Help!! stair risers covered by old linoleum sheet and messay glue

ahyOctober 20, 2010

Hi, I have an urget request and thank you for looking this. (first time here so I also post this same question in "remodeling" section).

The wood floor refinishing company took the carpets from the stairs in my house and found the hardwood stairs are coverd by the linoleum sheets. They will refinish the treads only but leave the risers coverd with linoleum sheet and messy paints and glues. The glues under the linoleum sheet is messy so they will charge a lot for finishing them. But they suggest that maybe I can just put anotehr linoleum sheet on top of them to cover.

I wonder it is a good way to do it or any better way? Thank you very much.

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Find someone who will do the complete job for you, including the risers. Unfortunately, removing sheet vinyl from stairs and risers is a labor-intensive operation and you will have to pay the going rate.

Be aware that some sheet vinyl has a mineral fiber asbestos felt backing, so you need to avoid dry sanding the stuff. Ideally, if this is an ACM (asbestos containing material) then it needs to be removed while using the accepted methods or you will need to employ an asbestos removal company to do that part of the job. A simple test can determine if this is an ACM. The date when the sheet vinyl was purchased can also help to tell you what kind of backing is on the flooring.

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Thank you very much for the answer. I don't know when the vinyl was purchased but the house was built late 1978. Do you know where can I find any information for this? I really appreciate your input.

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Google "asbestos in the home" and look for information regarding sheet vinyl flooring. The US EPA site is a good place to find info.

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