opinions on entry way?

tansunnyOctober 31, 2010

In a couple of weeks, we will have our hardwood floors re-finished. We previously had carpet over them. In the process of doing this, we also removed a half-wall that had a very outdated looking shelving unit on top. And we removed the old slate that was probably original to the house in 1957.

I don't want to put more hardwood right in front of the door. We are looking at Duraceramic which my parents used in their kitchen 3 years ago and so far they have had no problems with it. They also have had it in their laundry room for about a year. Despite their good results, I am hearing mixed reviews on these message boards.

I am also wondering about travertine. What are my other options? I don't want anything terribly expensive, and I also prefer to have something we can do ourselves (Dad is a general contractor and has a water saw so he is capable of installing travertine, but didn't seem to keen on the idea when I mentioned it). In addition, I am thinking of extending the width of the entry way maybe 6-inches to a foot (may depend on the size of the tile/Duraceramic we go with). Will I have a difficult job cutting the edge of the wood evenly?

Thanks for all of your responses. I am trying to research all of my options and then I have to talk Daddy into installing or it will cost more to pay someone. Dad accepts payment in the form of homecooked meals. :)

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The size of the area where the slate was is maybe 4-5ft square. Not a huge area.

I just talked to Dad and he said it would be very difficult to get the entrance flooring to the be same height as the wood floors. He is going to use either cement board or simulated cement board. He said the entry will likely be 1/8" to 1/4" taller than the rest of the floors. Is this going to look awful?

This is the problem working with familiy. Dad has been a general contractor for 30 years and he knows a lot, but he is also trying to make sure I don't spend an arm and a leg and he is also doing all the work himself and he isn't as young as he used to be. Therefore, in many cases he is trying to make his life easier. He wouldn't compromise the quality of the job, but it may not be as nice looking as though I had paid a specialist to do it. That said, I have a hard time telling him he is wrong and I want it done a certain way, because he's been in the business so many years, he must know the best way. (sigh).

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Ok. Dad went to Home Depot because he is sealing off an air duct (he removed another half-wall besides this one) and I stole his tape measure.

The entryway is currently 52 1/2" inch deep by 51 1/2" wide. There is also a closet that attaches to this and it currently has wood floors in it and that is 24" deep. I am trying to convince Dad to rip out the wood and extend the entrance material in there. We will also likely make the width of the entrance material about 24-30 inches wider since we have the means room to do so.

Any advice for a girl trying working with her Dad is appreciated. I am paying for all of the materials, although he may have to purchase them to get me the wholesale price. I am trying to post a picture of the area I am working with, but I cannot get into my Flickr account for some reason.

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