Carrier 59TP5 Thermostat Question

DumaineFebruary 4, 2014

I have been reading this forum for months and decided to dive in for a few.

We have a Carrier 59TP5 installed with single stage AC and the installer used a single stage Comfort Series stat on it. I guess that's what my mother choose. Reading here I wanted to upgrade to a dual stage stat to take advantage of the second stage and not have it on a timer.

A friend of mine wants to give me a brand new Edge TP-PAC01. He said they decided not to use it on their install.

Will this do the trick? I know I would have to flip the dip switch on the control board. There are enough wires run for the connections.

The online manual shows it has the W2 connection, yet looking at the chart near the end of the manual the first line has me scratching my head a little. Will it work or do I need a different stat?

Any help is appreciated!!!

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Look at the second row. That is also for single AC. It mentions option 32, would that be the heat?

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According to chart, row 2 would be the correct model for a two stage furnace and Sgl stage AC condenser.


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I am not an expert on the Carrier thermostats, but I will tell you what I understand based on what I have read. This appears to be an AC and heat pump thermostat. None the selections in Option 01 is for a furnace. It is either AC or heat pump. It is not appropriate for a 2-stage furnace. The model name (TP-PAC01) give the clue: PAC = Programmable AC.

I think Option 32 is to set up for a furnace, but it won't control the furnace stages.

You need to get a 2-stage thermostat for a furnace. It does not have to be a Carrier.

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thanks cindy and tiger, yet line 2 is stated for heat pumps (model numbers ending PHP,NHP).

thanks mike, i think you are correct and I will tell my friend thanks, but no thanks and look elsewhere for the correct type.

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How long have you had it? If it's less than a year I would call the installer and ask him to change it out. His cost won't be that high and he should have sold/given you one that would BEST operate the system you bought. If not, no worries, they are less than $100.

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Thanks again all, she decided to get a Honeywell TH6220D and all is working like clockwork more timed 2nd stage!!!

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