Carpeting in basement or other options for warmth?

nicoletoukOctober 26, 2011

Several years ago we bought a house with a finished basement and pulled up the carpeting in the basement because it smelled like cats. We are finally getting around to putting in a new floor but can't find the right option.

The basement has never flooded (that I am aware of) but it is humid down there in the summer. We do use a dehumidifier. I am not concerned about flooding and damaging the carpeting, but I am concerned about air quality. No one in our house has allergy or resperatory problems, but of course I want a healthy environment.

I want to put down carpeting because it is warm underfoot, and I envision my DDs having sleepovers on the floor. My questions...

Is it the carpeting that harbors mold, or the pad?

Would getting an antibacterial pad be a good idea?

Are certain carpet fibers (nylon, olefin, etc.) better for basements than others?

Would installing a subfloor help with moisture concerns?

I've read a lot about carpet tiles for basements, but it seems they are touted as a good solution in case of flooding. I am not concerned about flooding - do carpet tiles give me an advantage still?

I am not thrilled with the idea of hard flooring but I would consider it if I must. I am not convinced that it would be warm, however. Your thoughts?

I would love any advice about cozy floors! Thanks in advance...


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I am considering cork flooring for a small room that is unheated and will be used as an office. I am looking for warmth and comfort. It is also good for people who have allergies. I may even consider it for our basement when it comes time to replace the carpet there.

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I was thinking of cork as a possibility for you -- although you may have to use glue down tiles which are more limited in choices than the floating types.

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