radiant heat floor height, please help

rickyk22February 24, 2012


We just bout a 1940's home and are in the process of doing renovations. We would like to install hydronic radiant heat in the kitchen but are worried about the increase in floor height (almost 2"). We dont want to do the staple up method, but is there another way to install above the subfloor without such a height increase? Please help.


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You could install radiant panels if you're concerned about the floor height in the kitchen.
Some of the best looking radiant panels are found in the link below.

Have you considered installing geothermal as the source for radiant heating and cooling?


Here is a link that might be useful: Jaga USA

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We are doing the same thing. Warmboard R is only 13/16" thick and thick and Infloorboard comes in at 5/8" thick. We are using 1/4" backerboard under our tiled areas and engineered hardwood elsewhere.

Are you only doing the kitchen? What type of heating will the adjoining rooms have? We're prepping room by room as we change out our floors but eventually the whole house will be done so height will even out.

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