WOW.....the Kitchen Table Forum is sure lively

organic_donnaApril 29, 2007

Hi guys,

I just went over to the Kitchen Table Forum and introduced myself. I can't believe how fast they replied. That forum moves really fast and they talk about a lot of interesting topics. Come over and join the discussions.


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I've been over there a lot lately. Fun group.

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I cant find

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it's way down the main forum page, under THS community

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Here's the link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Table

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Let's go.

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It's really fun. It gets so many more responses than over here. I introduced myself on Sunday and got 52 replies! My post is already on page four. Hurry up, your missing the fun.

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It's a great place...I renewed my presence there once my kitchen reno again has been delayed by employment issues (i.e., lack of).

It spins 1-2 pages per day...blink and you might miss something.

A lot of the peeps there have been members since way before iVillage bought I was a paid member a few years ago, but lapsed. Found it again when I came here to get kitchen advice.

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