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jamesbodellFebruary 13, 2013

I have a System 2000 boiler with 1 pump and 2 zones controlled by zone valves. The zone valves open when the "brain" of the boiler places 24 volts on them.

One zone supplies hot water into a staple up radiant floor zone that predated the boiler install. This zone has its own pump already installed.

In the original configuration, the Radiant pump controller was triggered from a thermostat. The new boiler is much more sophisticated. and I want to use the built in "smarts".

The new configuration has thermostat input to one side of the boiler controller and outputs 24v on the other side when it decides to supply heat and open the valve

I was thinking of solving this with one of two ways:
1. get a new zone valve actuator with an end switch that would trigger the radiant pump when open.
2. get a new zone controller that triggers when 24v appears (as opposed to closing the switch). My zone controller does not perform this functions so it would need to be replaced. What could I use?

Any thoughts?

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I don't understand. When a zone calls for heat you are saying that the boiler opens the zone valve, but the pump doesn't turn on?

If so, you could get a 24volt relay and attach it to the boiler output, and then run 120 out of the relay to the pump.

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Sorry for not being clear. The boiler has 1 pump. If either zone calls for heat, this pump turns on and the zone valve opens.

1 zone has a second pump also. I want to start the second pump as well.

My pump controller only works via thermostat. This pump controller is separate from the boiler controller. I guess part of my question is do they make a controller that switches the pump on when 24v is present, as opposed to a thermostat which is just a switch contact.

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that is a really odd seems like you could wire this yourself using another 24 volt relay. But take a look at this website pdf...

Here is a link that might be useful: taco controls

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"1 zone has a second pump also. I want to start the second pump as well. "

The 24 volt signal that actuates this zone can also be used to actuate a relay whose output can turn on this pump. If the pump is 120V ,then all you need is a relay and some wiring. Seems like an easy DIY

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