Hollow underneath tile -- fix?

attofaradOctober 4, 2013

It seems that there is a bit of concrete slab cracking under my wife's tile floors over the last few years (house about 22 years old). The grout is cracked in a few places, and the adjacent tile on one or both sides of the tile sounds hollow, no longer attached. This might be for ~1/4 to 1/3 of the tile width, the part closest to the grout cracks.

If the grout is removed/replaced to fix the grout, is there a good product that can be injected under the hollow edge of the tile before re-grouting? Another technique?

The tile, of course, can no longer be found, so replacing a few tiles is not an option.

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I usually find that if the grout around a tile is cracked, the tile is probably loose. If the tile is loose, it can be pulled up and reset then regrouted.

I sometimes lay wood floor over existing tile so cracked grout is a warning sign indicating loose tile.

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Thanks for the reply. In this case, the tiles do not seem to be that loose. Obviously there is a space under the hollow sounding part of the tile, but that is generally little or none, up to ~15-20% on several tiles, and nearly 50% of one. It is as though the tile is mostly well adhered, and detached along one side, the same side as the grout crack. If any spares were available, I'd be trying to remove a couple of tiles, but I cannot risk breaking a tile and having to replace 600 square feet.

Some similar issues were fixed a while back (grout was removed and replaced), but no hollow sound was noticed at the time.

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Hmm. It's probably either small voids under the tiles which are inconsequential or maybe the adhesive has popped loose from a poorly prepared portion of the subfloor. I think they make kits to shoot epoxy under tiles voids but that sounds a bit risky. Maybe if the cracked grout was removed a thin consistency two part epoxy could be poured in at the edge of the tile then grouted over after it cures.

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Just saw this-the voids can be filled with latex.
super latex from latticrete works well.
However it may be a good idea to hire a pro to pump in the latex. also there is an epoxy made by bon stone in an injectable syringe that will work very well.

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