will vinegar/baking soda do this trick on the carpet?

DDL24October 14, 2011

Searched but couldn't find firm answer. Here is my situation.

My basement is walkout and facing northwest and never humid and RH can get to 25-30% in winter heating season. I never needed a dehumidifier till this happened about a month ago.

Berber carpet in the basement was soaked due to sump pump power outage in a rainstorm. Sucked most water out the next day by using a carpet shampoo machine. and then in the next two weeks, 24hours a day, I kept the basement well ventilated and drying by using 5 household fans and two high velocity fans as well as a large dehumidifier, also kept AC running very cold to further help keep humidity low.

I have stopped everything for the past 2.5 weeks to stress test to see if mold is growing and none so far...Insurance company sent an Independent restoration company to estimate damage and they said all is good and don't need to replace carpet, just a good steam clean and apply anti-microbial agent and the bill is well below the $ deductible. I might as well just finish everything on my own. Can I use vinegar or baking soda to shampoo the carpet to prevent mold growing for peace of mind? Many thanks for your help.

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All you need is a steam of a temp higher than 185 deg.

It will kill all spores and fungal growth.

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Thanks for your response. could your recommend any specific machine that I can buy to do that economically or I should just hire a professional in stead? I search on the web and the only high temp, steam cleaner is something like this Wagner 915 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner. Thanks for your advice.

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