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hdtrampFebruary 7, 2012

I am a recently dislocated worker and have a chance to go to school for HVAC. I was wondering if there are any HVAC techs out there who can open my eyes alittle on this carrer.Is this a decent field to get into? Are there good carrer opportunities out there? Its very spotty on the info out there and I was hoping to get some info from someone who really knows the pros and cons. I have a decent job offer, but its another factory job and I'm really interested in this field. Can anyone help me with this.


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I can personally say the field has endless opportunity. You can be like some guys and just be a technician forever and still make good money. You can focus on residential or commercial, automotive or medical fields. You can decide if you want to be in the repair area, new construction, design etc. Or, you can diversify into a little of all. I will say the big bucks and most interesting part of the field is when you own your own business. I'm heading close to 40 years in the business in some capacity or other as a business owner. Once the business is established and others are doing your work for you, you can do anything you want and pretty much have the money to spend doing it. The good thing about any skilled trade is you have mobility. If business is not as plentiful as you like or, you don't like your boss, you can go where it is to your liking. Never be afraid of competition. I look at some towns where there might be 5 hamburger joints within blocks of each other. Even though they are competition, they are all in business and making money. You can have a Dollar Tree where everything only costs a dollar, 2 doors down from a Dollar Bill's where the costs are all over the place. They are both in business and making money.
The field is not a dirty business and it can open a lot more opportunities in other areas. You'll learn mechanical and electrical theory and then actually get to apply it and get better and better at it.

I say go for it and don't look back. Try to start your own business in time. You'll walk past a Lawyer clearing 100,000 bucks a year in his suit while on your way to the bank with your 300,000 bucks, in a blue work shirt with your name on it. He'll be buying plane tickets to wherever, while you are on your way to the airport to get into your own plane to go wherever you want.

Don't let anyone try to tell you there is no financial freedom in the field. If they do, I'll show you someone who wouldn't make it anywhere they go. If you're good, stand behind your work and don't gouge, word gets around fast and you will have more work than you can handle. Throw some of that overload to your competition and you have an ally you can depend on later.

Take Bob Ursay for instance who had almost nothing (the scoundrel I think he was). With a set of A/C gauges and some borrowed money from a girlfriend, he ended up owning the Baltimore Colts which later became the Indianapolis Colts. He also got the contract for Disney World in Florida. But that's another topic of conversation.

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good post!!

I'd say go for it too. If you have a willingness
to learn, and the incentive to solve problems
rather than just change parts you can go far.

ask lots of questions & get all the continuing ed
you can for as long as you are in the business..

best of luck

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Thanks for the info guys, you helped me with a serious decision. Sounds like a rewarding career awaits.

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