Alternative to boiling beets

lpinkmountainMarch 4, 2012

I usually roast them but my oven is out. I want to make this marinated beet salad but I don't want to boil the beets because it will leach all the vitamins out. How can I cook them? Microwave? Braise? Saute? And the peeling part? I usually peel after they're cooked, but if I braise or sautee seems like I would need to peel ahead of time. Can I microwave to soften and peel? Or just peel like potatoes? These are good organic beets, I don't want to waste them.

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If you boil them with the skin on, some color will run out, but I don't think theyll lose much in the way of vitamins. That's the traditional way people always made them around here. The skins slip right off then.
But if you don't want to, I don't see why you couldn't microwave them a little until the skins are loose. Poke some holes first, though, and add a little water.

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Steam them....either in a covered dish in the micro or in a steamer on the stove top.
Linda C

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You can peel them like a carrot (be sure to wear gloves or you will have red hands).

I avoid cooking foods that really don't require it when possible, especially long cooking methods which rob the food of nutrients. A quick way to prepare them is to peel, shred raw and saute in oil/butter. We love "Root Salads" at our house served with a nice vinaigrette (red leaf lettuce, peeled/grated carrot, peeled/grated beets, peeled/diced jicama, peeled/grated turnip, sprouts (such as lentil, mung or sunflower).

FYI: Raw beets aren't as sweet as cooked.


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Roast them in a foil packet on your BF's new grill.


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I nuke 'em with a little water and then peel with a knife or peeler.

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I leave them whole and steam them. The skins slip off.


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What diinohio in said...I roast veggies all the time on my grill - or maybe in your crockpot?

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Presure cooker makes it tender and quick.


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Yup, crock pot or even in your Nesco roaster.


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They are soooo good roasted! And you can just leave the skins on- they slip right off once cooked.

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