Near final decision but I have SEER Confusion

ofrancoisFebruary 10, 2013

I am close to making a final decision on a unit and an install company but need some advice on the SEER ratings. The two final gas/elec package units are:

RUUD RRRL-C-024 (16 SEER residential, limited Lifetime HX)
Trane XL14C (14 SEER, 20ys HX)

Are you just suppose to buy the highest SEER rating you can? There are other reasons I would consider the Trane over the RUUD. Thoughts?

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What is the confusion?

You get higher SEER with the Rudd,16-14 SEER. It has a limited lifetime HX warranty. If important, read the fine print on The warranty for both models.

I like Trane products but I have said many times that Rudd/Rheem is one of the most overlooked and underrated brands in the residential HVAC market. Very little advertising budget compared to the big boys.

You don't mention cost or confidence in the dealer and his reputation which is always a consideration.

Both will require a true two stage thermostat for the two stage gas heat or else you will always be on high stage whether needed or not. Yes, this is a big deal not to be overlooked. Don't get snookered here.


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Very detailed website info on Rudd Product.

Features, specifications, and warranty.

Take a look if interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rudd RRRL website info

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Reputation of installers? As a home owner, we don't think about HVAC folks until we desperately need you guys (sad but true). The Trane seller is a local independent that has excellent reviews in Angie's List as well as BBB. The RUUD installer is regional (at least 3-4 states), has solid Angie's List reviews but only the parent branch is listed on BBB and they have an F rating.

If I chase the 16SEER, I have a similar proposal from the Home Depot contractor. I was trying to avoid the big-boxes.

Overall, the costs are just a few hundred apart with the RUUD being the most expensive.

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The Rudd will save you probably in 5-8% in electric costs in AC cooling. The nat gas operating costs should be close to the same. As mentioned above, make certain you get a true two stage thermostat that controls the staging of the gas heat. A very big deal.

I have confidence in both systems.

Perhaps your confidence in and who you believe will give you the best install may be the deciding and most important factor.


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