Photobucket Help Needed, Please!

lynninnewmexicoJuly 21, 2014

I've used PB for years now and have been relatively happy with it until recently. I'm not crazy about the fee of $2.99 I pay every month now to store my photos there. But, it's convenient to access them quickly and easily to post here.

I'm wondering if I'm missing some bit of PB information. My concern is that, once I download a photo into my PB, I can crop it, enhance it, etc. but I can't copy it and use it someplace else. I don't want to let PB have access to my Facebook account (and all of my FB friend's accounts and emails). If I want to email a photo that I have stored in my PB account to someone, it shows up as a link to my PB account, not the actual photo. I recently tried to use some of my photos in a personalized Father's Day card I was making for my dad, and I couldn't use them!
I'm frustrated because it feels like, once my photo is downloaded into my PB album(s), it's inaccessible except through a link to PB or when I post it here. Photobucket's customer service is nonexistent. If your question is not one of their listed questions, you're out of luck. There is no customer service rep to ask via link or phone #.

1) Am I missing some simple info on how to do this?
2) Is there a better internet site to store my photos that's safe, secure, allows you to crop, enhance, etc., and easily add links here?
Thanks for any help or info!
(A Very Frustrated) Lynn

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I just went to my photobucket (Free) albums. I honestly did not know people pay for Photobucket. I have hundreds of pictures in my account.

I am on on iPad using the photobucket app.

When you click on a picture Do you see the little thingy that looks like a portable harddrive up where the links and email icon is? Click on it and you should be able to download the picture onto your device.

When I opened a picture I was able to download it into my 'saved photos' on my iPad.

On our PC the photos go automatically into our Picassa account. Also free.


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I don't pay either, Lynn but I seem to have a different option to download a photo than ML. when I click on a picture there is a 2 column grouping of options to the right under Media Options. Download is one of the options there - you don't have that?

I've become very cautions with all the various online/cloud options as they seem to change their rules on a whim whether you are paying for the service or not. I store things in Photobucket for convenience but also have them in files on my computer and backed up from there. I just don't have enough confidence to allow any source (other than me) to be the only storage source.

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I used to use photobucket but gave up on it about five years ago because it was so darned difficult to use and was basically featureless---- even the paid version. I switched to smugmug and never looked back. If you are paying Lynn, there are lots of better options available.

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Thanks for that info. I'm going to check out Smugmug and Picassa, as I am so ready to leave Photobucket!

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Lynn, I have a free PB account. My albums are locked. If you have yours locked, then that's why you can't share them with a link via email.

We have a WD My Cloud, which sits on a shelf in our library as a back up to all our photos. I also save them to thumb drives for convenience. Even though I can access our cloud from anywhere I have internet access, I don't like that you have to chose each time to see the photos in thumbnails instead of file names. Maybe in the distant future when I have all my photos named, I can find them via a quick search, but even then they show up as file names and I have to click to see what they are. It's still better than worrying about losing them.

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