Corned beef in a bag?

calilooMarch 16, 2012

One of my office mates asked me today if she could make corned beef in an oven bag for tomorrow. I have no idea since I've never used one. Do you know if it can be done?


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I've done it with a corned beef eye round - not a brisket. I don't know why it would make any difference.


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I've used an oven bag before, but Teresa is right; it doesn't make any difference. Just less mess to clean up!

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lindac we go again. IMHO corned beef needs to be boiled, for many reasons, not the ;east of which is to cook out some of the salt.
She could cover it with water and simmer for a while and then put it into an oven bag....but why bother? Just simmer it a little longer.

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I agree with Lindac. DH and I have either corned beef or cottage ham quite regularly. I've done blind tasting with my husband and have not told him whether I simmered or baked. Simmering wins hands down in our house. An added plus is the tasty water for cooking cabbage, potatoes and carrots. As far as clean up, a pot with a ring around it isn't that tough to clean - wipe ring while it's still warm with a paper towel, squirt some dish detergent into pot, and it's clean!

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Not quite OT, but a "live and learn" lesson on corned beef. A million years ago, when I got first microwave... big, heavy thing. Since it was a new "toy" used it for a lot of things as I learned what worked and what didn't. Actually attempted to cook corned beef in it!! Technically, it was "cooked" in no time, but turned into a rock solid hunka meat. Ended up dumping it into a big pot and boiling... like I had been taught. It took that long simmer to get it to being tender. Luckily, short spin in microwave didn't destroy it, and meal was salvagable.

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There is no one way to cook corned beef. Do a Google search and you will see. Just a metter of preference.

Corned beef cares about two conditions, how hot and how long.

I have done corned beef many ways (except microwave LOL ).

Recently, I prefer sous vide corned beef. (yes, in a plastic bag)

135 F for 48 hours. At this temperature, medium rare corned beef is truly juicy and tender. There is no need to cut across the grain, which I classify as making the meat chewable but not tender.

At 135 F, I had measured, the shrinkage is less, which means juicier meat.


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Agreed Dcarch. I've done CB a number of ways. However, boiling and submerged in liquid is not one of them.

That does not mean it is wrong for others if that is what they prefer - IMHO.

Simmered with a moderate amount of liquid on the stove top or in the oven in a covered pot works well also.

I stopped cooking the vegetables in the pot with the meat a long time ago. I take one cup of the cooking liquid and another cup or two of water and braise the vegetables in that. They still have the flavor of the corned beef but aren't salt laden.

And I have baked it in a bag or in a foil covered pan with a small amount of liquid. When I use either of those methods do a water bath the day before to remove some of the salt.

Many ways to do corned beef and have it turn out delicious!

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