Tuesday morning sales

MariposaTraicioneraApril 7, 2006

I went in to check out their Henkel knives and they're all made in China! They're nothing like the 'real' things being sold at Sonoama and other kitchen stores, so watch out for that. I knew something wasn't right when I saw the prices.

Also, checked on some Le Creuset and while a few pieces had "Made in France" stamped at the bottom, some actually had China, and they were much lighter too.

I don't know if it matters to anyone else, but I prefer to spend more and get the real thing, than these lighter versions. I just don't think the quality is the same.

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mari, I always get excited when I go to Tuesday morning because the stuff looks so great from a distance but I always leave disappointed. The stuff always looks so great until you start inspecting it and then it just doesn't do it for me. And I may be in a different world but I think the prices are awfully high to boot imo (although the price of everything seems inordinately high lately - is it just me or are prices out of control?)

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Ditto everything jerzeegirl said! I don't get the whole TM thing - high prices for cheap junk is what I mostly see.

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I am not a TM shopper, but every now and again when they advertise these major brands that I'm interested in, I'll go in and always come out so disappointed. You all are right. Their prices aren't that good for such junk.

The only things I get from them sometimes are unusual kitchen towels.

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Agree they are usually junk-y and over priced. Give me Marshall's or TJ Maxx. Once in a while Tues AM has a "door buster" that is worth it. Last year I picked up Moen plumbing fixtures for a full bath and wet bar area - way under what my GC estimated. That, a lot of DIY and the HD ceramic floor tile made all the $$$ difference in the basement project.

Usually though I leave with nothing or maybe random linens.

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I have good luck with their linens--sheets particularly.


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What do Henkels and Le Crueset and the other companies say about this pirating of their names with inferior goods? How does Tuesday Morning get these items?

Anybody know?

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It's not pirating. All of these companies make a number of different lines that are sold under their name. Which, IMHO, just cheapens their name, but hey, someone with an MBA probably thought it was a good idea.

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I'm in the minority; I bought a Le Creuset 5 qt. covered oval there, in perfect condition in a color I love at a great price. Guess you have to just be careful in checking things over.

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I have never had any decent knives and was hoping to purchase some Shun Kershaw knives online, assuming I like them after testing them at the local Williams and Sonoma store. However, after reading this thread, I wonder if I am better off biting the bullet and purchasing the knives at, gulp, W&S prices in order to be certain of what I am purchasing. How can one tell if you're getting lower quality, name brand merchandise? By the price being too low in comparison to the W&S price? Anyone know of reliable online store to purchase Shun Kershaw knives?

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soupgirl, I've had good luck with these people...

Here is a link that might be useful: Kershaw Shun Knives

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You can also check W&S knives first, then check those at places like TM. The quality (or lack of) is very obvious. Plus, they're stamped China instead of Germany! Those are the Henkel knives by the way.

I bought Wusthof knives online at www.cutleryandmore.com. They're the genuine things, and were cheaper than W&S when last I checked.

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When looking at cutlery, make sure they're made of German Steel, and you DON'T want serrated. It'll cost you, but you'll never have to buy another knife again.

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I stopped shopping there for many reasons, but the #1 reason was:

I bought some bedding one day; and than the next week, they closed for 6 weeks. I went to return the bedding, still in it's unopened package. I had my receipt but the manager refused to even exchange it. That was it for me!

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From what I understand from doing some research, (I've decided that good knives are what I need) that Henckle knives are produced in China now. And they do produce a cheaper line of knives. Wusthof is still family owned and made in Germany. I don't think they make a cheap knock off, but I could be wrong.

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Thanks to all for the tips on where to buy Kershaw Shun knives on line. I've been out of town and just now got a chance to read the responses.

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Actually, I've seen Henckle knives that were stamped 'Germany,' so I don't think they're all being made in China. The ones that were made in China were much cheaper but much lighter as well.

But I'm a Wusthof fan, so that's what I've been buying.

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I have to agree with Melanie about the TM Sheets and Linens. I just bought 3 sets of King Sheets, 450-500 thread count, $49 per set and they are like silk.

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