Those pesky taxes

momj47April 14, 2006

I hope everyone's taxes are done, and you are enjoying your refund!?!?

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We will be!!!! Turns out, having a beach house that takes a huge loss, plus four kids, three of whom are elibible for dependent care expense credits, plus contributing to their college plans, and putting the maximum allowable 401K contributions in, has resulted in a nearly ZERO tax bill for federal. We are so psyched!

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No refund for us--we ended up in the AMT and owed. (Had to sell some stock to pay for college tuition...) Mailed 'em off this morning.


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I owed Federal this year, and got a State refund. I can never understand how that works, but I'm happy. Guess I should look into a second home, maybe one on a lake in Maine, this sounds promising. The kids are grown, so no help there.

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I'm with you, momj47. Still waiting for my state return and just mailed in my Fed payment. Kids grown and I don't want any new ones~LOL. I think we should be able to deduct our furry children on our taxes.They are family and dependant, aren't they???

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I owe. And penalties from last year - Yuck! This stuff is just so darned complicated if you itemize and are self-employed. I hate computing my taxes...

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garden graphic, I'm definitely with you--they cost just as much as dependents of the human variety! And even with health insurance the costs are very high--veterinary diets, x-rays for ingested foreign objects, you name it--I have two dependents and my previous two cost me more than $5000.00 in just 6 months! If only we could claim them...

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We enjoyed it way back in February... :) We NEVER wait till April! Why wait?

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