Amtico or Armstrong Luxe

patmc102October 20, 2010

Have to replace bedroom carpet in a beach house due to dogs vomiting and peeing (sick dog). These are small bedrooms and I have decided to go with either of the above products. Had my mind set on Amtico "Washed Teak" till I went to local carpet store and they were pushing Armstrong Luxe "Natural". I am still leaning towards the Amtico. My question is the Amtico is or is not a "floating" floor? I know the Armstrong is. If there are any flooring experts out there, which floor would you pick???? This will not be a "DIY" project so that is not even a consideration. I just want the best product out there.

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Amtico is not a floating floor. It is a luxury vinyl tile and is a glue down product. It is a top of the line product and has a history to back that up. Recently a large portion of the Amtico and Spacia line were added to all Lowes stores across the U.S. and at prices that seem to be beating internet prices by a lot.

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Amtico flooring is used in a store called Home Goods here in Florida. It is beautiful, and they get asked by so many people what kind of flooring they have they have it written down because I asked, so I guess if it is durable enough for a very busy home decorating store, it must be good. I just wish these vynal type peel & stick flooring is more well used because of the concern of resale value if in your home I would imagine, but then again, I remember when laminate first came out it was considered cheap flooring.

I love the Amtico type flooring because it is not hard, clunky, slippery, and hollow sounding like flooring like Amtico.

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I don't think Amtico is a "peel-n-stick" floor. I believe it is tiles that are individually glued down.

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It is a glue down floor. I have decided to go with the Amtico. It is costing me a small fortune but I think it will be worth it in the long run. I will post pictures when it gets put down.

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Good for you! And yes, please share the finished results!!

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Amtico is now carried at Lowes nationwide, in my area is is $4.57 s/f. They also carry Spacia at $3something s/f.

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I wanted Amtico for my kitchen and was concerned about cost. I am thankful for this forum because after seeing it was available at Lowe's that's what I ended up purchasing. I called Amtico to ask if there was a difference in the makeup of the product at Lowe's vs. elsewhere. They said no. Comparing the two samples the Lowe's one I installed seems a tiny bit less rigid than the sample I have from a high end flooring store. It doesn't seem significantly different.

I will say that installation was a bit tricky for a highly experienced tile crew. Part of that is they mainly do stone and heavy tile. But the Easy Grout was a bit tough for them to get exactly right. They said it was more like caulk or epoxy grout in consistency than typical grout. I am posting a link to a photo. Thanks to the posters who let me know about this!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Amtico Floor from Lowe's

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Just a update. Had my Amtico floors installed and I love them. I made sure that Avalon Floors sent a installer that had installed Amtico before and also made sure they used Amtico glue. I had an installer that has worked in the business for thirty five years. He worked alone and showed up at 8 in the morning, never took a break and worked till 4. The floor is great. Looks exactly like real hardwood floors. This product is costly but in my opinion it is well worth it!

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hmmmm---wonder how difficult it is to do the glue-down? That might work in our auxiliary apartment kitchen...but it will HAVE to be DIY.

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Ecovert, I have been looking at engineered wood, but like the photo of your Amtico floor. I have a couple of questions, do you know anything about its off-gassing as in an environmental way? What is the name of the Amtico product you installed?

Patnc, did you install Amtico in your house and do you like it?

Looks forward to seeing more photos of both your floors and others who may have installed it.


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Update on my Amtico floor. I love it BUT I ran into a big problem in the master bedroom. Because one sheet of plywood was defective, the entire floor has to be ripped up and reinstalled. So far the the store were I bought the floor from say that the manufacturer of the plywood will pay the entire cost.
I knew when I was considering buying Amtico that any problems that might incurred are usually due to improper installation. The installer was excellent but the one sheet of plywood was bad. I have to tell you though the floor looks like hardwood.

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ecovert great to see the pictures. What is the exact color/style?

Patmc...So sorry to hear about the subfloor problem. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do post pictures and tell us which color you got. I'm thinking about the Red Cherry, which is actually Amtico Light Cherry.

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I had Amtico in 2 previous houses and absolutely love it. It was the best of wood look with out some of the cons of real wood. Breeze to clean. My whole downstairs was done in it. The 2nd house, we went with a darker Amtico called priory oak, which I did not know had variagated planks like you'd see in an old church. So if I had known that I would have choose a different color. This was 7-8 years ago and back then the Amtico people out in Georgia were more than happy to send me lots of samples of the many wood look vinyl planks so I could make my final choice. When we went to sell the house, it's wood look was so convincing we had to let everyone know that it was not in deed wood but a vinyl plank.
Enjoy your new floor and get lots of felt pads to put under all your furniture!! Cheers, Nicole

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I put the Amtico in my kitchen and laundry room 14 years ago. It had been at the Home Depot's EXPO stores. I looked and looked at floors, but kept coming back to the Amtico. It is still like new. At the time there were colors, like the wood had been stained. I had a friend doing the floors in a Bed,Bath&Beyond and got a great price as long as I would order the same color. The only thing is now I want to extend the kitchen into another room, and the color is unavailable. One other problem I had ( nothing to do with the product) was I put a cork underlay on top of the slab for comfort, and to meet my wood floors in the next room. I had a leak and had to rip up the floor. It took me forever to scrape the cork off the planks, and relay but well worth it.

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