HVAC Replacement - Trane xl16i opinions

bishoptfFebruary 26, 2013

I had a huge posting that somehow didn"t make it through..this will be the shortened version.

I think I have done my homework, here are the details. Existing system has serverd us well ~22 years old. St. Louis location, 1600 sqft home with finished basement, although basement is not conditioned from system, no vents. Manual J's have been done by myself and both contractors. Existing system is accurate for my ratings which came out to 2.7 tons for cooling, they have both rounded up to 3.

I am looking at going with a duel fuel setup, HP and variable speed furnace. Contemplated the xv95 but we tend to keep the house cool and could not see a cost advantage/savings made up for the additional cost.

Looking at Trane xv80 and heres where it gets interesting, xr15, xl15i or xl16i HP. The contractor I have decided to go with has provided the AHRI numbers for each system that I am looking at, I have also found one other combination using a different coil that is a little more efficient.

Here are the AHRI numbers:
and the one I came up with a different Coil

Now the dilemma is that the xl16i is the same price as the xr15 and actually cheaper then the xl15i. This is due to rebates that I can get from my local electric company. However I have read from various places that the 16i is not the best 2 stage unit and doesnt support dehumidfy on demand, although I was reading last night that the newer models may. We do have our fair share of humid weather in the summer so that is my concern.

They will swap new linesets and just a common 4: pleated filter box. The one other thing I wanted was the ability to control a humidifer in the winter via the thermostat and have it set based on the outside temp. He has included the HW IAQ 2 HD Tstat - YTHX9421R5077. Which looks pretty nice and should be able to do dehumidify on demand but not sure if the xl16i supports it.

Tried to hit the high points but looking for opinions on the xl16i vs the other options and see if I have missed anything...hopefully tigerdunes and others can weigh in.


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What are your natural gas and electric rates? In most parts of the country there is little savings in operating a heat pump versus a 95% AFUE furnace. Unless you have low electric rates I would recommend getting an AC only instead of the heat pump and putting the money towards the XV95.

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Yeah I get that and I have looked multiple ways, but we also get lots of 40 degree days well within the HP wheel house and the Heatpump after rebates is a push vs the straight AC.

Electric Rates:
Residential Energy Charges:
$0.0945 per kwh for First 400 kwhs per billing period
$0.0715 per kwh for Next 1400 kwhs per billing period
$0.0535 per kwh for Over 1800 kwhs per billing period

Gas Rates:
Winter (November - April)
1st 30 Therms �" $0.85579 + RG PGA Block 1
Over 30 Therms - $0.00 + RG PGA Block 2
RG PGA Block 1 as of 11/16/2012 - $0.33492
RG PGA Block 2 as of 11/16/2012 - $0.57903

Keep in mind that even when its very cold, with my current furnace I rarely go over 100Therms in a given month during the winter. The xv95 is $800 more after rebates etc..

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I have the almost the exact system.....xv95, xl15i, prestige tstat. Nice dual fuel setup for us. Gas is cheaper here, so I run it to 40f and then hp. The prestige will dehumidfy (without an installed dehumidifier) by altering the cooling setpoint and running the fan. Purchase the exteneded labor warranty. On that filter box/rack, check the true dimensions of the filters you plan to use with it.

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