Capital 48 Stove Top

WendyM67April 16, 2013

On May 9th 2012, I purchased a 48 Capital Stove Top through Direct Buy in Barrie. This piece was to be used in my new home build. My builder had the stove top installed and he discovered there was a gas leak coming from the griddle. This was around the beginning of March 2013. The stovetop remained safely stored in my garage until it was needed. I contacted the service department for Capital on March 19th requesting servicing information. I contacted membership services at Direct Buy and I was asked to update them on what had transpired up to this point. On March 30th 2013 I spoke to someone named Ever, who after at least a half hour on the phone, said he finally found a company to service my appliance. He said Total Appliances in Innisfvil south of Barrie would service it, and that Chris would contact me that evening. The phone call never came, and I contacted this company four more times leaving voice messages and sending emails to Total Appliances. I called Mar 26th, 27th, and the 28th. Still, no one had the decency to call me back. On March 21st, I contacted Direct Buy in Barrie to let them know about the situation and that I needed the serial and model number of the appliance. I was unable to find this information on the piece even after I contacted Capital and searched the location of the serial number plate on the stovetop. On March 30th Direct Buy Members Service said that they were forwarding my complaints to their corporate office who would contact Capital Appliances and have this problem rectified. April 2nd, spoke with John at Capital who said he would try to call Total Appliances again, and seemed rather mystified that Chris had not called me. John said he'd call back that day, and once again no response. April 4th, I still did not hear back from Capital. On April 12th I called Capital yet again, I was told Chris at Total Appliances was unable to fix my stovetop and that he gave the job to another person who did not bother to contact me. I was also told a company in my home town of Sudbury Retro Appliances would take care of me. I called Retro Appliances myself and asked what was going on. The lady said they were in communication with Capital and would get back to me. On April 15th, I called Retro Appliances again, and I was told they did not want to service any of Capital's appliances. April 16th, I contacted Capital again about my stovetop. Once again, I was told John would call me back. I would like to know what ever happened to quality and making sure your clients are satisfied with your product. Surely, Capital does not take pride in what they do, because they most certainly would have rectified this gas leak problem promptly. I don't understand why they will not send a replacement stovetop, or refund their faulty equipment. I want the world to know, that if my family dies because of this gas leak, I hold Capital Appliances 100% responsible for this. I have tried over and over to have someone come and resolve this situation, but it appears that the sale was worth more to the company than the satisfaction and safety of their customers.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Duplicate post.

WendyM67, I'm very sorry to hear about your problems with your stove and service departments. This side of the kitchen forum doesn't get much traffic--you might want to post on the GW appliance forum (link below), or on the on topic discussions side of kitchens.

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance forum

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