Anyone Remember Me?

shesheApril 23, 2006

You will have to think back to 2003, 2004.

We were redoing the kitchen in this old house. Well we did not get too far. The kitchen was demoed. Leaving the old sink

old stove hooked up.(thank god) My husband started to build the cabinets.

Picked up a saw and tore his rotator cuff.Went in for surgery.

The surgery did not turn out well. Somthing happened. Now his arm is partually paralyzed. He cannot lift it. This is tough for him as he is a carpenter/contractor. He was out 3 mos from work. Self employed no sick leave pay etc. Now somehow he has devised a way to keep working by using a series of ladders in different sizess. Holding a board in place with a long board and running up ladder to nailgun it.

So we have managed to at least keep the house. My kitchen sits now gutted. It has been that way for a year. Now they want to try another operation where they harvest a nerve from his leg and try to attach it in his arm. So we are just saving for the time he will need to recoup from this next surgery. So really the kitchen is secondary now. Him getting better is the most important thing. Yet I like to come by still and see how things have changed here. Alot of new people and some I remember. It has been interesting to watch how the styles change. From granite to slate to marble.

I am presently more worried about the tarp on the roof where there is a leak than the kichen, as that Must be fixed before hurricane season. But he is Not going up there!! Oh And as for me. Looks like I need surgery too now after the car accident. My brother convinced us to go to faith healer last week. We thought heck what do we have to loose at this point? I know we will get through this. And somday I will have that kitchen done.

Funny how I thought the whole thing was so important Guess it was at the time.But Dont want to end up like a couple I know who's husabnd is a carpenter. His kitchen was in progress for 20 yrs and not finished. Finally they got a divorce over it!

Also gardening somthing I love to do. I cannot do now. Drs orders. So going out to see spring flowers bloom is not much fun when the weeds are taking over. Well What a happy story this is!!!Well we are still alive, we are not starving or in a flood, and there is always someone in much worse shape.

We are trying to look on the bright side. There must be a reason for all this. We just dont know it yet.


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Oh man! That sure is a lot on your plate. I don't remember you, but we did start our kitchen in the summer of 2004. Finished in early 2005. I probably started coming here in May/June of 2004.

Is it possible for your husband to hire employees to keep the business going while he manages/supervises? Customers certainly will still pay for work done when someone knowledgeable is in charge, even if he isn't the one swinging the hammer. I know I would.

I hope both of you get better with your upcoming surgeries, and that eventually, that kitchen will get done. Hang in there!

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Sheshe, I do remember you (although there's a Sheshebop around here, too, and I thought it was all one person). Life has certainly dealt you a bad hand, but I like your spirit and determination to get through this. Your DH's ingenuity in devising a way to work with only one good arm is evidence of that. I'm sure there are better days ahead!

I like Snookums' suggestion for DH to hire a helper and become the supervisor, but if that's not possible, could he do better as an employee of a large contracting firm, perhaps giving estimates and rounding up subcontractors? Or perhaps a job at one of the big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes (or their subcontractors)? If so, he might be able to eventually get an employee discount on readymade cabinets and on the home repairs and installation. I hope things work out well for you both!


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I am not sure if I remember you, but I'm so glad you posted. That's a lot of obstacles to tackle all at once.

In 2004 I had planned a kitchen remodel and had to give it up because I was having knee surgery. Then we began to put things together in 2005 and lo and behold, a family member died suddenly so again, we had to postpone the remodel. Early this year we once again began looking at cabinets, interviewing GCs, subs etc. and my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer! So again, we're putting all the remodelling on the back burner and dealing with what is really issues and family. Makes everything else seem so trivial, doesn't it?

You'll get that kitchen, and DH will find a way to continue. Sue gave some good suggestions. Hope it works out for you all. Take care of yourselves.

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sheshe, I remember you, thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration of courage, keep up your good attitude and I wish you all the best in getting through this, do keep us informed of progress.

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Hi Again,
Ya I remember you snookims. He has guys that work for him but is one of those people that likes to be there, or at least be involved..
mariposatraicionera that was a whole series of unfortunetes!
This is when it is best to think of today and not what could have been or what we hope will be.
He says he is going to put in the new sink and faucet this weekend I will let you know how it turns out.
Thanks guys,

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sheshe, I know you don't remember me, but I do remember you.

Your life has sure been turned upside down. I hope that things turn around for you and become easier. Thank you so much for keeping us updated.

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i remember you because my dog's name is SheShe, short for ShaNaeNae, from the Martin Show on tv. i got a giggle everytime i saw your name...

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Sheshe, has your husband checked with your state's Department of Rehabilitation. Some states are better than others, but there are often some excellent services for someone who has been injured in a way that impacts their ability to work - things like retraining in other fields, employment placement, medical benefits, etc. You both sound like such hard-working good people that you certainly deserve a break!

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