Help...When to seal/enhance tumbled marble?

pmaru77_organicOctober 26, 2011

I've got the shower floor down and want to grout tonight.

But am wondering if I can use the sealer/enhancer before I grout. I tried the sealer/enhancer on some sample grout and did not care for it. So if I grout first and then seal, it will be practically impossible to seal/enhance just the topof the tiles (1" tiles) If the sealer/enhancer gets into the sides of the tiles will it adversly affect the grouting by not adhering properly? Or should I grout and just live with the darker look of the grout.

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Every reference I've read suggests sealing natural stone before grouting so that the sealer will act as a grout release for the face of the stone. On heavily textured stones, it's also suggested to use a grout bag rather than float to apply the grout.

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Well, here's what went down.

I used enhanced sealer sparingly so it would not get down the grout joints. This did not work particularly well, as the sealer.enhancer leaked down a fair percentage of the joints (not grouted). It says in the instructions that it makes a good grout release and you should wait 6 hours before grouting. I waited about 2 hours and grouted. I wanted to ensure that the grout would stick to the sealer/enhancer because if it didn't I'd be really screwed.

From the looks of it, it stuck pretty well because it took a lot of work and will take some more to get the grout off the top of the tiles (mostly haze, but well adhered haze.

Bottom line: I don't know what the best way to do this,I guess the b best thing to do would be a test with the sealer totally cured, and then grout, and later test to see if it adhered well to the tile grout grooves.

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