Mixing wood flooring with Stone Tiles

ghfarmOctober 21, 2008

Has anyone done a self-install of this?

I am thinking of a 6" plank flooring (unfinished) laid out in a trellis pattern with 18" travertine tiles in the "holes" of the wood flooring trellis pattern.

I would prefer to use unfinished plank, and have it finished, rather than pre-finished wood flooring, but I'd be willing to re-consider that if there's a clear advantage to engineered.

Other questions would be how to finish tiles (grout?) so that there is room allowed for wood shrinkage/expansion without the floor ending up gappy.

Any thoughts? Other suggestions?

I've googled for websites about this sort of floor layout but have come up empty thus far.

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We didn't DIY, but I think we had done what you want in our new dining room. (picture at bottom of link)

Here is a link that might be useful: Dining Room Floor

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Thanks for the picture, marciab10.
That is exactly what I was talking about.

Would you mind answering some questions for me about your floor?
Did you use prefinished wood flooring or unfinished?
Who did your install? Wood guys, tile guys, or both?
Is there grout between the tiles and the wood strips?

It really looks great! Congrats on the beautiful floor.

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The wood was not prefinished, it is a 6 inch walnut plank, we have handscraped walnut on most of the first floor. The wood is not stained, just urethaned.

The way the wood was cut was called a certain pattern, I don't remember what it was~will try and find out, or take a better picture so you can see.

We had one company do all our hard surfaces, wood floors and tile in the baths. I think they had 2 different guys do the floor. They first layed the wood, and sanded and finished that, and much later they layed the tile. They also had to do an extra underlayment to match the thickness of the wood.

I don't remember if there is grout or not.(we haven't moved in yet) but I will check next time I'm' there.

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A friend of mine diy'd the floor of his pretty large great room like this. He has done some exquisite tile work in his straw bale house, but he considers this floor to be one of the toughest jobs he has done - not something for the faint of heart.

He used a combination of mesquite planks and saltillo tile and it looks fabulous. He does have grout between the tiles and wood strips.

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