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rococogurlApril 9, 2007

So yesterday I was over on Photobucket playing with the slideshows. And I came across the one that says "Happy Hump Day".

And I thought to myself that I must be a few pieces short of the puzzle in some regard.

Now, there are two interpretations I know for the word -- savory in the terms of hard back-breaking work and unsavory to put it politely in the English manner, shag.

But Happy Hump Day? Surely this is targeted to the MySpace crowd but is there something I'm missing or has one of these meanings escalating or descended in some way? Or morphed?

This makes me feel hopelessly out of touch with something; then again I might not want to be in touch with it.

Someone (with teens maybe)?

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I've heard of using "hump day" to mean Wednesday, as it falls in the middle of the week. By Thursday, you're "over the hump."

That was way back in the 1970s or 1980s though. It could mean something different by now.

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Wednesday is "hump day", by Wednesday afternoon you are on the downslope of the week, heading for the weekend.

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The term hump is also used in other manners. And your unsavory description is one I couldn't get out of my head when living in NM. Some of the small towns have signs which say "15 MPH Hump". The first time I saw this I had a huge chuckle. Then when on a trip to the UK...there were the same signs all over. A friend of mine from the UK also calls them dead bobbies. Humps are our "traffic bumps" to slow down cars.

For your reference, hump day is Wed and many still use the term.

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Round here "hump day" is Wednesday also. Pretty common expression.

Laughing now remembering I once told a clinical student to "go shag Joe out of his room". It meant 'go get' where I come from, as in baseball term 'shagging flies'. Needless to say, the group all looked at me in shock, as the student stammered, "Go what??"

Obviously before the days of the Shagadelic Austin Powers.

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We use "Hump Day" when it's Wednesday around here. Although since Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas came along, I use it much less LOL.

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Ah, yes. Those were the days- when 'shag' was also a dance and a haircut popularized by Jane Fonda.

We used to give ourselves shags by combing all our hair forward, securing at the forehead with an elastic and pulling the elastic out to the length we wanted our bangs. Then we'd cut just past the rubber band- voila! Our layered shag. Once a friend forgot to pull the band away from her hairline- oops.

I'm familiar with the modern expression 'hump day' but it still sounds crude to me.

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It's Wednesday around here - never thought about it the other way. Now I'll never stop thinking of that....

Pecanpie - I was thinking I need a new haircut - maybe I should try that - pulling the rubber band out of course......

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Well, double Duh.

Thanks for all the xplans. I seriously must have been living in another county on Wednesdays for a looong time. And totally forgot about the haircut and the dance.

Pecanpie you almost make me want to ask for a pic!

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So you won't think I'm fooling with this and hopefully not out of line. Here are signs from the highway department.

Having taught in a number of different countries, it became wise to know which of our "slang" words to stay away from. Many times a student would visit here and be as floored by ours as we are by theirs...especially when seeing them on magazine covers. It wasn't unusual to find a lot of foreign students combine their learning the English language by watching our movies. Which at times became a lesson in etiquitte for both of us.

Hump Bridge Ahead

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