Fine Tuning Radian Floor Heating

java_manFebruary 1, 2011

My apartment (1 year old) uses radiant floor heating (and cooling). The system has three thermostats but 7 zones. The overall design is quite good with one glitch - the master bedroom and ensuite bath are on the same thermostat. This is a problem for us because we prefer a cool bedroom but a warm master bath.

The manifold that controls the flow of fluid to the various zones is accessible. If I were to shut off the loop to the master bedroom while leaving the loop to the ensuite bath on, could I keep the bathroom warm while the bedroom stays cooler? If yes, is there any downside to doing it this way?


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could you use the valve to reduce the flow on one loop without completely shutting it off? It's not designed for flow adjustment but you can tweak it a bit to get flow down. It will put more heat into the bathroom loop and less into the bedroom loop. So the answer is yes, this would " keep the bathroom warm while the bedroom stays cooler" and this is your goal: a bathroom warmer than the bedroom.

I'll let others with hydronics expertise contribute as to the impact of completely shutting it off,

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