HELP! Old picture stuck behind glass!

MariposaTraicioneraApril 23, 2007

I have a very, very old picture of my Dad when he was a young man. The picture is in a wooden frame with glass and it is very, very old. At one time it appears water entered the scene and seeped inside the glass. Heaven only knows where or when this happened but I am reluctant to remove the glass because the picture is stuck to it and I fear tearing the picture.

Is there anyway I could remove the picture without causing more damage? It looks normal behind the frame but I am very concerned with the damage we can't see from moisture.

Any thoughts? Would appreciate your advice/help.


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Dont do anything with the picture, you will risk ruining it. Find a local shop that works with photos, like someone who restores old photos, take the photo as is (stuck to glass) to them and let them remove it. If there is a good camera shop that you can go to, they may be able to tell you where you could find a photo restoration specialist.

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You might also try calling a museum for a referral to a professional restoration specialist.

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Thanks Cup & Better. I have been calling around to find out, and in the meantime they have all said that I should NOT attempt removing the picture on my own!

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Are you just wanting to move it into another frame? If so, just keep it behind the old glass. If you truly want to remove it, first scan a copy of it, and then take it to a professional.

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I do a lot of genealogy and when I am able to find an old album some family members would prefer (and I don't blame them) that they not be removed. I find that taking digital pictures has been a lifesaver. I take several just in case the lighting/focus is not perfect and I've been amazed when I get home, how I can zoom into some wonderful and interesting details. If I were you, I'd try to scan, take digitals, and then take to a professional. Good luck with it.

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A digital picture is a good idea, or you could scan it on a computer and make reprints.

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