how to find a good reengineered hardwood installer nyc/nj

galleycookOctober 17, 2010

Any tips on finding a good, reliable installer for reengineered hardwood? Are there any particular certifications that are meaningful that would help zero in on the best prospects? If anyone can recommend an installer for the NYC/NJ area in particular, that would be great.

We used Angieslist and BBB to form a very short list of BBB accredited installers. We got estimates and then narrowed it down to two retailers from whom we would buy the materials (Triangulo Tiete Chestnut) and installation and now we're getting cold feet. Their installation plans and schedules are very different:

- One says they'll float OR skimgoat and then glue down and in either case they don't need to acclimate the wood to our place (manufacturer's website states that 72 hours are required so this is a red flag.)

- The other says they'll glue down and the wood requires at least 3 days acclimation. But we've read a negative review of this location - though it was about laminate - and it seems they do more carpet work.

Now we're thinking of buying from Hoskings and just trying to find a trustworthy installer. We're not looking for cheap, we're looking for no callbacks. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I live in Northern NJ and my first installer was awful. I did not choose anybody from Angie's List and other sites I joined instead after I ran out of usable boards of BR-111 Brazilian Cherry Engineered Wood from True Hardwoods and had to have more wood sent to me to finish the job, I hired a man who was recommended for painting and baseboard installation who also finished the floors and did a great job.

Jorge Piza

I have a new PC and I don't see the phone number on my new PC but you can email him if you wish. I love my new bigger baseboard trim that he suggested I go with and he was so right.

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We purchased Mannington floors from Hoskings. We were pleased working with them.

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Thank you Lynn, Tfobos and rhodeshardwood. Yesterday, we talked more to one of the retailers - the one that said the reengineeered wood wouldn't need to acclimate. They said they would get a letter from Triangulo attesting to the acclimation not being required and not voiding our warranty in the event of failure. More importantly to us, though, they also said if we want to let it acclimate in our place for 72 hours they'll accomodate us. (DH and I agree, letter, smetter, we're going to let it acclimate for 72 hours.) This retailer is listed on the NWFA site - thanks rhodeshardwood - whereas the other folks we've been talking to are not listed. So it looks like we may have found the right people for our job. We'll hash out some more details with them today and I'll check back with any more questions.

Thanks again.

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galleycook, I am happy for you that one of the retailers will work with you. Please pictures and share your experiences when the project is done. My first installer was awful and I fired him. Then the other place finished the floor for me and did a much better job as well as painted my rooms and put new baseboard trim on. I think it is great the retailer is listed on the NWFA site. Thanks rhodeshardwood for sharing that with all of us.

Good luck on your project and it sounds like you are off to a good start.

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