Need advice from Firefox users

rococogurlApril 7, 2006


I'm thinking of switching but don't know what to expect.

Can those of you who switched give me some tips?

I now use Explorer. Does Firefox disable that?

Is it worth the potential hassle of computer hell changes and learning to use a new browser?

Pros and cons?


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I use Firefox on the 'big' computer- I like it. No popups at all EXCEPT the east-heading i-village triangle that occasionally dances across the screen on this site. Grrr.

reno_fan is more computer-savvy than I am, and she recently installed Firefox- maybe she'll chime in- if she's not too busy selling houses right and left!!!!

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I have used Firefox at work and at home for two plus years. And IE is also installed on both machines. They do not conflict. However, there are several web sites that I have visited that need IE for viewing because Firefox wouldn't work (one was the Kindred site). The reason I like Firefox is that you can put the name of the web site you want to go rather than the whole web site address. For example if you want to go to ebay, you can put ebay in the browser address line, rather than It also keeps the pop ups away. I use it Firefox 99% of the time.

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Also add the Adblock to Firefox for more blocking.

You can run IE on the same machine. But you will use IE only if you have to, for some sites.

I love my Firefox!

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Another Firefox lover!
Firefox has alot of neat extensions (add-ons). My favorite is called IE View. It allows you load pages in IE with a single right-click. You can also mark certain sites to always load in IE.
So you can use Firefox as your default browser but still easily open pages in IE.

And, as Fairegold mentioned, the extension Adblock is awesome!

Here is a link that might be useful: Firefox extension: IE View

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Uh Pecan??? Computer savvy???? I don't think so! However, I do have Firefox, and I LOVE IT! No pop ups, SO easy to use, and as Starpooh said, you can download the extension to view certain pages in IE. (The MLS site here, for example, can only be viewed in IE. I entered the address for it in the extension, so now whenever I go to the MLS site, it automatically opens in IE.)

Rococo, you'll love it!

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Thanks guys that was just the info I need!

Many say FF is better than IE but I wasn't sure what I'd be headed for once I downloaded and I've been in computer hell too many times to download before I inquired.

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Firefox is great!! As others have said it does not conflict with IE.

There are several extensions that you can add to Firefox which provides additional features. I have quite a few of them ranging from Adblock to Noscript to TabMixPlus. If you go to Mozilla's website - linked below - it will provide you with a whole bunch of extension options which will make your browsing experience even more fun.

Be careful about installing extensions from other sites than the one shown below. I installed one and it ended up with some thing being piggy backed on the Firefox so that whenever I started Firefox, it would also start some video from a porno site. It took me a while to get rid of this and I was only able to do it after I uninstalled all extensions since I did not know which one was infected.

Here is a link that might be useful: Firefox Extensions

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One more query.

How did you all handle transferring your Favorites. I have hundreds of these and use them quite a bit.

Tried to print them out every which way to no avail so I don't want to lose them when I transfer over to Firefox. But I cannot get them to copy either.

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Bookmarks => Manage Bookmarks
File => import
Select Microsoft Internet Explorer => Next

This should import all your IE bookamarks into a separate Firefox bookmark folder aptly named "From Internet Explorer".

So glad to see you're giving Firefox a try!

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Mine did it automatically.... I think?

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Mine asked me as I installed it if I wanted to transfer my bookmarks. Worked perfectly and kept them in their folders. The only negative that I don't know how to fix is that I used to be able to see a different color for threads that I had seen previously. It is kind of annoying not knowing if something new was added to a thread by the changing color. Anyone know how to fix that?

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Hm, mine does it. Maybe you need a refresh?

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Definitely going to switch. Meanwhile I got a thumbnail drive to use with my graphics programs -- I have a big project coming up -- and I'm struggling with that.

Managed to deinstall my printer when I disconnected the drive last night. Oy

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