Gray Floor stain? Having trouble getting right shade

globaldadOctober 21, 2012

We'd love to stain our new white oak floors gray to match our modern home and avoid the too dark/too light issue. I tried Minwax's new Classic Gray 271 and it really didn't achieve the deep gray color we were hoping for. Has anyone else stained their floors gray? Any suggestions on how to stain a floor a deep shade of gray or should we just stick with the usual brown tones?

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Sophie Wheeler

Do you really want something that trendy? It won't be easy to live with in 3 years when the trend towards gray has faded.

Wood in natural tones never will go out of style. It may not be "in", but it'll never be out either. For a modern home, a plain unstained natural maple would be a classic choice.

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Thanks hollysprings -- that is good common sense but I think I'm going to stick to gray if we can. The house is a bit extreme in design and I feel the gray will always fit. I might be wrong but I'm willing to take that gamble -- as long as the gray is done well. We have already ordered and paid for the white oak flooring so now we just have to figure out the best stain -- and I'd love it to be gray.

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Sophie Wheeler

You may have to bleach the oak first, and then stain it if you want a true gray.

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Thanks hollysprings, are you a flooring pro? what does that entail? i don't think the crew i hired has ever done something like that.

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Dont bleach your floor. You will ruin it if you ever decide to change the gray to natural.

You can do a few things to achieve a solid grey color.
Pastels work well and generally come in a nice shade of grey.
If that particular shade doesnt work you could mix ebony stain to the grey to darken or you could add a white pastel to lighten.

Your floor guys should know this. If not question yourself if you trust them.

Edit: pro refinisher for over 10 yrs. past yr did 4 grey floors.

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Lots of ways to get the look you're after, but your floor finisher will need to possess the necessary knowledge and skills.

I want to add here that there are two other material choices to get what you want. One is Rubio Monocoat products and the other is watered-down acrylic paint slurry as the stain medium. I am posting a link to Rubio Monocoat, as you may never have heard about the product. As for the paint slurry technique; it is unorthodox, however I and several other floor finishers have achieved interesting results with it. Your floor finisher may never have heard of either of the above.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rubio

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Globaldad - what did you end up doing? Did you look at the Rubio Monocoat? Can you post pictures?

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