Housewarming party on Saturday

MariposaTraicioneraApril 5, 2006

A young woman I know is having her first housewarming party, and in her email she told me that it's a 'rustic cabin' look she's after.

Her kitchen is black, white and brick red. MB will be sage and cranberry. That's all the info I have. I don't actually know her taste, so what type of gift should I be looking for?

Any suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Kitchen gadgets, of course :)

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Why not just bring a nice bottle of wine? I must be behind the times....when did a housewarming gift have to co-ordinate with the house?

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Well for one thing, she's only 24 and doesn't have a lot of stuff yet, and she was pretty insistent on the 'look' and colour of her place. I believe she sort of separated the different rooms and colours on the invitation, so my hint was the kitchen.

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I'm know the guy who makes these hand-turned wood vases, as well as other items like bowls (I have several large bowls that I use for fruit or popcorn. All are food safe). Email me if you want to buy one. Prices range from $30 to several hundred.


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So she actually "hinted" that she wanted gifts on her invitation????

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When we had a housewarming, it was just an excuse to throw a party. I was actually embarrassed when some people brought gifts, b/c that wasn't the point of our party at all.

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Wow. People are getting bold with their invitations, aren't they? I can't imagine describing my desired decor in my invitations!

That said, since you're kindly willing to chalk it up to "The Young and the Tactless," I think I would purchase a piece of red cookware or some red or black kitchen tools. Alternatively, you could get her a gift certificate, since she seems like she has specific wants.

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I'd be tempted to give her an etiquette book, but it might be too late for her already. You're probably nicer than I am, so I would suggest you gift her with a lovely scented candle on a little stand in either her bedroom or kitchen color.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going out today to find something for the kitchen.

I admit that it's bit a bold to suggest or make hints of what one would like for their kitchen, but she's a single young woman, and I applaud her independence on buying her own house. I got the impression that she doesn't have too many nice things, and I guess this is her way of trying to get a little help. Some of her co-workers (teachers) have been asking her about colours and what she needed, so maybe that's where she got the idea?

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If you haven't already found a gift, perhaps a gift certificate?

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She's single, 24, and bought her own house? That IS something to celebrate (though asking for a gift is a little tacky). But still, that's awesome.

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Yes, 24 and owning your own home is something. It was a lovely party, and everyone brought gifts and more. I think most females who attended were in awe of what this young woman has accomplished thus far. She was engaged two years ago and caught her fiance with someone else. He didn't think it was a big deal, but she did! She owns a dog and plans on being a foster parent.

Though it was a bit tacky hinting at a gift, she told me that everyone had mentioned wanting to bring a gift and wanted to know exactly what she NEEDED. She had already gotten stuff from family members that were three of a kind, or just plain not her style, so she figured if people wanted to bring something, she might as well guide them. However, she did say that it was not necessary...I didn't mind, and I got her a basket with lots of gadgets and some pretty dish towels in her kitchen colours.

I think we need to support the younger generation, and especially women who are willing and able to live on their own like this.

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