistent, and eventually I'll start moving again in the right direction.

I made it through last night's holiday feast relatively unscathed. In the past, I would have seasoned my roast chicken (which would set up a craving for salt), but this time I tried a new recipe (from ArabellaMiller on the Cooking Forum) for Citrus Chicken, made with fresh lemon, orange, and ginger root, as well as a little bit of olive oil and honey in the basting sauce--I omitted the salt and didn't miss it at all. The chicken was very moist and flavorful, and it was easier to control the amount I consumed.

There were walnuts in the charoset, but I'm going to walk them off now!

Hope you all have a great Passover or Easter week. Make a mental plan for handling the special foods: Can you stop after "just a taste"? Can you find low-cal alternatives or substitutes? And, even if you overindulge for a day or two, try to forgive yourself and get back on the program next week.


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Yes, this thread is getting quieter. Perhaps folks are too busy with spring activities or *exercizing*, Hmmmm? Maybe we need a roll call.

I'm here and I'm good. At my "fighting" weight of 138 (I'm 5'8" so that is a very good weight for me.) Can't believe I dragged another 25 pounds around for a decade, until the "white food" epiphany 2 years ago. Even if I'm lax and eating some refined starch and sugar and not exercising, I haven't ever gotten back up over 144 the last few years. Eating so much produce and not eating that gob-o-starch every single meal keeps me in range. Oh yeah, and leaving the junk food infested workplace was huge. It really is a change in basic eating patterns rather than a "diet".

Got to the Y this AM, and finished my quarterly invoices. Pretty dumb to procrastinate billing and have to pay quarterly taxes on money I haven't seen yet. Duh. Gotta work on that.

Lots of work to cram in before the end of the month. I need to stay organized, pace things well and not procrastinate, or it is going to get stressful. My goal is to ignore that the work volume is tripled, and just take one or two chunks at a time. While staying on track MoJo-wise.

Hope everone is holding steady or making gains. If you're slipping, just shake it off and refocus. Gotta start somewhere.

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It's quiet because some of us aren't doing as well as others and maybe we feel like this

But for those who are counting and losing, brava!

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Ouch! Where'd you find my picture?

Help Mojo Girls! My determination is starting to sag... I'm still eating right and walking 6 days a week. But the weight loss isn't rewarding me like I want it to, and I'm feeling stressed and tired instead of energized and powerful. Don't worry, I'm not dropping out -- I'm just a slow loser and need a boost.

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rococogirl, can you see me through the computer? :-) From the waist down, that's me!

Seriously, though, I had a strange (and bad) experience during my walk today. It was the first day that I walked when it was really quite warm; after a while, I took off my jacket, but I never got to the point of sweating. I also walked a bit longer than usual (about 45 min, instead of my usual 30-35). On the way back, I suddenly felt like I couldn't take another step. I slowly trudged back home, barely made it up the front steps and into the house, and had to lie down for almost half an hour before I could move around. The odd thing was that I didn't feel TIRED per se (that is, my hips were a bit sore, but my legs felt OK), but I felt like I was going to faint or fall down. I thought it might possibly be a blood sugar problem. And yet, before I went out, I had eaten one hard-boiled egg and no carbs, so I shouldn't have been hypoglycemic. I was tested by a cardiologist last July and was OK then. I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong. I've been walking almost daily for 2 weeks now, so I shouldn't be more out-of-shape than before I started.

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Sue, you had a low blood sugar episode which is dangerous. First of all, you didn't eat enough. If you're going to eat any carbs at all during the day, before you exercise is the ideal time to do it. It only takes ten minutes of walking to bring down blood sugar that is high, to a moderate amount. One hard-boiled egg doesn't count! Before you exercise is the perfect time to have that piece of bread if you want it, because you literally do walk it off.

One thing I've noticed is when I'm shopping and haven't had lunch, I can easily feel the same way you describe just from walking around.

The good thing is that now you know what it feels like. Passing out is not desirable! Please have to eat. Keeping your blood sugar more level throughout the day means having snacks between meals. Consider a hard-boiled egg a snack, after you've had a meal. Exercise requires energy which comes from food, especially when you're doing that much of it at one time.

I've learned a lot about this from having diabetes, so please know I'm coming from a place of having been there. It's important to eat!

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Weight loss is always in fits and starts. The exercise is the most important thing. Keep going!

Mtnester, that does sound like a blood sugar thing. I used to have severe hypoglycemia, Claire de Luna is absolutely right, eat! Esp breakfast.

Rococogurl that Botero is totally appealing to me. Since last Friday I've been trying to eat 3 sq meals a day, but my weight has plummeted to 90. Found out that my ex has had an uber classic midlife crisis, including an affair with an almost 30yr younger girl/woman. The details are horrific and baroque. I feel like I'm in a Jean Rhys novel. And I'm ashamed that he's the father of my children. Am raging and filled with pain.
Luckily, do not feel ugly or diminished or even humiliated. Am glad that I processed the impending loss of my sexual currency (in the cultural marketplace) several years ago.
The worst is that it had probably gone on the entire duration of the renovation, and I was made to feel like the crazy one, the veritable madwoman in the attic.

I believe in doing the work too, but it is oh so hard.

On a brighter note, is anyone going to the ICFF design fair in New York next month? Would love to meet up.

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Claire, I'm grateful for your insight and knowledge! I've almost always done my walking or exercising after lunch; THAT's what was different this time! I didn't realize that the snack should be carbs, not pure protein, so I did exactly the wrong thing. (I'm good at that.)

Some years ago, I had some symptoms, and my internist gave me a glucose tolerance test, which proved negative. I stopped having problems and forgot all about that. Do you think this episode indicates a blood sugar problem, or is this something that would happen to any healthy person under the same circumstances?


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Sue, it would happen to any healthy person under the same circumstances.

It's easy to miss when we do something different than what's usual, especially for those of us who are making an effort to drop a few pounds.

If you think about a person who takes insulin and has a blood sugar low...they need sugar right away. (Juice, a cookie, soda.) That's what happened to you. I hope you came home and ate something!

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mtnester, that would happen to a normal person, especially after not eating all night (breakfast = break fast). Lance Armstrong calls it "bonking" -- when you run out of fuel & you get dizzy & faint. One egg? That's only 110 calories...IF it's a jumbo egg. Next time, please have some fruit with your egg & maybe a slice of whole grain toast. You'll have all day to burn off the cals.

Sweeby: persevere my dear. You're making progress even if the scale doesn't reflect it. You're gaining some muscle, burning some fat, looking trimmer. Your body will thank you for the healthier eating habits. In my other diet forum, where some people have lost 60 to 80 pounds over the last year or two, *everybody* hits plateaus. They're a normal part of weight loss.

Well, I'm off to Italy tomorrow until 4/25. Easter Mass at the Vatican! Biking in Tuscany, then back to Rome for three days. Hope you all stay healthy, rested, & eat well & exercise while I'm gone :)

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Claire, msmontreal, awm, thanks all! To clarify: I did have breakfast (oatmeal) a few hours earlier; the egg was sort of a midmorning snack. I would normally have had fruit for a snack but chose the egg instead, thinking that I'd have another half-lunch after my walk. I think I need to do some reading on the interplay of diet, metabolism, and exercise.

awm, hope you have a wonderful time in Italy. Buon viaggio!


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Hi all - good to hear how everyone is doing. If you are getting discouraged try to think about the positive impact of what you are doing on your overall health - even if you aren't seeing the outward results you want yet. They will come in time. In the meantime you want to be in good health so you can do things and enjoy life as long as possible. Gotta work on that now - can't wait until it's too late.

It's beautiful in MN right now - I love spring. It's going to be a great day on Friday and my office is hotter than hades (bldg can't seem to get the AC going in April) so I'm taking Friday off. Woo-hoo - can't wait!!

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Okay you guys - are you falling off the wagon??? Or are you just busy with holiday activities?

Here's an inspiration thought for you. If you have two legs and are able to get out for a walk and enjoy spring, you should do it while you can. You never know what may happen that could leave you not fully able bodied (like me) and you will wish you went for a walk when you didn't have any physical limitations to prevent you from doing so.

Not every day is a good walking day for me but today was and I even upped my distance to a 40 minute walk from my earlier 30 minutes.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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I'm back in Mojo mode! Finished my taxes (draft 1 anyway - enough to be sure I'm OK with an extension to finalize the details), went for a 60 minute walk this morning, and had a nice result from my scale. Life IS good. And best of all, our 30+ people Easter gathering is at my SIL's house! ;-) I'm debating whether to wax my countertops now (pre-shower), or clean-up and do something nice today, then wax later. Any votes?

Hopefully we're all just busy, 'cause a good trend is one we want to nurture.

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Wow - quiet weekend around here! Hope things are going well for everyone. We had 6 houseguests this weekend, so it was a little crazy (but fun) around our house.

The renovation of our weekend house is about 95% done and I was so excited to be able to cook and entertain there. I spent all day Friday getting the kitchen organized and feel like I got so much accomplished.

Did not get my exercise in this weekend. Does working your a$$ off, count for anything? I will get back on track today since it looks to be a beautiful, sunny day. Did pretty well with the mindless eating. But, not well enough that I can confidently get on the scale this morning!

nsmontreal - I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. You will definitely be challenged to dig for your Mojo to get through the months ahead. Is hubby out of the house? I can't imagine the rage you must feel about the choices HE made.

Gibby - You are an inspiration to us and a great reminder to count our blessings. Instead of complaining about how my legs hurt while I walk, I will welcome the fact that I CAN feel the pain!

Sue - How have you been feeling? Any more episodes during exercise?

Sweeby - You sound so upbeat! It's amazing how getting a few things accomplished can be so uplifting.

Haven't yet figured out my goal for this week...need to think about that... Have a great week everyone!

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Good morning, all! It has been a busy week for all of us, hasn't it? The highlight for me was being invited by my DS (age 23) to visit the art museum with him. After getting our fill of Picasso and Matisse, we had lunch al fresco in the sculpture garden at the museum's cafe (I had a small green salad topped with a bit of chicken salad, along with a tiny square of corn bread).

Despite the holiday dinner, I haven't had any binges (just a small indiscretion related to matzoh and butter), so I feel that I'm still on track with my goals. However, the scale hasn't reflected my commitment--after initially losing several pounds, I regained one, so the total is only 4 pounds after 3 weeks. Frustrating! I guess I'm good at "maintenance," though, as I have been stuck on a dime for over a week. Oh, well! I WILL do better this week.

Neverdone, I've had no more "episodes." Thanks for asking! It's funny: I can remember similar, but less dramatic, experiences after vacuuming the house or shopping, for example, but I probably interpreted them as mere fatigue. They occurred sporadically, so I didn't notice a pattern. The fact that I was doing the same activity (walking) in exactly the same way every day and then had the blood sugar episode when one aspect changed (walking before lunch, not after) was very enlightening, almost like a scientific experiment with only one variable. But it shows how narrow my comfort range is, and I now know (thanks to Claire et al.) that I need to eat carbs before exercising. This is another great example of how this thread is helping me!

nsmontreal, I just want to say that you're absolutely right about weight loss going in fits and starts, so the important thing is to just keep going. That's true for your emotional health, too. You've been through a lot, and you are a SURVIVOR! You're healing every day (although that probably ebbs and flows, too), and you are gaining an understanding that you're not responsible for the way your XH behaved, or how he injured your self-esteem. You will get stronger! Best wishes to you!

And Gibby, you are such an inspiration! Despite your prosthesis, you're walking and getting lots of exercise, no excuses. I imagine that you have gone through physical therapy to strengthen your muscles. If you don't mind my asking: do you have to "accommodate" to the prosthesis (i.e., adjust your stance or stride), or does walking feel totally natural and effortless? Is walking uncomfortable for you? Losing weight and exercising for health reasons, as opposed to vanity, has been very motivating for me. I know that my back pain, arthritic knee, and venous stasis will be eased if I can lose more weight. Strengthening my abdominals will also help me avoid incorrect posture and strain. Thanks for pointing out that "you never know what might happen"; we should all appreciate whatever assets we do have and, as Sweeby said, nurture what is good.

Well, have a good Monday, everyone!


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We had a nice weekend filled with extended family and good food which, yay for me, I was able to nibble at. Topped off with a nice weigh-in at WW this morning, earning my 5 pound book mark. (Ridiculous what that little piece of paper does for your mood!) I've been walking my behind off (60 minutes plus for the last three days), but I still can't fit into my last generation of 'fat pants'. I really let things go this time... But, I'm turned around now, and committed.

For those of you who are following my younger son's school thread, I met with the director of his school (private, special needs) and discussed the root issue with her -- that DS's abilities fall between her higher-functioning and lower-functioning classes, and that I wasn't comfortable with placement for him next year. She said she wasn't sure he could succeed in public school, but that the school we are zoned to is very good, and that this is the best year to try it -- the only year, really. She also said he could come back if it doesn't work out, which is a relief; they always have a wait-list. I've also enlisted the help of two good friends in the IEP process. One is a teacher's aid who had my son in her class for two years and understands his school behaviors as well as anyone on the planet. The second is a neuropsychologist who knows testing inside and out, and can help make sure the school gets an accurate picture of DS's abilities, strengths and weeknesses. Both are moms of similar-aged kids with similar issues and just all-around great women - strong, warm, intelligent -- troopers. I may also need to bring in a legal expert, but I thought I'd play nice first in case it works. ;-) (Those of you with LD kids know exactly where I'm coming from.)

So that's the news my my little corner of the world -- Where's everyone else?
Hope you all had a fabulous, empowering weekend --

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Good to see a few people checking in.

I ate a fair amount of fat, salt and cholesterol on Easter but that's history now so back to the healthy stuff - Salmon on the grill, asparagus and salad tonight.

Neverdone - I think working your a$$ off does count for something! I worked in my yard (well more like woods since I don't really have grass) for four hours on Saturday and it seemed like quite a workout to me. I have this philosophy that we'd probably all be a lot healthier (and smaller) if we didn't have quite so many labor saving devices - all that extra manual labor and effort adds up in my opinion. Anything more you do vs. being sedentary is a plus I think.

Sue - I have an above knee prosthesis and most of the time walking is pretty comfortable and natural - no accommodation or thought required. Supposedly it takes more energy to walk than with two regular legs but I don't know how they really measure that. Problems can arise though with weight gain or loss as that affects the fit and if it doesn't fit right walking can be a real problem. Hot, sweaty weather is also a drag as are icey conditions - probably why I really like spring!

Sweeby - congrats on the 5 lbs!! It is gratifying isn't it - and you have to celebrate those accomplishments. Have you decided then to have DS go to the public school - or are you still trying to decide about that.

Sue mentions strengthening abdominals, posture, etc. If you haven't ever tried one and are so inclined you guys should try one of those balance balls. It isn't hard - you can adjust to your own abilities and gradually build up. I first saw these many years ago at an amputee conference and thought it was kind of a goofy thing. But now that I'm doing it, I find it is really good for stretching, exercising the torso and I do see the difference in my posture - no longer standing around with my gut hanging out so much. I have recommended it to several people at work and they are liking it too. I got it at Target for about $25 - included a DVD routine that I go through. If you watched that TLC show about killing the kids with the bad diet and sedentary lifestyle the mom on there had one.

Anyway, that's my two cents for today. Hang in there everyone!

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Much yardwork Saturday - beds all cleared out and ready now. Vegetable and herb garden tidied. Winter's worth of dog poo cleaned up in the dog run. Yech.

Just a couple teaser spring days. This is still called the "frozen tundra" for good reason. Temps back in the 50's again...

Pacing the workload OK. Counted yardwork as exercise. As for diet, uh, two words: Easter candy. Was I the only one to fall off the wagon?!

Gibby, Sweeby, Sue - you all are doing great!

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I'm checkin' in, with some thoughts I've had since a conversation with my mother yesterday. It went like this:

"How much weight have you lost?"

"Twenty-five pounds."

"But...hadn't you lost twenty the last time we talked?"

Good grief. This is nothing new; in fact I have my mother to thank for teaching me about grace, because she never had any. Neither does she have any self-awareness (which may have improved mine but is still hard to take.)

To catch everyone up, I had my second doctor's appointment yesterday to try and get over some crud I've had for five weeks and counting. Three rounds of antibiotics, a dose of steroids and two inhalers later, I'm just hanging on and waiting to feel better. (For anyone who has ever had a chronic cough, you know how completely it wears you out.) Progress has not been quick or easy; life gets in the way. A lifestyle change may take more time than going on a ''diet''. I liked Sweeby's story about the five-pound bookmark, and how it boosted her self confidence, since some of those ''five pounds'' for whatever reason, are hard to let go of. My body is hanging tight to everything, without exercise. You'd think being sick might be helpful in this case but No, it hasn't been.

My Mojo lesson this week is to know when to be kind to yourself. Be proud you got started on a new beginning.

nsmontreal and Sue, I like what you said (and reminded us of) when you mentioned that weight loss goes in fits and starts. Neverdone and Gibby, gardening counts! I'm out to the backyard this afternoon to fill some containers (the easiest kind for me right now). Exercising for me has been non-existent for five weeks, but it will happen again. It's just preferable not to wheeze while you're doing it!

Jane, loved the picture. I only wish I looked that good without my clothes! How's it going for you?

OH! Here's an important Mojo reminder..."I am not my mother." For some of us, that's big, and I'm grateful!

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This thread seems to be slowing down. I hope it's because we're all out doing things instead of hanging around on the computer. I know it's been a busy week for me.

Anyone lurking here need a boost?

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Hi Claire, not so good. I had 3 really pressured days doing a paper for a class (finished yesterday) and Dh brought home too many "treats" (cake).

I have a clear afternoon, finally, and I'm trying to rouse myself to go to the gym in the next hour. No excuse today.

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Hi Girls,
Haven't checked in for awhile -- have been sliding somewhat, walking-wise and pound-wise, but not reason for checking in -- just kind of a down slump, I guess --
Today, I have THE WORST headache, and I'm sure it's total stress -- We had rain most of last week, so didn't walk, then just ate stuff I shouldn't eat, but I was in the pathetic mind-set of I just didn't care -- the food worked for the moment -- so I do have to get back on track, and aside from this headache, today has been okay.
I think I'll work in the garden today -- beautiful out --
80 plus degrees --

Claire, so sorry for all you're going through with your chronic cough -- I do hope that it can all be resolved for you soon-- A cough so wears you down, and the aches and pains from just coughing -- awful !!!! As for the "mom thing" -- well, I guess sometimes moms just never quit being moms -- I feel rather blessed to have the mom I have -- almost 85 years old, and a truly gracious lady -totally independent and busy ALL the time --
It's funny, though -- here I am, 57 years old, and she'll still kind of brush my bangs aside, and say, "Honey, I just don't see how you can see with those awful bangs!" But, she's such a treasure to me -- and I feel really really blessed --
Do feel better soon with that cough -- Maybe springtime and better weather will help it all --

Sweeby and Rococo -- I guess we all need a boost here, because this thread has been REALLY slow the past few days -- Coming off the holidays, I guess, and all that that brings !!!

What I'm finding . . . sad to say, is that being just this much older than the big diet of three years ago, certainly does make a difference -- Harder to come off -- plus just the middle age stuff -- Feeling like I'm still 35, but in this 57 year old body that I wonder how this all happened so fast !!!!!!

And on that, guess I'll wrap this up for now -- There are prior posts to today's that I'd like to "talk" to, but this headache is really screeching at me --

Hope today is good for all of us --
Take care, everybody --

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I am now FORCED to exercise.

My doctor told me the meds would make my Diabetes worse. I'm a little freaked out about how much so I cleaned off the treadmill and climbed aboard. (It had gathered debris, as unused treadmills often do.) Ten minutes brought the my numbers down, but not enough. I may have to try for 20 minutes next, and really cut back on what I eat. (I didn't think I could cut out much more, but I guess my afternoon heaping tablespoonful of peanut butter didn't help matters.)

Being forced to exercise isn't how I wanted to get back into it, but I guess it's good to have motivation. I put in a load of laundry as I typically do, and marinated some chicken for dinner. I haven't put any energy into meals for weeks, so my husband will be happy. I hate to actually admit this (even if it is true) but I just realized that for me, planning to exercise brings on other ''activities'' as well. When I get off the treadmill, I'll go outside and pot some hummingbird plants to go pondside. I may need help before I get done, but making plans is the first step.

Chris, I hope your headache is better. I envy those of you with supportive moms. I'm glad you know yours is a treasure. I'll look forward to seeing you here when you're feeling more like it.

I guess I'll get back on the treadmill now and do my 20 minutes even if I don't want to. (bah humbug.)

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Well, I hope this isn't going to turn into a self-pity club, but I've had a tough week, too (back pain, sleepless nights, car problems). I've been pretty good (but not great) about what I've been choosing to eat (mostly veggies and fruit), but maybe I need to be more careful about quantities, especially at dinner. I think we've all hit a speed bump on the road to progress. But I refuse to give up! This, too, shall pass. Rococogirl and Chris, hang in there!

Claire, I'm glad you finally got to see the doctor, but sorry you're still not feeling better. Did you discuss the attitude problem of the nurse/receptionist? Sometimes, though, it's hard to steer the conversation where you want it to go, especially when there are more urgent matters to discuss.

About mothers: I was very lucky in that regard, but as a mother myself, I know how prickly my kids (especially DD) can be when I say ANYTHING about their appearance. I don't mean it as criticism, but they take it that way. To me, it's an attempt to be helpful, maternal, caring, part of the "home team"--certainly not an attack. But I've learned to give nothing but positive comments, and it's probably best to say nothing at all. There's a book on this subject that came out a few months ago, by Deborah Tannen, that sheds some light on the dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship.


Here is a link that might be useful: Book on mother-daughter relationship

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My numbers are HIGHER than before I started exercising. This isn't working the way I'm used to...The meds are really messing with me.

The good news is I exercised today. I still say, Bah Humbug.

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Went to the gym and did 30 mins on the elliptical. I won't beat myself up about not doing more, just pleased I went and will try to go again soon. For me it's about consistency.

Claire, hope you'll make good progress; please take care of yourself.

Chris, sounds like an Advil moment to me. Feel better.

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Good morning! Sorry so many of you are having a rough week. It seems that it is so hard to keep things positive sometimes.
Claire - you are to be applauded for your TWENTY-FIVE pound weight loss!! I take it your mom doesn't struggle with her weight? Hope you can get that cough cleared up soon.

Sweeby - congrats on your 5 pound WW ribbon! Great job! Sounds like you are on the right road in getting your DS set-up in the best situation for him. Hang in there and keep your determination.

celtic - Okay...I confess...I did have some Easter candy...shhhh... don't tell anyone ;)

Sue - Sorry you're having a rough week. Are you not sleeping because of the back pain? I go through phases where I can't sleep and it is usually when I have a lot on my mind. Sounds like you and DS had a wonderful day together.

Chris - Hope you have shaken the headache. Don't beat yourself up over the backslide. Boy, can I relate to the I don't give a **** attitude! You will get back on track.

Rococo - Good for you for getting to the gym. Do you think the fact that having to GO to the gym is a problem for you? Can you walk in your neighborhood or do a video at home rather than having to go somewhere? Just a thought to help with your consistency issue.

We are headed to Indianapolis this afternoon for the weekend. DH is taking some classes and DD and I plan to shop til we drop! Our hotel is attached to a mall, so it is really convenient. Not yet sure how I will face The Cheesecake Factory that we will be going to...maybe I could get DH & DD to give me a bite of their cheesecake? Or I could have my own piece and do 12,000 laps at the hotel pool!! ;) NOT!

I will be looking for some new clothes and a bathing suit which is always a sure way to head for depression. Although my pants have gotten looser, they are still 3 sizes larger than I want them to be. Guess I will have to find some good deals since I plan to shrink right through this size! (If only it were that easy).

I challenge you all to do something good for yourself or something YOU enjoy this weekend. Think about what makes you happy, and DO IT! Don't forget, we're workin on our Mojo, not just our weight.

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Boy, was I long winded, or what?? :0

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Oh heck !!!!! I'd just written a nice long morning note, and somehow (!!!) hit something on the keyboard, and it all disappeared !! It's probably somewhere but I sure don't know how to find it !!!! So, will just write a really fast note for now to something that seems really concerning. Claire, I am just kind of concerned about your meds increasing your numbers. A really good friend of mine has diabetes, so I know a little bit about it from what she tells me. I do know that her doctor is really careful about prescribing ANYTHING that would cause her numbers to increase, and that she's really careful about NOT doing anything to get her numbers whacked. I'm not sure how long you've been dealing with diabetes, or if you might possibly have a diabetic counselor that could help out with this. It just seems that even as awful as your chronic cough is, that taking meds (which don't seem to be helping your cough !! ) that would increase your numbers is more of an issue to deal with. Is it possible to talk with another doctor, or call some diabetic counselor, or diabetic hot-line or something like that??? It is just hard to comprehend any doctor that would knowingly prescribe meds that would adversely affect diabetic numbers. I may be speaking out of line here, but just knowing what my friend contends with, I know how important those numbers are. I hope you can get some relief all the way around, and get everything all in balance. Take good care of yourself --

Need to get going here, -- the first missing post took all my "alloted" computer time !!!!

Have a good day everybody, and thanks for your "headache" sympathies !! Today is a better day --

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Good advice Chris -- and listen up Claire ;-) A cough is a nuisance, but diabetes is serious stuff. If you can't reach your doctor, maybe your pharmacist has some ideas. And good for you on the exercise -- That's got to help in so many ways.

The Cheesecake Factory! Yikes Neverdone! -- Couldn't you just make it Marble Slab? There's just SOOOOOO much temptation in a place like that; couldn't some other restaurant tempt your DD? But for what it's worth, here's what they suggest for folks trying to eat right:

* Thai Lettuce Wraps
* Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Rolls
* Any Salad can be modified and you can get Oil and Vinegar on the salad
* Asian Stir-Fry over steamed rice
* Grilled Portabella on a Bun- with no Mayo, no Cheese and fries!
* Grilled Chicken Medallions - with no Mashed Potatoes! You can ask for a salad or steamed veggies instead of Potatoes.
* Any Fresh Fish
* Any Steak (Pure Protein)- with no Potatoes, no Steak Butter or Onion Strings!

MTNester - I think you're pretty safe with fruit and veggies in almost any quantity. WW has a plan now where you can eat as much as you want of certain 'core foods' without even counting points, and almost all fruits and veggies fall into this core foods category. That's what I've been doing, and it's working well for me. But I know what you mean about the portion control battle...

I'm still chugging along, making steady progress. It's a bit depressing to see how far I still have to go, but then, it's less far than it was, and I'm feeling better already. So - back to work!

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Neverdone, thanks! And I know I'm long-winded, too... But at least we're on the internet, not standing at the water cooler, so you don't have to keep shifting your weight from one foot to another while I get to my point! ;-)

One night, I did have an "active mind" (planning my reunion itinerary) and couldn't fall asleep for hours. But the next night, I had a pinched nerve, which aggravated the "regular" back pain that's always there; it also was traveling down my leg (similar to the sciatica I had last year but not as severe). It kept me awake all night, as I couldn't find a comfortable position. I did my back exercises in bed, several times. Finally, I got up and took some aspirin, and that took the edge off it and helped me fall asleep. It was a lot better the next day. Each time I have an episode like that, I tell myself that I need to be very careful not to strain my back, and I "hunker down" (mentally). But at the same time, I know that exercise is the best medicine.

Have a great time in Indianapolis; shopping therapy is the best kind! But I know what you mean about shopping for a bathing suit. Too depressing! Maybe you could shop for summer outfits or shoes on this trip, and then buy a bathing suit in your hometown some other time. Congratulations on the loose pants!


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Good morning! Neverdone, Thank you. I do celebrate that, even if I'm stuck for a little while right now. Too bad my Mom doesn't know how! You're right; she doesn't struggle too much with her weight. She has a high metabolism and a lot of nervous energy. Have a great time in Indianapolis! It's one of my favorite midwestern cities to visit and I always enjoy being there.

Chris (and Sweeby) I appreciate your concern about my meds/diabetes. (I'm lovin' my support group.) My doctor warned me this would happen with this particular group of medications, and felt that since my blood pressure was great, the coughing/crud was a greater risk. I am managing my diabetes very well normally, keeping tight control with those numbers. I trust her, and agree a little spiking is preferable to chronic crud. The numbers are high for what is normal for me, but not off the charts out of whack. I finally decided to just quit testing for this period of time, since life isn't normal anyway. I'm sticking to a lower carb than normal diet, and planning to feel better fast!

Oh, and Neverdone, I'm glad you reminded us that we're workin' on our Mojo. I had a good experience yesterday afternoon getting my container garden planted, and am almost finished with the hummingbird and herb garden. Today I'm using this perfect weather to finish that task so I can move on to the next!

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Claire, I almost posted to you the other day but didn't want to sound negative about your doc. But the others have said what I started to say. I know you like your doc but I'm not loving the sound of all this and not testing isn't good. A dear friend of mine is one of the oldest living juvenile diabetics in the county (perhaps the oldest; not sure) and I've seen her in a diabetic coma too many times over the years to not be alarmed when you say ou are not testing. So please be careful.

neverdone -- walking does zilch for me. treadmill isn't especially useful either. I really need higher intensity aerobics as I have a good base with more than 20 years of conditioning (waaay back to Jane Fonda studio in the 80s).
And I need to get my tush out of the chair and into gear. Walking in my neighborhood isn't feasible and I hate the park. Gym's the answer always has been. I just gotta get there and I feel much better since I did. Appreciate your good thoughts for me.

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Thought of *all* you guys this am. Almost put out a somebody-kick-me SOS, as I just could not talk myself into strolling to the Y. Never did get there today. But after work took a half hour bike ride which was really nice. One problem is that I live on a hill so no matter which way I go, it is always uphill to get home! And I absolutely am not in biking shape. Been a long winter..

I wonder how awm is liking Italy?? What a great sounding trip.

And Claire, let me join in the chorus urging you to be careful. This is a good time to be an asserive patient and press for all the input, second opinion, consultation, whatever that might help.

Last thought for Sue, speaking of medical consults... what is the current advice on cholesterol? Eggs, shrimp and things high in chlolesterol now are OK and don't raise cholesterol- is that right? So confusing...

OK folks. Non holiday spring weekend coming up. Let's all have a good one!

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Celticmoon, I didn't know the answer to your question about cholesterol, so I did a little searching on the web, and here's what I found:

According to Nutrition Source, Harvard School of Public Health: "Recent research by Harvard investigators has shown that moderate egg consumption--up to one a day--does not increase heart disease risk in healthy individuals While it's true that egg yolks have a lot of cholesterol--and, therefore may slightly affect blood cholesterol levels--eggs also contain nutrients that may help lower the risk for heart disease, including protein, vitamins B12 and D, riboflavin, and folate. ... So, when eaten in moderation, eggs can be part of a healthy diet. People with diabetes, though, should probably limit themselves to no more than two or three eggs a week, as the Nurses' Health Study found that for such individuals, an egg a day might increase the risk for heart disease. Similarly, people who have difficulty controlling their blood cholesterol may also want to be cautious about eating egg yolks and choose foods made with egg whites instead." [This article didn't mention shrimp.--Sue]

The UC Berkeley Wellness Letter says [re shrimp and eggs]: "It all depends on how much of these foods you eat and in what context--and what your personal risk factors are. One egg contains about 215 milligrams of cholesterol; the recommended daily maximum is 300 milligrams. Thus, ... it would be okay to eat an egg if the other foods you eat that day are low in cholesterol. Shrimp contain more cholesterol than most shellfish (175 milligrams in 3 ounces)--but, like eggs, they are low in saturated fat, and shrimp, in moderate amounts, have a place in a heart-healthy diet. The American Heart Association suggests a weekly maximum of four eggs for healthy people, including eggs consumed in baked goods and other recipes. If you love eggs and are at low risk for heart disease, you might want to eat more than four. But you should make sure, via periodic blood tests, that your cholesterol level doesn't shoot up. On the other hand, if your blood cholesterol is high or if you have other risk factors for heart disease or already have heart disease, you should probably follow a more stringent diet, avoiding foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat."

The Aetna Intelihealth site said essentially the same thing.

I also found the current recommendations of the AHA (see link).

Personally, I don't have a cholesterol problem. When I lost weight 10 years ago, my total cholesterol dropped dramatically, and all the separate values (LDH, HDL, triglycerides) have remained at acceptable levels. I eat lean meats (very little red meat), nonfat milk, very few eggs, no butter, no cheese, and no baked goods other than whole-grain bread.


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I apologize for alarming you about the state of my health! Jane, I did test my BG and it's perfectly normal this morning, after a light breakfast and All my meds. What I didn't make clear before is I was writing about not testing in the ''moments'' because if I don't watch myself, I can get a little OCD about something like testing and overload on TMI. Whether you're in the ''it's just a number'' camp, or on the side of tight control, there is a place where seeking balance is the best approach, which is where you all come into it for me. Thank you everyone for your concern; I feel your support! If it helps, I am beginning to feel better, and won't be needing most of the meds for more than a week.

Celtic, it's refreshing to hear you enjoyed your bike ride. That sounds like a great alternative to the Y and we're having perfect weather for it. I have hills around me as well, so I know all about going uphill to get home!

Oh! I've lost another pound that I think is gone for good. (It's one of those ''revolving'' pounds; you know, the kind you're never quite sure about!) My mojo moment today will be eating the first lettuces I started from seed weeks ago...about the time I started coughing! Topped wtih some petite filets and home-made dressing, I'm really looking forward to it.

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Claire, I'm so glad to hear you're starting to feel better (AT LAST!!) and staying reasonably aware of your numbers.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about "revolving" pounds. For me, there are natural fluctuations of up to 2 pounds from day to day, so a new low is just a sign of hope. That keeps me from being disappointed when my weight is a half-pound higher the next day. Even when I see a "new" number on the scale, I don't trust it until 3 or 4 days have gone by. BTW, I saw one of those hopeful signs this morning, but I won't brag about it till Tuesday! :-)


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Aren't those 'bounce pounds' annoying? I love to see them the first day, but then invariably, they're gone tomorrow... They're such a tease! I bounced down to a 'decade marker' the other day, and saw it again this morning. The second time, they're ususally much more 'firm'. But when I finally dip below it I'll be thrilled, and will allow myself to drive my sexy little convertable again -- I just couldn't see myself doing that when I felt so bad about my appearance. I just felt ridiculous trying to squeeze into a little roadster - but not for long!

Glad you're feeling better Claire. And your dinner plans sound wonderful -- Nothing beats garden-fresh produce. I've got some portobellos in the fridge that would be wonderful with a little fillet on them, some fresh asparagus on the side - hmmm.

We had thunderstorms this morning, so no walk. But it's cool enough this afternoon that maybe I can get some exercise in -- or else this will be my 'skip day' for the week.

Who else is here?

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I'm here. Another dry crisp day, so I rode the bike around a bit and ended at the Y. Just need to put a few of these days together to feel back on track.

It is so strange, because I always feel so good physically after exercise. Why is it so @#$%^&*ing hard to get moving?

Sweeby, you gotta try that Curves - isn't it right next to the WW? You mentioned how much you liked feeling your leg muscles taxed with a long walk. Same thing. Kinda cool to feel that awakening in all kinds of muscle groups - so aware of arms, back, etc. I really enjoy that "aliveness" in parts of my body that never in a million years would otherwise even move. You walk and stand and sit different - like Gibby says the balance ball does for her.

And ladies, strength training after, ahem, a certain age is said to be hugely important for health's sake And for vanity's sake, cripes, those flabby flappy upper arms alone should get us pumping. I'm looking at 54 this year, so for all of you who are 50ish, know I was squarely there 4 years and 25-30 pounds ago. And I was never, ever athletic, or even remotely coordinated. (DH still chants "high school gym" when I am especially clumsy - a reference to mine not having one!) So I know it is doable to get into the best shape of your life after 50. Even slacking off, I'm leaner and stronger these days than I was in my 30's and 40's.

Small changes that stick. You can do this. Just get moving.

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Where are my manners!? Sue, I didn't thank you for your cholesterol research. Thank you! Enjoyed my egg today!

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Looking back, my question should have gone to Neverdone - that's who had the high cholesterol labs. Duh. (Sue, didn't you think it peculiar I'd ask you that out of the blue? LOL. And yet you indulged me. Sweet.)

Can't keep all our medical issues straight. Sure sign we are getting older!

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Oh, Celtic! Actually, I did wonder whether there's another Sue on here! But you're quite welcome! I used to be a medical editor, and I don't mind doing a little research (although I didn't look for scientific publications, just mainstream health advice). Glad you got to enjoy your egg with a clear conscience! :-)

Being lactose-intolerant actually keeps me away from a lot of cholesterol-rich dairy foods, and I don't miss them. But right now, after filling up on fruits and veggies, I'm craving something dry, cakey, crackery--good thing I've banished them from the house!


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I did NOT want to walk this morning... But I dragged my sorry behind out of bed and did it anyway -- and I'm glad I did.

Now I'm off to the Home & Garden Show with a girlfriend to go look at all the 'stuff'... If I see something neat, I'll post back --

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Hi everyone - just checking in. Rococo - so happy to see you made it to the gym - anything you can do is better than nothing even if it's not as often as you'd like.

Nothing much to report here. I'm still on track with my exercise and healthier diet - it's becoming a routine way of life. I have to make a few week long business trips over the next couple months and I'm already concerned about the potential lapse in my exercise routine.

Doing more walking now that the weather is nice - it is such a treat compared to the exercise bike. I am so fortunate to live in a great area for walking - miles and miles of wooded trails including one around a 600 acre lake. I love the woods, nature, etc. and every time I'm out for a walk I feel like it is such a gift to be able to do this. I consider it a priceless thing as I really enjoy it more than any material thing I could buy. Went out this morning - nice and cool and sunny - around 50 degrees. Now it's time for the ball routine - not as much fun as the walk but I'm loving the impact it's having on my previously bulging and sagging physique.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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My exercise routine paid off this past weekend! We went to Branson (hilly), and I spent the last two days walking for many, many hours uphill and downhill without any knee pain!! Since I started working out on the bike at the gym (30 mins), weights 20 mins, walking 3 miles at the park on alternate days, and also doing about 3 days of water aerobics, my knees have gotten much stronger. I had the stamina to keep up with my kids and DH (they're really active), and never missed a beat.

Exercise does pay off. Hi Sue, how is your genealogy coming along? :-)

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Mariposa (I'll call you by your alias here), glad to see you're posting again. I think I first "met" you when you were facing an MRI and surgery for your knee injuries, and it's great that you've fully recovered. I am so impressed with your workout program! I'm walking about 1-1/2 miles, 4 or 5 times a week, and when I get home, I'm usually pooped! I'm also starting to use some dumbbells at home. I'm still trying to decide about joining a gym. Curves sounds good, but I'd rather find a place with a recumbent bike.

My genealogical research has been very rewarding this year. Up till now, I've mainly worked on my DH's lines, but this year I started exploring MY side of the family. I never thought I'd find much, as my grandparents were in the first generation of immigrants. But I've been able to learn a lot more than I'd expected. Also, I've located a second cousin, and we've been corresponding.

I'm glad to see that so many of us have stayed committed to this new way of life, even when it's slow going and the rewards are not immediate. My scale is still being very stingy, but I'm sure it will eventually reflect my progress. One further change I'm making is to spend less time on the Cooking Forum (everything sounds so good there, for all the wrong reasons!) and to simply get away from my computer more. Mind you, I'm not committing to anything as drastic as housework!


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Got DH out on his bike too Sunday and again after work today. Just a short ride to the fish store. Good fun.

Feeling healthy and good weather. It doesn't get better than this!

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Mariposa - interesting post. I'm finding I have way more aches and pains now that I'm exercising more - I ride an exercise bike quite a bit. I really had none before I started exercising but DH (who runs and works out alot) also has all kinds of aches and pains so I was thinking it goes with the territory.

I didn't really set out to lose weight but not surprisingly that is happening with the major increase in exercise and better diet. I noticed today that I've dropped two more pounds - don't weigh myself that often so I'm not sure when this happened. I can't remember the last time my weight was this low - it's been quite a few years.

I still don't eat enough vegies but I do eat alot of fruit. Managed to have squash and brussel sprouts for dinner tonight though - an unusually good vegie day. I made cookies yesterday - not a good thing but DH really likes the fact that now that I have a new kitchen I bake cookies again. I managed to consume only a minimal amount of cookie dough and have somewhat controlled cookie consumption.

How is everyone else doing?

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Gibby, I did have lots of aches and pains in the beginning, but find that as I get stronger, the aches are less. Are you warming up and cooling down? What about soaking in the tub after your workout?

I didn't exercise today. We planned on heading to the gym but the weather changed suddenly and we were under tornado watch. I always feel like I'm missing something now that exercise is part of my routine. Diet wise I sort of nibbled a bit too much on some roasted peanuts...way, way too much actually.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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OK, back from "Eataly." 2.5 lb weight gain. Coulda been worse. We put away a bottle of Chianti every night, and ate cheese, pasta, gelato. We biked 4 to 6 hours a day & walked & walked, but the problem is, afterwards you could eat a horse you're so hungry. I've never lost weight on a bike trip.

Back to whole grains, fruits, veggies; back to discipline.

But it was a glorious & romantic 25th wedding celebration. DH was a sweetheart. We had such fun together.

Looks like you all are doing well! Consistancy sure pays off over time, doesn't it?

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can I join the mojo fun? :-)

I am not so much looking to lose weight (though that would be great) but to keep motivated with my workouts and get back to healthy, South Beach-type eating...

I'll be 42 in May and have been in and out of shape for years...I'll go to a gym faithfully for months and then something interferes and I don't go for months and I'm back where I started...

Last summer I finally decided that I needed some goal to work towards that wasn't just working out for the sake of being healthy. I live in a huge running town. (the Boston Marathon starts here) I HATE to run. I did field events in high school (shot put and discus and occasionally javelin). I am also of Scottish descent.

"???" you say...well I discovered that there are women competing in Scottish Heavy Athletics. I'm sure you've all seen huge men in kilts caber tossing (the big trees?) and stone putting, and hammer throwing, and throwing heavy weights for distance and height....

Well now I do too. :-) And I love it. I did 2 competitions last October and now the season is starting up again here in New England. I've been trying to lift weights all winter and doing cardio leaves a bit to be desired...I started throwing again outside in the past few weeks...can't wait for my first comp on May 6...and the best part is, I will actually be competing in Scotland in July!!

I struggle with the losing weight, as having a *few* extra pounds is actually a plus in this sport...I am much stronger than when I started last fall, but I really need to get motivated to do the cardio and stop eating so many white carbs...

looking forward to hanging with you all and getting motivated---you all walk so much...I hope to, that weather is getting better, I need to turn off the computer and get outside!


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Welcome Nancy! Highland games - Impressive! DH is also of Scottish descent, and I've got a fair amount of Scotch blood on my mother's side as well, so we go to the Scottish festivals whenever we come across them. I love watching the games and dancing, but especially enjoy seeing all the big burly men in kilts. ;-)

And Welcome back Awm! Your trip sounds heavenly, and I've got to think the trip was totally worth the 2.5 pounds... I bet it just falls off in the next few weeks.

Well I'm still walking -- but with the heat and humidity climbing (even at 6:30 a.m. - sheesh!) it can be a struggle to get out the door. What happened to the fresh cool air? I'm having a slow weight loss week, but it's still going in the right direction, and that'll have to do for now.

Have a great week!

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Mariposa - more on the aches and pains. Yes - I warm up and cool down. It's not really immediate muscle soreness - more orthopedic type aches and pains - knee, hip, back, etc. - things I notice after sitting, sometimes waking up at night, going down stairs, etc. How long did it take before yours subsided? I have been at this for almost three months. It isn't bad - it's just something I now notice that I didn't have before.

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Hi all! It seems like ages since I've checked in. Glad to hear most of you are still making progress. I am holding my own...need to check in with the scale tomorrow morning. DD & I had fun during our shop til you drop weekend, but I must say the clothes shopping did NOT go well. It was pretty depressing, because I haven't made enough progress yet to get the thrill of buying a smaller size. So I guess I'll just have to wear what I have, because I refuse to buy anything new when it looks like crap!

awm - so glad to hear you enjoyed Italy! 25 years is definitely something to celebrate. Please tell us a little more about what you saw. Where did you go in Italy? I really, really would love to go there....maybe for my 25th in 3 years...?

Nancy - welcome! Wow...throwing trees, hammers, heavy weights! There are many days I wish I could do that! No really, it is so great that you set a goal for yourself and made it happen. That's what Mojo is all about in my opinion.

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Sweeby - I forgot to thank you for your food suggestions at the Cheesecake Factory. I tried the lettuce wraps, and they were sooo good. So flavorful and the veggies were nice and crunchy...yum!

Sue - I had to laugh at your comment about avoiding the cooking forum! I have been lurking there for a little while, and you can really get some deadly ideas about what to cook. (not to mention that seeing all their wonderful pictures tends to make me hungry )

Have a great Wednesday everyone! (Go Red Wings!) :)

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Hey everyone. Great to see everyone doing so well! I've managed to gain a few pounds in the past couple of weeks and am feeling a bit better. Finally passed my karate exam for green belt (only 2 more belts before black... probably years away) but definitely need to exercise more. I'm trying to motivate myself to run in the morning (I live at the foot of a 'mountain' park) but so far no luck! Any tips?
Mtnester and others, thanks so much for your encouragement re: mental health. It is true, the liminal parts of life are the hardest to bear-- how difficult it is to understand how everything ebbs and flows, and be at peace with that.

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Where IS everyone?
Are you still out there working up your mojo?

I need to spend the day getting organized because I'm going too many different directions! The diet and exercise routine is moving steadily forward -- had a tantalizing weight dip yesterday morning, but it was just a tease... I'm shooting to get there again by Monday morning - wish me luck.

We've switched directions again on our renovation, and hope to put a new roof and stone veneer on during the next few weeks. Yikes$$$! But we're replacing a 20+ year-old flat 'spongey' roof with a pitched standing seam metal. It'll totally change the appearance of our house -- sure hope it looks good!

What's new with everybody else?
Moving forward in any direction counts --

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i'm here! after I posted on Tue, I did some bike time and some lifting and ab/core work

yesterday I spent over and hour pulling dandelions. :-)

Today, I was in the back yard practicing my throwing with my 14 lb weight, hammer throwing with my makeshift 16lb hammer, and picking up my make-shift caber...

my eating still totally bites, and I am trying to drink way more water...

well, off to pick up kids and run to appts....

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Namabafo...when you say "pick up"'re not throwing them too, are you? ;)

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I'm still out here - plugging away. Last night I went to bed early and bagged all exercise. I felt guilty for a moment but when I fell asleep before 10pm I knew I was really tired since I'm usually a night owl.

Next week I'm out of town for work and this will be the first big disruption of my exercise routine. I'm thinking about deflating my ball and packing it and the pump in my suitcase. I'm bothered by the thought of abandoning my routine for six days. I don't think I'd fall off the wagon but you never know.

This trip is part of a good mojo thing. Going to some company sponsored training that will increase my skills/expertise - something I haven't done in a long time. I started to feel like I'm getting in a rut at work and wanted to do something to change that. It would have been easier not to spend four weeks of my summer out of town - including travel time that cuts into my weekends. However decided I needed to make this sacrifice to invest in myself/career. I kind of dreaded it at first but now that I've completed the first assignment for the first class I'm glad I decided to do it.

I'm still doing fine on my main dietary changes - no salty snacks and no more salting my food. Really minimal anything bad - other than my cookie dough binge and the daily chocolate allowance. I've even cut back on my diet soda consumption - drinking alot more water instead.

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I'm still here! I'm glad to see so many people are checking in with reports of progress. To the rest of you: hang in there!

I had to take my own advice this week. A few days ago, I said that I wouldn't believe my scale until I saw that the new number wasn't just temporary. Well, I saw that encouraging number for 3 days, and then, on the 4th, it had jumped UP 1-1/2 pounds! Bummer! It was really inexplicable, as I really had NOT strayed from my regimen, except for missing a walk when it rained. So, I told myself not to be discouraged and to stay the course; it was just a normal fluctuation. Today, I'm back to my previous low, so that's a good sign (but I still won't believe it for another 3 days). Moral of the story: changing the direction of your life is a rollercoaster ride, and ups and downs are all part of the game ... hang on!

Another Mojo thing: I've been researching a particular genealogy topic on the web, but I've exhausted all the internet resources and I still have a number of questions to be answered. I know that a local university specializes in that area, but for some reason, I've hesitated to go there (I wasn't sure I'd be allowed access, as I'm not a student there). Today, I kicked myself out of the house and went; it turns out that I only had to sign in and out on a log sheet. The reference librarian was very helpful in getting me started. In the reference room and stacks, I found a lot of interesting material that exists only in print format ... spent 6 hours there, reading and taking notes. Such a simple thing to do, and yet I'd been putting it off for months! What was I worried about? I'll be returning there next week, as I see a lot more treasures on their shelves.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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Still here too :) I've been wanting to tell you all about our trip, but am backlogged at work & home & a bit jet-lagged too. Hopefully this weekend I'll get caught up.

On another diet forum I belong to, everybody bounces around on the scale 1-3 pounds (we all send in our daily weight). Don't know why that is. They have the expensive digital scales, too, that catch every ounce of fluctuation. As long as you show a long term pattern of losing, don't worry about the daily glitches.

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Awm, I *know* that (and I preach it), but when you step on the scale, after working so hard to curb your temptations and push yourself out of your comfort zone, you want to see that your efforts are bearing fruit. Positive reinforcement is such a great motivator. (I suppose that negative reinforcement can motivate you to try harder, but it can also make you want to give up.)

Mojo update: late last night, I found a posting for a volunteer job editing a book in my area of interest (Jewish genealogy), and I sent off an application letter. I asked a lot of questions, and until I know the scope and timeframe of the project, I'm not sure whether I'll accept the position if it's offered to me. But it felt good to have the opportunity to use my skills again. I've been considering working at home as a freelancer (for pay, that is), and we could really use more income, so in a way, this volunteer job would be a detour from that plan. But it felt so RIGHT! And it would be interesting and challenging and would keep me from getting rusty. Wish me luck!


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You guys I am just dumbfounded by this - it's a nice thing but really weird.

Today I'm figuring out what clothes to take on my business trip next week. Our normal office attire is very casual so I'm pulling out some business attire that is a notch up from my usual. What is really weird is that I have to try these clothes on to see if they still fit - how weird is that - I don't know if I've ever had to check my clothes before to see if they're too BIG. Some things are really too big to wear - including some relatively new, kind of expensive stuff. Where I used to not tuck tops in because I either wanted to cover myself up more or tucked in was too tight, now I'm tucking in to fill up the pants to try to keep them up and tucked in actually looks better!!

I have kept a few things that were too small previously and I'm wearing stuff that I never thought would fit again but now I'm wishing I'd kept more of it. Though buying some new things is fine too. I am really amazed at how much better I look after three months of regular exercise and better diet. I never thought I would look like this again. I think I might even look "thin" at least in my own perception.

Sorry to blather on and on.......but DH doesn't appreciate what a big deal this is.....though he has actually noticed and commented a few times. I wish I could "bottle" whatever it was that caused my epiphany so I could give it to others. I hope I will stick with this. I think I will because it has been very rewarding so far.

Thanks for listening.

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Wooo Hooo! Way to go Gibby! Isn't that a charge?

I remember when that happened after I lost weight the first time. When even your 'skinny' jeans now have a pleasantly baggy fit... I can't wait to get there again. My epiphany from that era was that when you're not fat, you don't have to worry about clothes that make you 'look fat' - because they just don't.


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Gibby, that is a thrilling feeling, isn't it? Congratulations and continued success!

When I lost weight 10 years ago, I went from size 18 to size 8. Along the way, I didn't want to invest in new clothes, so I was pinning the waistbands of pants and skirts for a while. I felt triumphant when that strategy no longer worked and I HAD to go shopping. It was well worth the expense of a new wardrobe!

I know what you mean about keeping your waistline hidden by the loose shape of your top or by a jacket or sweater. Sadly, I'm in this stage again now. Some of my small clothes still fit, but they show those bulges I'd rather not put on display. When I was thinner, NOT feeling the need to cover up was a great reward. Thanks for reminding me of that; it's extra incentive to stick to my program!


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Wonderful, Gibby! Sure is a good feeling, isn't it?

re positive reinforcement: charts help...

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Great update, Gibby!!! And with all your walking and ball-work, you likely are building more muscle mass. So the drop in pounds only tells part of the story - muscle weighs much more than fat. The tape measure (or the waistband), not the scale, captures your real progress.


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Sue - Good luck with your new work opportunity! Hopefully it will be exactly the challenge you are looking for....and to be so closely tied to your interest in genealogy! I wish you ALL the best! Let us know what happens.

Gibby - congrats to you on your success. I remember the days when I was taking IN some of my work clothes...I guess I didn't enjoy it enough at the time! Not something you get to do very often in this life. Keep up the great work and have a good trip!

I feel like I am really stuck the past 1 1/2 weeks. The scale is stuck at 5 1/2 pounds and won't move....&$*@*#^! So irritating! But I need to keep moving forward because I have a long way to go and summer is knockin' on the door. Why is this such a rollercoaster of emotions? Okay, enough whining from me....have a great week everyone.

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Neverdone, thanks! I haven't heard anything yet, but it's only Monday. I may not be the most attractive candidate because I said, in my application letter, that I could give only 10-15 hours per week to this volunteer position, as I needed to reserve some time for remunerated work; possibly, that time limit will exclude me, but on the other hand, I don't want to fill up 40 hours a week with an ongoing volunteer project when I ought to be starting up a freelancing business in the next few months. So ... we'll see.

I know exactly where you're coming from with that frustration about the scale. I KNOW that slow weight loss leads to more long-term success, but, dammit, I want to see some dramatic results, NOW! This week, I need to change my closet to my summer clothes, so I'll be trying things on, to weed out the impossibles from the hopefuls. I know I'm still heavier than I was last summer, so I hope it won't be too depressing to find out how much doesn't fit any more. I'll have to psych myself up to think of it as motivation.

Awm, I was very impressed at seeing your chart, so I found DietPower on the web, read the introductory material, and signed up for the newsletters. They're well written and logical, and they don't seem too "hyped" (the only parts I didn't like were the sales and marketing aspects, but they're not really offensive). I'm hesitating, though, about actually purchasing and installing the program, mainly because I don't want to be so compulsive (and I know I would be) about weighing, measuring, and recording everything I eat. Do you find that recording your intake on the program takes only 5 minutes a day, as they claim? What about the time it takes to weigh/measure the ingredients while you're cooking (e.g., the things you shake on or dip in, when you never know the exact quantity)? Do you still weigh everything now, or do you get so accustomed that you can just eyeball the quantities? Do you recommend buying their food scale? And what happens if you skip recording for a couple of days? (After all, it's a tool for daily analysis of your intake/output, so it won't work as well for you if you don't use it regularly.) Also, how do you determine the date for reaching your target weight--how can you know in advance how long it will take (yet the trajectory of the graph is based on that)?


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Hi mtnester,
The DietPower newsletters: yes, they seem well-written & sensible. They lean toward peer-reviewed articles and keep an ear open to QuackWatch so dietary baloney is weeded out. I didn't subscribe to the newsletter, but I do enjoy their website.

Compulsion: that's a very good point, and IMO, would make or break using a diet software. You can try the 14 day free trial to see if you like using a nutrition tracker or whether it drives you nuts. Keep in mind that for the first couple of weeks, you'll be entering lots of data -- recipes, nutrition info from packages -- but it's a one-time chore, mostly. I like database work, so this aspect of the software-- entering data, analyzing the info, reading graphs & charts -- suits me fine. The data entry makes you *keenly* aware of what you're putting into your mouth: quality & quantity. But it also enables you to work in a chocolate treat every now and then without blowing your diet.

Time: Now that my most frequently eaten foods are entered, 5 minutes a day seems right. I tend to linger, though, looking at all the numbers, then I go to the DietPower forums & yak. I've been too lazy to enter in some of my regular foods as 1 meal item! For example, lately I've been enjoying 1/2 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup black beans, 2 T salsa, 1/4 cup shredded cheddar, 1 cup shredded lettuce, & 1/4 green pepper for lunch. By now, I should have entered all those ingredients into the recipe section so I can record it as "1 serving Mex Food lunch" or something instead of entering the ingredients one by one. So that slows me down a bit. My routine is: make breakfast, go over to computer, log in breakfast & the day's lunch while eating breakfast, check my numbers, visit the forum, quit. When I come home from work, I enter in exercise, then see how many calories I can eat for dinner.

Measuring/weighing: DietPower doesn't sell scales anymore, btw. Most participants on their forums recommend using food scales. I bought one and am glad I did. I keep it and my stainless measuring cups out on the counter for easy access. I use them without thinking twice now, and actually kind of enjoy them (I like gadgets). When cooking, I measure calorie-laden things (meats, cheese, pasta, rice), but ultra-low calorie foods like zucchini, onions, peppers, mushrooms, eggplant, spinach, just a rough estimate. Shake on/dip in things I do measure, because those add lots of calories. Shake on stuff usually has readily available calorie info & is easy to measure; dip-in stuff is more work to figure out.

Sales & marketing: I got emails from them during the trial time, but once I bought the product, I haven't heard from them at all. No spam, pop-ups or junk mail.

Daily weighing: I weigh daily, most of the forum participants do too. But many weigh just once a week (but log food daily) because they don't like seeing daily weight fluctuations. In such cases, DP assumes you're on track. If your weight is lower after a week, fine. If you're higher, DP will lower your daily calorie allotment until your next weigh in, then will adjust accordingly. It's pretty flexible. I missed 10 days for vacation, but after a week, everything's coming back on track.
You do have the option at any time to set your daily calorie allotment to a fixed amount; many participants prefer that. I prefer to let mine float so the allotment is higher if I'm losing too quickly, or lower if I've plateaued. At any time you can reset the diet to new goals if you're losing faster or slower than planned.

Setting goals: It's up to you. The software will tell you if your goal as easy, manageable, difficult, or not advised. You pretty much know what's a do-able amount for you. One to two pounds a week is what Weight Watchers recommends. I'm working in 4-5 month stretches, 20 to 25 pounds at a time. The forum advisor said that's fine, but short term goals are less forgiving of bad patches, whereas a long term goal, a year, say, can absorb a few bumps along the way.

Trajectory: Besides daily weight, there are two lines on the graph: one is my Goal Weight (155 lbs. by Sept. 1); the other is the Projected Weight, which is an estimate of what I should weigh on my goal date if I keep losing at the current rate. Because I gained 2 lbs. over the vacation, the Projected Weight is a bit high. Usually it's nearer the Goal Weight. I've lost the extra lbs. already, so the Projected Weight will move in line with the Goal Weight soon. Hope that explains the trajectory somewhat.

Bottom line: Is it a PITA? I don't think so, you might. Is it more work? Yes, but I'm sick of looking like a cow, so the extra 5 to 30 minutes computer work is the trade-off. Is it compulsive? Yes, in the sense that one must give up mindless eating and think hard about what you're putting into your mouth. But mindless eating was what made me put on 80 pounds in the first place. It had to end. The new eating habits are starting to feel comfortable & familiar now after 4 months.

Oh my, this is so very long -- apologies! Hope I've answered all your questions.

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Awm, you did a GREAT job of explaining everything and answering all my questions! I think I understand the DP system a lot better now. I won't respond point by point, except to note that the daily weighing (and, for me, recording weight and exercise in a notebook) is something that works well for me, too. In the years when I was gaining weight, I didn't even look at the scale; I just gave up. Now, keeping a close watch is the way for me to stay on track, and it's a daily motivator as well.

I think the DP system would work for me; I could probably handle the measuring and recording, especially if, as you said, I took the trouble to enter certain recipes or to estimate things like veggies in a stir-fry.

I'll have to give it a bit more thought, but thanks very much for taking the time to go into such detail about how it works for you. And congratulations for losing those Italian pounds so quickly!


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thanks Sue for your nice reply. There are lots of software & websites on the market that do the same thing as DP. Most have free trials so you can give 'em a whirl.

This article on the web about weight management is, conceptually, pretty much the same as using a diet tracker but with pencil & paper. It's a little technical at first, but the ideas are well put.

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Awm, thanks for the link to that article. The author's philosophy with regard to gradual, "low-impact" weight loss is well stated, but I think he is too vague on HOW the patient achieves results. It's not a weight loss plan, just a tracking method/motivational tool. (In contrast, the DietPower tool provides a great deal of nutritional feedback and takes into account factors such as changing metabolic rate.) Many years ago, I tried charting my weight on graph paper (although I didn't include a trajectory line for the targeted weight loss); it was interesting for a while, but I guess I got tired of doing it. Simply recording my weight in a notebook was enough for me.

The best thing I got from this article is the concept of PLANNING to lose a specific amount of weight each week and relating that to the target date (as we were discussing yesterday). In other words, if I (or any of us) want to lose 25 pounds, and I customarily lose weight at a rate of 1/2 pound a week, it will take me approximately 1 year. If I want to achieve that weight in 6 months, I must lose 1 pound a week. To stay on track, any gains during that period must be compensated by losses at a greater rate in other weeks. (How I achieve this is up to me.)

I never "did the math" before, so this was quite interesting! Thanks again for the info!


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Hey all, interesting info on the diet programs.

Iam in a Mojo slump. I had seen this work crunch coming a month ago, but still didn't plan well enough to not get caught in it. Certainly could have been worse - I'm merely "too busy" rather than in super stressed mode.

But I am slacking off on the eating well and exercise. Steady rain and cold and allergy season isn't helping any...

Hope the rest of you are faring better.

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Sorry about the slump Celtic. What'll it take to get you back on track?

A quick and easy healthy snack is a must for work-crunch time... Do you like Hummus? It's great with veggies, and you can get a kind of "chips and dips" effect while eating only healthy stuff.

And a few stretch and breathe breaks may also help. It always amazes me how much just breathing deeply for a minute or two can refresh me when I'm 'sagging'. Add a few minutes of stretching if you can.

And don't forget to remember all of the great things you've accomplished recently -- Overcoming your fear of heights, improving your health, reinventing your fabulous kitchen. You're a Wonder Woman -- so give yourself a positive pep talk and all the credit you deserve.

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Gosh celticmoon, wish I were there to cook you some dinners so you could get a break (& proper nutrition too).

Do you need some fast-prep dinner ideas? Something that's a no-brainer to prepare and won't blow your diet?

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Thank you for the support and the kind words. I do usually cook healthy, but got tangled up in work stuff late yesterday and today. Yesterday DH picked up a nice made to order spinach salad at the deli bar (no dressing for me), some spicey snapper to heat up and fresh broccoli. So far so good.

But tonight I was trapped until almost 6:30 and so wanted comfort food. Next thing I know I have hot lasagna and garlic bread hitchhiking home with me. I am now so stuffed and sleepy, and I can really feel the carbs. Like I'm drugged...

Oh well, I do like that the Zone treats each meal as a new start. After what will no doubt be a needed hard sleep, I'll eat better for breakfast, and feel better. And plow through the last day or two of work pile up. (I'd like to complain the the boss, but I'm self employed....)

....must learn better time management. And to say no when offered "urgent" work I don't want/need. I want to get back to parttime and having a pleasant work pace.

....must get to Y or out walking. Flying out east for my neice's wedding in Maine in 10 days. I pretty much wear one dress for weddings, and discovered some years ago that I can stretch it wider when it is wet and it dries able to handle extra pounds. Was hoping not to have to do that. Heck, was hoping to shop for something new and great - not feeling like that is such a hot idea all stuffed now with lasagna! Blech.

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LOL! Hey Celtic, can I borrow your dress?

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Celtic, I can totally relate about the carbs. While I was taking steroids it seemed all I wanted to do was eat carbs! I'm really trying to focus on what I'm eating these days and get back to more friendly meals. That involves some planning for me, which is sometimes hard to do. Ah well. Tonight, we're having a big salad and I'm making tostadas, so that's one meal that's taken care of. Two days ago, I made a broccoli cheese soup that turned out to be delicious. I was worried about the roux (6 Tablespoons for a pot of soup) but didn't have to be. My goal these days is to fix the most delicious thing I can without eating too much of it.

Gibby, congratulations on your clothes not fitting! That's one thing that really keeps me going, trying on things that haven't fit in a while. Exciting!

neverdone, you'll shake it loose. Patience it one of the hardest aspects of all this.

awm, I'm still looking foward to hearing about your trip when you feel like telling us.

Sue, good luck; I hope you get the opportunity you're looking for with the volunteer job. It's good to stretch those muscles too.

Thanks to whomever mentioned weight training; I'm going to try to add it into my daily exercise this month. I'll let you know how it goes. I know I need it, since I pruned the wild forsythia hedge in my backyard yesterday and it about wore me out! I had a good mojo moment when I actually sat down to enjoy my garden yesterday. My husband goes out there to exercise in the mornings and we've both noticed how in the middle of suburbia, we feel like we live in a (very small) wildlife sanctuary. The owl in our garden was present yesterday, and it was just a moment, but satisfying to my spirit. I'm taking my satisfactions where I can find it these days...

I'm close to 30 pounds lost. My mom is coming here for a visit this weekend, and I'd like to achieve that as my goal, although I don't want to share it with her! There's something about a secret, you know?!

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Anyone still workin' it?

I'm down 10 pounds after 6 weeks -- slow and steady, I guess. Still walking six days a week, doing a little better at managing my business affairs and staying organized.

Who else is still here?

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Sweeby, Ten pounds is BIG! I remember when I didn't think it was even possible. And, Great that you're still walking. I've slacked off, and need to climb back on the treadmill. Congratulations!

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A funny thing happened last week. I had to do something that took an immense amount of physical work in the garden one day. It was so much that it bumped me down a pound or two. I was on my way back up but I did a good workout yesterday.

I think those of you who can stay on and lose week after week slowly are my heros. I know if I just stayed on South Beach and also worked out I would lose though I haven't managed that.

At least I haven't gained. I'll take that.

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Oh, yes, I'm still here, just plugging along. I've lost 5-1/2 pounds so far (saw another one briefly, but it bounced away). That's almost a pound a week, and I'm pretty satisfied with my progress. I'm walking a mile and a half almost every day, so I'm telling myself that I've been gaining muscle to replace fat, and that's why the going has been slow. I've been a very good girl 0:-) (Just one more comment: I've been reading some posts on the Diet Club Forum, but I think the "mentality" is a little different over there. I see a lot of confessions about being "naughty" (e.g., eating Easter candy); what I like about THIS thread is that we've been so positive (yes, we all make mistakes, but let's learn from them and then get over them and move on). The concept of Mojo is empowerment, not helpless surrender! I also see some misconceptions about what constitutes sensible eating. Some folks over there seem to consider all calories equal, so they feel OK about eating one Hershey's kiss for 25 calories; they may be right, technically, but to me, that's a mistake because 1) candy is "empty" calories, contributing no nutritional value; and 2) sweets trigger binges (at least, in me) so that eating "just one" is playing with fire.

Sweeby and Claire, you're doing fantastic! You should give yourselves a great non-food reward! Claire, hope you get through this weekend emotionally unscathed and feeling great about yourself. You can't change your mother, but you can stop letting her "get" to you. Realize that she loves you and wants to help you, even if it sounds like criticism in your ears.

How are the rest of you doing? Hope you all have a great weekend! Stay the course!


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Hi all - I'm back from my trip. Wow - Sweeby, Claire and Sue - you guys are doing really well!! I did much better on my healthy living program while I was gone than I thought I would. I brought my ball and used that twice and also went for a walk twice. I also did alot of walking at the airport including schlepping my bag but I don't really count that.

I had to eat out of course - man, eating out every meal for five days is an eye opener. There is ALOT of bad food on the menu and not much to choose from if you want low fat, whole grains and vegies. Plus the QUANTITY of food you get some places is practically obscene. We are definitely a culture of people who like to eat large quantities of food. I was in a relatively small city so choices were limited. I did have a little fridge in my hotel room so I went to the grocery store and bought some decent things - whole grain cereal, non-fat milk, carrots, fruit, etc.

The class I went to was good for the mojo. It was somewhat grueling and two more weeks to go - plus I have to do a major project in conjunction with the class. It would be alot easier not to do this and I'd have a much nicer summer without this burden but I'm making myself do it for self improvement and marketability should I ever need to get a new job. Part of me though wishes I hadn't decided to do it but I will probably be glad I did in the end.

It was also good to travel by myself. I used to travel alot for work and it was second nature. Alot of my trips now are with someone else who handles logistics, picks me up at the airport, etc. This was on my own and I was a bit rusty - missed a few exits and had to figure out how to recover from that. It's good to get out of the comfort zone I think. And nice to be home!!

Hang in there everyone!!

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Still here too, just busy. Down to 173 now, from 200 on Jan. 3. While I'm thrilled with the weight loss, I don't want to get complacent. Trying to readjust my attitude from "bottom of Phase 1" to "top of Phase 2 - 18 pounds to go."

Claire, Sweeby, mt, & Gibby: big hugs of congrats to you all. Doesn't it feel good to take control of your eating instead being out of control? Try to imagine your body as an engine happily humming along because you've cleaned some gunk out of the works!

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I'll confess I am *not* being a Mojo model citizen. Those pounds you all are losing - I think they are coming here! My weight is up a bit, but not as much as I deserve given my unbelievably horrible diet lately. Since the lasagna seduction Tuesday, I went a little crazy:

peanut M&Ms, dark chocolate bars, ice cream, french bread, fruit bread (gift), beer (Savoy Brown concert Thursday), eggs&pancakes&bacon&english muffin (after concert), Margaritas&Mexican food&berry pie(monthy eats with women friends last night, steak and potatoes and wine tonight - whew, that's just what immediately comes to mind! Also my bike is dusty and I don't even know where my Y card is...

Somebody, stop me!!!!!!

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Oh yeah, and chocolate covered cashews, bag o dried sweetened fruit, crackers, hard cheese & olives, .....

Reminds me of when I was a subject for acupuncture smoking cessation research trials in Cambridge back in the 70's. One biweekly visit my food log report went on and on and on and on.. They showed me in the mirror that my "appetite control" pin in my ear had slipped out. Wonder if I need a pin stuck in my ear? LOL

I'll be fine. Just a phase. Thank God for the stretchy dress. My work crunch ended Friday and I should be able to get back on the Mojo train. Amazing how stress can make one feel eating badly is a right.

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Savoy Brown still exists? Wow, that's a real trip to the past...

I'm trying to implant my thoughts into your brain: fruits, veggies, & whole grains! fruits, veggies, & whole grains!

There, did it work? Did you look at a piece of chocolate and think "ehhh, not interested" ?

a propos of nothing, I just discovered Ronzoni Whole Wheat Blend linguini. 180 cals for 2 oz. It's very good.

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Celtic, OK, so you had a holiday, a reversion to old times (it sounds amazingly like some of MY past behavior, except for the cheese and beer). Think about why that happened. Did the lasagna trigger it? Or did the M&Ms start a craving for more sweets? Maybe it was simply that, coming out of a high-pressure work situation, you had to let off some steam, and those fun activities (the concert, the dinner with friends, the indulgences) were just what you needed to feel "normal" and like everybody else. (Your last sentence "Amazing how stress can make one feel eating badly is a *right*" says a lot.) Sometimes, I think it's easier when you have no "life" (like me), because there aren't any circumstances beyond your control. I couldn't even try to lose weight last year, while I was under a lot of stress at work, and I'm worried about my upcoming road trip at the end of the month: a week of college reunion and visiting my sister. It's so much easier when you can keep to a calm daily routine and eat at home, so you don't have to watch other people eat tempting food.

Well, hopefully, now that you've checked in with us, you're feeling that your holiday has come to an end. Enjoy your memories of the good parts (the music and friendship), and forget the rest. Forgive yourself!! As soon as those sugary poisons are out of your system, you'll be feeling a lot better and ready to grab hold of your Mojo again. Hang on!


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Hi everyone -

I haven't abandoned the mojo computer has been down since Tuesday, and we finally just got it running again! So glad to see so many of you are doing well.

I'm doing pretty well. I only walked a couple days last week, but will be back on track tomorrow. I did lots of physical activity this weekend. DH & I hauled 2 yards of topsoil for some new landscaping we are working on. Between the mulch and the topsoil I've been hauling around, I should be be losing some of my arm flab!!

Gibby - I have to agree with you about the portion size at so many restaurants. They are outrageous! My 14 yo DD and I are making a habit lately of sharing an entree when we go out. One of us will order an extra cup of soup or side salad. Not only does it save on overeating but $$$ too.

Have a great week all :)

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May I reboard the Mojo train please?

Today was much yard work (posted a thread on Decorating if you are curious), hour bike ride. And much better food: Allbran, blueberries, yogurt first, then leftover grilled chicken and veggies (no chips or tortillas) and for supper grilled salmon, tomato&basil and broccolini&carrots. That's more like it!!

The dangerous foods are pretty much gone. (burp.) That's part of the answer for me. I just can't have all that tempting stuff sitting there when I'm stressed and hungry.

OK, who else wants to get back on board along with me and neverdone? Those that stayed on are really getting somewhere! Go Gibby, Sweeby, Sue, Claire, awm (btw awm, your food chant worked great).

Thanks to you all for being here. Have a good start to the week.

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I never got on board earlier (though I was on the Get Fit threads) but I'd like to join! My cousin took some pictures of me and my fiance when I was home in March, and seeing myself in the prints last week was the wake-up call I needed to make a decision to affirmatively try to lose weight and get fit (I kept waffling before re: whether I needed to lose weight or whether I had just gained weight but was at a 'good size'). I started Weight Watchers last Tuesday, and have stayed on track. I joined a tennis league a few weeks ago, so that added an extra day of exercise each week (because we practice once a week).

The main thing I've noticed with WW so far is that it forces me to be really conscious of what I eat. Last month, if there were leftover muffins, pastries, desserts in my office kitchen I almost always indulged. Now, though I know there's nothing 'off limits' I find myself looking at them and thinking "not worth the points; I'd rather eat more food later in the day." I am glad that it *is* a program where nothing is 'off limits.' I know people who've had success with programs that eliminate or restrict entire categories of food, but those never work for me (because I just crave what I can't have). It sounds odd, but knowing that eating the muffin is not 'cheating' makes it MUCH easier to just not eat it!

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Celtic - welcome back - glad you did not let that setback throw you entirely off course!!

Welcome Robin! Boy, I know what you mean when you say have I just gained weight but I'm still a good size. That's what I was telling myself too. Now that I'm a smaller size, I'm liking it ALOT better so I'm pretty sure I wasn't a good size.

Neverdone - good to hear from you again - glad to hear you are still hanging in there.

I find this group very helpful - you make me feel somewhat accountable to someone other than myself. This is my 15th week since the epiphany and I have exercised five times a week all but two weeks since then - four times in the other two weeks. I'm sure this is a first in my lifetime. I've also cut out all kinds of junk food in my diet, cut way back on diet soda, drinking lots more water, etc. I really try not to put anything in my mouth that doesn't have some nutritional value. So far so good - hopefully I can sustain this lifestyle.

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Welcome Robin, plenty of room on the train!

Hey guys, guess what I did? I went through my closet and offloaded *all* clothing bigger than my current size. All of it. I let a good friend two sizes up (she's in weightwatchers and en route down) have first dibs. She's absolutely thrilled with her picks. I then found a consignment shop for used women's clothing and they took the "good stuff", rejecting most of course as outdated or subpar quality (whimper). The rest is headed toward Goodwill. Now that is a Mojo committment. No turning back now. Feels funny to have those long-loved clothes all gone. I gain pounds and what? I go nekkid? Yikes. It is a Mojo leap of faith that despite an occasional falter, I am committed to not going back to my 2002 girth.

Again ate well and rode the bike today. I feel good, almost euphoric. So much better than the carb overdosed stumble of last week.

Choo choo, ladies (no, that's not chew chew). Rest of you coming along or what?

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Hi Robin! Nice to have you along.

Celticmoon, that's terrific to hear. Glad you're feeling better & happier. re eating well/riding bike/feeling good: I think physically I'm at a point where the quality & quantity of my diet just really feels good. And that feeling helps to keep me motivated. Think my pipes are clearing out somewhat, and the engine is performing better :)

Kirstie Allie was named one of People Magazine's 100 most beautiful people this week. Good for them for including her; she's worked so hard to get herself together & deserves the accolade. She's lost 65 pounds and looks...beautiful!

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Another good day. Even got to the Y. Three days good food probably is an adequate detox. I feel normal.

Just in time to hop a plane to my neice's wedding Friday. Fly to Boston and drive up to Maine for 4 days. Some lobstah, chowdah and bee-ah awaits. I picked us a place to stay that will make us walk a mile to and fro along the coast for meals. Perfect!

Sue, Gibby, Sweeby, Awm, Robin - still all on track?? Here's a shout out to Claire, Nsmontreal, Neverdone, Pauline, Pecanpie, Pirula, Rococo, Starpooh, Namabafo, Lori, Anna and anybody I missed. Mojo train is slowing down for you, and I'm hanging off the back of the caboose here, howling with my arm outstretched, so c'mon! Jump on!

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running for the train....

I've been dealing with a seriously ill MIL the past month--her funeral was Mon. With all the stress eating and grabbing things out, I've gained weight and haven't been able to work out much.

I skimmed the posts quickly and want to say way to go sweeby, Sue, awm, gibby, robin, celticmoon--sorry if I missed anyone..

I did have my first competition of the season on Sat in NY. It felt good and I was able set personal records in all 7 of the events we contested--the winter working with weights really paid off...and I'm really only half as strong as I know I can be...

Today is a rainy day, so as soon as everyone goes, I will head to the basement for some bike and weights...then off to the supermarket for some healthy food!!

go team mojo!

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Good morning, everyone! I'm glad that, even though we've all had our ups and downs this week, most of us are still sticking to the program (whichever one we've chosen) and, even when we veer off because of stress or other "real life" factors, we're motivated to get back to it. Last night, there was an interview on TV with the obese man who has just completed a walk across America. He commented that (I'm paraphrasing here) success in weight loss is almost entirely dependent on your mindset. That has certainly been true for me. I can remember many times, in the past year, when I would head for the snacks in the pantry and hear that little voice telling me "There's still time to stop," but, zombie-like, I ignored the voice and kept on going. NOW, when I head for the pantry, I hear that same voice, but I heed the warning; I tell myself that I have made a commitment to myself, and I've invested too much effort to undermine it now. And so the Mojo keeps me going!

namabafo, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your MIL. Congratulations on doing so well in the competition despite the fact that you know you could do even better if you were in optimal condition. Next time you will!

awm, gibby, and neverdone, you are doing just great! It sounds like you have really settled into the new life style and are enjoying it. Way to go!

Celtic, glad that you are still on the train! Have a great time "down East!" And if you have too much lobstah and chowdah, you know we'll be here to help you "recover" when you get back. (Hope you'll do the same for me when I get back from Mass and NY. It's hard to keep to a strict eating plan when you're traveling, going to festive events, and a houseguest, and I'll have a full week of all that.)

Hi Robin! Welcome aboard! I hope you have a lot of success on Weight Watchers. I was on their program twice, but that was long ago, before they started the point system. I'm sure the psychological aspect of having "permission" to eat sweet desserts, etc, works very well for some people. This kind of fits in with the DietPower idea that it's OK to go off the diet occasionally and then compensate later to get back on track (or even if it's not really OK, that's what actually DOES happen, so the method offers a built-in way to maintain the trajectory in the long term). But for me, I KNOW that I have to stay away from my trigger foods. And I feel so dedicated and committed already, that I don't know how I could try any harder, for the sake of compensation. (Well, I guess I could exercise more, but I don't think I could eat any less.)

Yesterday, I changed over my closet for the season, and I tried on most of my summer clothes. Sadly, I have a number of pants and skirts (which I bought just LAST YEAR) that are too tight right now :-( although the tops still fit. So that just proves that I've been sitting here at the computer too much! Hopefully, my daily walks will have an effect soon, so I'll lose the weight in the right places. Just what I needed: more motivation!

Have a good day, everyone!


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Glad you're back on track Celtic. And Namabafo - Wow! I think that's so cool - Congratulations. That's neat news about Kirstie Alley -- wonder what's really up with the why's and how's there... Those inches will come, Sue -- Just keep on working at it. I'll bet you're back into your summer clothes before it's even officially summer.

It's been a long time since I've posted anything, but I've been checking in here daily. I'm still eating well and exercising, which is good - so I'm still on track. But life has been getting very complicated.

DH's family is in a real mess right now, and MIL might end up losing her house due to SIL's financial problems and MILs inability to say "no" to bailing SIL out of the latest in a 25+ year saga of serial mistakes. I think I'll head over to the Caretakers Forum to see what wisdom can be gleaned over there for helping MIL without tearing the family apart... Wish me luck!

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Sweeby - good to hear from you and glad to hear you're doing well. Sorry to hear about the challenges with the family. I think most of us have some dilemmas along those lines. I can remember when I was much, much younger thinking other people had "normal" families. Now many years later I don't think anyone does. Hang in there.

Nothing new to report here - just chugging along as usual.

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Thanks everyone! Pretty swamped at work right now (deadline keeps getting moved earlier; now it is Friday morning, before it was Monday). Annoyed b/c I had to miss tennis practice to work late tonight. But I'm staying on track foodwise. Went grocery shopping last night and spent time reading labels to find some new stuff to try; trying to mix up my fruits and veggies each week so I don't get too tired of things. I'd lost two pounds as of yesterday, which was exciting.

namabafo-- I'm sorry to hear about your MIL.

will post again when I'm less pressed with work!

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Hi all!! My d**m computer was down since I posted earlier this week and I have been ready to throw it across the room :( Well, I guess I whined about it so much that I am typing on my new laptop...early Mother's Day gift from DH! Talk about making my day! :)

This has been quite an active week. After hauling dirt all weekend DH and I spent Monday & Tuesday buying & planting lots of new shrubs & trees. I found muscles in my arms, legs and back side that haven't been used in ages! You'd think with all the walking I wouldn't have so much pain, but man, I was aching! Gardening & yardwork are definitely my favorite form of activity. Walking the nursery and enjoying all the flowers is also good for my soul.

Robin - welcome, and congrats on your 2 lb loss! I can really relate to your story about seeing yourself in pictures. Everytime I see pictures of myself, I am shocked. I guess when I look in a mirror, I see myself thinner than I really can that be? You mentioned a fiance'...when are you getting married?

namabafo - congrats on your 1st competition! Keep up the good work. Sorry to hear about your MIL.

gibby,sweeby, sueby, ooops, Sue - glad to hear you ladies are all sitting comfortably on the train! Keep up the great work :)

awm - I am soooo impressed with your weight loss...27 pounds!! That is great!

celtic - so glad you are turning things around. I have to say your posts above cracked me up...especially the choo-choo (not chew-chew)!
Thanks for doing the roll call of previous passengers. I hope some of you check in. We all know this is a tough battle and we are here to support you. I think it was Ivette that posted on another thread about participating in a 39 mile walk....if that's not a mojo moment, I don't know what is.

Have a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms.

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Heeeelllllloooooooo?! (don't make me feel like a thread killer!!) LOL ;)

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I have nothing much to report - other than a couple days of craving some not so good food and being really sick of my usual healthy food. I truly believe I'm addicted to chocolate. I went a few days without and it seems I had to make up for it yesterday. I was also craving a hamburger (something I rarely eat) so I got one - California burger with MAYO!! It was great. I think I'm over it now.

This weekend I'll be doing the usual exercise routines and I need to get to the grocery store and make some food for next week. The weather is crummy unfortunately.

I have to go back to the doctor in a couple weeks to get my blood pressure and electrolytes rechecked due to the HBP medication - the HBP diagnosis is the thing that started my healthier living campaign. Last labwork indicated high calcium which can be a sign of hyperparathyroid disease - and high blood pressure is also a symptom along with bone/joint pain which I have been experiencing since I started exercising alot. I am anxious to find out if I have this or not. It is relatively rare so probably not.

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Hey, everybody. Just checking in. Rode in the NYC 5 Boro Bike ride last week -- 42 miles, beautiful weather, downtime with DH. Down to 172 after a 1 week plateau.

Survived my son's birthday on Thursday without too much damage: had 2 brownies but felt BLECHHH afterwards and didn't want any more garbage food. Fortunately DH & my sons consumed the leftovers. Wonder how long I can ride this taste for healthy foods? I gave up about 95% of junk food Jan.-Mar., then 100% during Lent, and now I have little tolerance for it. Well, I did have 3 malted milk balls for 200 calories today (bought some from the Girl Scout next door for the neighborly spirit thing) but they're not worth blowing my DietPower numbers for. Oh please let this last, oh please...

Well, I'm being very brave here (or foolish!), but here's a picture of me from last week. I still look like a cow & hope to lose 40 more pounds. But it's an improvement!

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Awm, what are you talking about? You look GREAT in that picture! You have a bicyclist's legs, too, not fat ones like mine. I've wondered how you can be so athletic when you're carrying extra weight, but it probably depends on how the weight is distributed in your body. Mine has been in my legs (mainly my thighs) all my life, so I was never able to develop the muscles in them. Bike riding is very hard for me. More power to you!

And neverdone, it's sounds like you're developing some of those gardening muscles, too. You're burning lots of calories, and soon you'll have a beautiful yard as a result of all your efforts.

Robin, I'm glad you're off to a good start! Hope the pressure at work levels off soon.

Gibby, remember that old expression "Don't trouble Trouble, till Trouble troubles you"? Well, don't jump to conclusions about having a serious condition till you KNOW; there could be other, more innocuous explanations. But it's good that you're having it checked out.

As for me, I've lost 7-1/2 pounds so far, not earthshaking, but ahead of schedule (I wanted to reach this point by the time I went to my reunion). One more pound, and I'll be down to where I was the day I retired. (Then I'll try to get to where I was a year ago.)

I've made very exciting progress in my genealogical research this past week, mostly because of the kindness of strangers, who have volunteered to help me with a translation--and a lot more. It fills me with gratitude and makes me want to help others, in turn, with whatever expertise I can offer.

Last night, we drove to Philadelphia to celebrate my MIL's 94th birthday and Mother's Day at a "fancy" restaurant. I had salmon cooked to perfection with just a little bit of a delicious sauce and a taste of the rice pilaf, salad with lo-cal dressing, no bread, and no dessert, so I don't think I did much damage. The weather has been very cruddy here, rainy and gloomy, but I'll be walking again as soon as the sun comes out. Hang in there, everybody! And Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are moms.


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Awm - good for you - that ride sounds awesome. I don't think you look like a cow at all - you look very fit! The way you describe junk food sounds alot like me. I wonder too how long I can do this - especially after my burger and chocolate binge last week. I was really feeling sick of the regular healthy stuff I've been eating.

I didn't feel too gross after I ate that but today I got a french toast muffin at the coffee shop - with my coffee. Oh my gawd - it was so sweet. I ate it of course but BLECHHH is a good way to describe how I felt afterward. It still almost makes me sick to think about it. And then it wasn't a Starbucks skim mocha so that was way too sweet and yucky too. In retrospect I would have been much more satisfied with just a good robust cup of Americano. Live and learn.

My taste for sweet, rich and/or salty foods has definitely changed. Today I went to the grocery store and loaded up on the good stuff again. I had a disgustingly healthy cart full of whole grains, produce, non/low fat dairy, fish and poultry. I think having the gross muffin before I went to the store made all that other stuff sound great. As of this morning I have lost 12 pounds and I really like the new smaller me so I don't want to blow it.

How is everyone else doing?

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Will you all please scootchie over to make room again for my fat fanny on the Mojo train? Thank you.

Did not go through with the test for gluten intolerance- found out it was a biopsy of sorts and I have way too much going on to go down for a day. Put it off indefinitely, but am pretty much sticking to the diet. My tummy tells me when I've gone off. Howls and rumbles from below.

Had my annual GYN checkup, and the PA said I was down several pounds- and my size 12s are too big. Big smile.

Celticmoon, I believe berry pie counts as a fruit. I make pumpkin pie with skim evaporated milk and don't eat the crust. This IS a vegetable, isn't it?

Congrats to all for your efforts and losses!!!!

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Just checking in --- Nice to see so many folks making great progress and doing so well.

Awm - You SO do not look like a cow! You look very fit and healthy -- something I aspire to.

And welcome Pecanpie -- There's plenty of room here, and we're especially glad to have new members. If I'm not mistaken, there are other types of tests you can do for gluten intolerance that don't involve biopsies. (Urinalysis) Though I've got to admit I have heard they're not 100% accurate, and just trying the diet is the best way to find out.

I had a nice downward bounce on Mothers' Day, but it was just a tease... Ended up level for the week at my Monday morning 'official' weigh-in, but I think it's mostly due to Sunday's mini-binge. (fajitas and guacamole)

Spent a 'cable-less' weekend missing you guys, but I'm back on line now...

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Hey! We've got some real success stories here! mtnester's down 7.5 pounds, gibby's down 12, pecan's down a pants size, CdL's lost a whopping 30 lbs., Robin's down 2, & namabafo's holding steady but is stronger & fitter. Anybody else? Did I miss somebody? We need Koko Taylor to sing Got My Mojo Workin' for us. (Looks like Koko's lost a pile of weight too.)

Bought knew pants today. Squeezing into size 14s, tossing out the old 18s. I hope never to have to buy women's plus sizes ever again. I hated those clothes. Nothing fashionable.

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You guys are so great! Awm - talk about success stories - that size drop is a major accomplishment. Isn't it a beautiful thing to buy smaller pants - ya' just gotta' love it.

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