Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Passover!

proudmamato4April 17, 2006

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all of you! Hope your celebrations and food were fabulous!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. I wish I could post pics of my kids, but I will not. My girl/boy twins though, who are almost three, were wearing matching white outfits from Peru with blue smocking. My son was wearing a "shortall", a two-piece shorts outfit where the shirt buttons into the shorts. My daughter was beautiful in her dress. Together they were breathtaking. My older daughter was wearing a gorgeous pink and white linen dress and my son was wearing khakis with a blue oxford and a yellow striped tie that he picked out himself (he's 6 1/2). I was so proud of them. Here's some pics with their faces whited out, but my oldest was always on the run so I never got a good picture of him.

Our neighborhood hosted an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, and about 35 kids showed up. It was a lot of fun. Then my wonderful aunt and uncle hosted a huge (about 45 guests) party at their home on the Patuxent River. Appetizers were: Deviled Eggs, 7-layer dip and Shrimp with mushrooms. Dinner was: Leg of Lamb, Ham stuffed with Kale Dressing, Sauteed Green Beans, Roasted Cauliflower, Roasted Beet salad with Blackberries, Puerto Rican rice with pork, Homemade egg bread, Scalloped Potatoes and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Dessert was: 4 layer raspberry and buttercream white cake, assorted fruit and cream tortes, and some cookies. It was such a beautiful day, too. They had an Easter Egg hunt for all the little ones, and there was one golden egg with a $5 bill in it. None of my kids found that one!

We grew our own Easter Basket grass. Here's some pics:

Thanks for looking!


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Beautiful outfits, and beautiful baskets proudmama.

Here's my DS' "pokemon" themed basket (trying to avoid lots of candy), before he emptied it:

and seconds after:

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Omigosh, I would love to find the latter basket on Easter morning! What a cute kittie! I'm sure your son loved his Pokeman goodies. I wish I'd stayed away from candy, but it's all locked up now :-) Did you notice the toothbrushes in their baskets?

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I didn't notice proudmama, but what a great idea! I'll remember that for next year.

That kitty is my incorrigable (sp?) Lily. Boxes or containers of any kind that enter our house are subject to her immediate inspection and possession.

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I hope your Easter was wonderful, as well!

Your little ones outfits are just adorable, proudmama! Your twin's dress reminds me of a Polly Flinders' ~ I used to love dressing DD's in them when they were young!

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