American Idol, anyone?

mlaj2000March 7, 2006

Does anyone watch this show? I have been addicted since the very first episode 5 years ago.

I just have to vent!!! That Kellie Pickler girl has gotten on my one last nerve. Nobody could be so naive and innocent and still belt out a Melissa Etheridge tune on her knees for God's sake. And her "likeability" factor--yuk. I just hate when my 15 year old daughter sees young women like that. They get praise and accolades for what?

I don't like the message it sends out--like girls should dumb themselves down to get ahead. I tell my daughter all the time that she should never dumb herself down for anyone, for any reason.

OK venting is over. If I have offended any Kellie Pickler fans... we'll too bad!.

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Oh, you must have been talking to my DH. Trash is what he said. I said, you heard your uncle say to your cousins (They were raised together), "You are NOT leaving MY house dressed like THAT, young lady."

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My DH and I are also hooked on Idol. We both felt she was likable, but trashy. Hey, she's sexy and sex sells! I don't think she'll make it to the end, though

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Ayla Brown comes from a neighboring town. The more she's on, the more I grow to like her, though I'm not sure she has what it takes to win.

Like Lisa, love Mandista.

We'll see what the boys can do tonight!

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Hey, Ayla Brown is my favorite girl, followed by Lisa Tucker. I'm with mlaj re Pickler. DH thinks the "dumbness" isn't an act, I think she purposely plays it up and I find it nauseating. Now, for the guys.... Love Gideon.....and Chris, but, one compares to Constantine, (my embarassing 45 yr old woman crush!)

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The boys are so many miles ahead of the girls, it is embarassing. Those boys were hot!

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How does everyone feel about Kevin (the chicken boy-lol)? I think he's been getting the Grandma vote, but hopefully he and Matt will be going bye-bye tonight.

Helene~ Other than Gedeon and Chris, I wasn't thrilled with the boys' performances last night. Even Elliot didn't seem up to par.

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No, but they were better than many of the girls. True, it wasn't the best for the likes of Elliott or Chris or Ace, but some of the girls were really forgettable.

Kevin can be gone yesterday. Is there a rule that they should always keep a geek aboard for the grandmothers?

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Let me clarify that.... I am a grandmother and I am offended to think that they keep a kid like that around to placate ME. No way! That's an insult to grandmothers everywhere.

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I absolutely agree with Fairegold. What's with that? My middle-aged generation were the first rock 'n' rollers, why would we go for the likes of that little tweetybird? I get annoyed every time one of the judges says that.

How many of us grandmas vote on American Idol anyway?

Every time Chris is up there, my teenage stepdaughter and I look at each other, smile, and go "Ummmmm. . . "

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Even though we are of 'grandmotherly age', we're still cool. I'm talking the white haired little ole lady grandma vote. (Oh dear G-d, pleeeze don't let me offend any members who are blued hair and very, very old!)

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Boys are way better than the girls. And although Chris is my fave, he didn't do so well last night. Broken is a great song but I missed the female vocal part.
I would love to hear him do some Springsteen. Yeah Baby!!

Anyway there is supposed to be some major shocker about which ladies are going home tonight. I pray it's Kellie.
For sure Kinnik. rumor has it that Kevin will be staying.
Something about a sympathy vote. Hope not.

Im on the east coast, so I will know before you west coast viewers..but I'll never spoil it for ya!!!

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You can email me privately with the results. We're going out to dinner, and would record Survivor anyway! Thanks!

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I.m sure you all know by now that Kinnik, Ayla, Will and Gedeon were sent home.

This time America got it so wrong. It should have been Kinnik, Paris, Kevin and Bucky. I still want Kellie to go home but I knew that would never happen.

At least were done to twice a week right now. My Tivo couldn't handle the stress anymore.

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Oh, no, Paris will go a long way here. Gedeon could have stayed and Kevin could pack his bags. And Bucky and Kellie can spend eternity on Shipwreck Island and I'll never miss either! LOL!

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Paris did great in the auditions. I even had her pegged to win the whole stupid thing. But she has disappointed me with her actual performances. And last night, I don't know what the heck the stylists were thinking about with her ponytails.

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Paris has become a bit of a disappointment for me, as well.

Katherine has a wonderful voice, but her behavior is a bit quirky. What's up with her & Seacrest?

Feel so bad for Ayla and esp. Gedeon, they both should have been there for another week or two.

Did the Astronaut get voted off Survivor last night?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that see through Kellie. Enough is enough. Isnt she the one that her father is in jail and her mother left? NO on with all that on their shoulders can be as happy as she appears. She is just playing this giddy sweet role for some extra votes. Gideon sang ok but I wasnt surprised that he was voted off but Ayla I was a bit surprised. I have to say that I'm disappointed that Idol makes the kids sing the same song they were booted off from singing. It's hard enough being rejected in the way they reject them but then to sing too? I dont think that is necessary. Cant wait until next week. I must confess after seeing this show for a few years my favorite is Clay and I did like Bo, but neither of them won. I dont have a favorite just yet.

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Yes, Dan got voted off Survivor, with reluctance from everyone. Sally was on Exile Island, and therefore had immunity, or she would have gone.

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zshopper, I think those who are booted off WANT to have one last chance to show off their talents. They're usually smiling (Ayla's the exception) because they know that the exposure will help advance their careers, even if they don't win. And the latest song is the one they've practiced most recently, so it stands to reason.

That said, I can't wait for Kellie and Kevin to give their gracious goodbyes and sing their swan songs!


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Did anyone watch The Tonight Show? Simon is a complete a$$.

He managed to diss Randy, Paula, and Ryan. Plus all the contestants except Kellie and Chris. He said he liked Taylor also, but only after makingfun of his gray hair and resemblance to Jay.

He dissed Kelly Clarkson and Carried UNderwood as well.
I think from now on, when he is speaking, I will activate the mute button on my remote control.

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I tried so hard to stay up and watch the entire show but I missed Taylor and Chris. Chris is who I really wanted to see. I've had enough of Kellie and Kevin, he is looking more and more like Chicken Little as he goes on and I cant believe he has made it this far. I thought the first few werent that good they seemed to be a little off tune but the last few were a lot better. I really liked Paris' performance. Who are u thinking will be booted off tonight?

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I enjoyed last nights show. But I didn't really like the song choices.
Ace went first and I think this hurt him. He did okay and he is great eye candy but He wasn't great.

Kellie was worse than awful. Even SImon thought she was bad.

Elliot could have been so much better. His vocal are superb, but he picked some obscure song so most people had no idea if he was singing it okay or not.

Bucky did a LOT better than I expected with Superstiion. I also prefer his look with long hair instead of the ponytail.

Mandisa was very good, but I expected her to be the best and she wasn't.

Kevin just embarrassed himself . I feel bad because he could be my son, but he does not deserve to be there.

Melissa forgot the lyrics and wasn't horrible. But I think she has the smallest fan base and this might be the end for her.

Lisa did a departure from her norm and did a recognizable song with Signed, Sealed, Delivered. PArts were good but overall it wasn't great for me. I agreed when Randy said she ended the song well.

Katharine did a great job and SImon thought she reminded him of Kelly Clarkson. Hopefully that wasn't the kiss of death for her.

Taylor was very entertaining and brought the house down. Simon said he looked like a drunken dad at a wedding. Kinda funny, I guess. I just wish he sang a song I knew.

Paris was much better last night. Got rid of that ridiculous hairstyle and sang very well.

CHris closed the show withthe Chili Peppers version of Higher Ground complete with Light show. AI really goes all out for him. It was good but I did not think it was the "best" perfomance of the night like the judges said. My kids recognized the song from the Mighy Morphin Power Rangers Movie. How funny is that.

I don't think I went in the correct order from last night but It's early and I'm getting old. So forgive me.

My prediction tonight will be that MElissa will go home. Even though it should be Kellie or Kevin.

Looking forward to 9PM.

God, I love this show. Thank God my kitchen is already done.

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Those Stevie Wonder songs are just too hard to sing if you're not Stevie Wonder. Most of them sounded incoherent.

I don't think Kellie is THAT bad. I actually like Bucky too. But I wish Chris, Elliott and Taylor Hicks all could win.

Yeah, this is a great show. It has everything you want in TV, and for all ages, and I hope it never ends. Every new season I think we must be tired of it by now and we'll quit watching, but so far that hasn't happened.

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I sure hope chicken little goes tonight; it's a real joke to see him there, he does not realize people are laughing at him. Not his fault but really...........

I like Melissa, I hope she does not go yet.
For some reason, I can't predict anything this year. Paris is good but annoys me.
Mandesa has a wonderful voice; it would be surprising to me that she would be the next american idol.
Fantasia had the desire and spirit of an idol; I can't see that in any of them.
Some of the guys are excellent but lack a certain spark.

We'll see what happens tonight; fun that the group is smaller now.

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I will not watch AI anymore (yah, right) ~ ridiculous, just ridiculous.

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I so hoped it would have been Kellie or Kevin going home. My husband actually loves Kellie. Ugh. I think her dumb blond act is nauseating. He thinks it is cute. I don't like my 6 year old daughter seeing a dumb blond and thinking acting stupid can get you places in the world. My 8 year old son was sitting on the computer half listening the other night and had to correct Kellie when she was talking about her tarantulas ("bugs") on her eyes. My very bright son proceeded to give us the latin root of arachnaphobia. He seemed disgusted with her lack of intelligence as well. Kinda funny that an 8 year can see through her but my 38 year old husband can't.

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My husband likes Kellie too. He thinks she is great comic relief and that no one would be able to write up half the crap that comes out of her mouth. I am also sure he thinks she is easy on the eyes. However, I remind him that he is old enough to be her father.
So, I think any appeal she has to him is just gross.

Do you think that it's bad that I drool over Ace? At least he's only 14 or so years younger than me. And not 23 years.

We'll off to go finish watching House HUnters.

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I've always hated AI...until I was flipping through the channels about three weeks ago and Elliott was getting ready to sing. Oh, My Goodness! HE has RAW talent. If there were ever a diamond in the rough to clasp onto, then this is the man. He has little to no showmanship, but he can be taught. And I suspect WILL be taught. Already, someone's counseling him. He can grow that hair and find a good dentist...and he'll have women drooling. He needs an objective ear to help him chose the right songs to sing in this contest to win it. Overall, he is just phenomenal.

I was shocked with all of the other talent on the show. Chris...has honed his pipes and stones to a smooth delivery of his persona when he performs. I'm a bit concerned that he isn't multifaceted. Time will tell.

Katherine has my vote for the most marketable of the women. She has talent, looks, and presence. She is still immature acting at times, but towers over Kelli's frivolous attempt at playing the Barbara Mandrell's sister Erline's type of a roll; or like June Carter played. There is money in funny, but not stupid cutesy like Kelli is trying to pan out. It seemed that Seacrest was trying to give her some sympathy time, too, to try to keep her around longer...when he had her up there seated next to him for his fireside chat. I kid you not, she's probably a better actress than singer. Listening to her say something like, "Lookeehear! I got toenail polish on and fake eye lashes!" Makes me want to say, "Darlin', cut the crap. Women are listening and they're not as stupid as you think." We all know how men can be when it comes to a hot tamale. They drool. Even Simon drools. Thank the Lord he didn't the other night.

As for Mandissa, Paris, Ace, Jay...or Taylor...they're marketable to a degree. They'll certainly make the tour fun and diverse. THAT is what I believe the judges were going for when they chose this group of singers: a diverse group that would appeal to all age groups when the show is done and over and the American Idol 2006 group goes on tour.

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I didn't finish. :-)

Melissa...was going one way or another, as will most of them. I believe it will come down to Elliott, Chris, and Katherine. It just depends on song choice and delivery. Other than that, I would LOVE to see these three making music. I'd buy CD's from all three.

I know people think Taylor is like a Ray Charles. Uh...I wouldn't go that far. I would say he's more like a Jim Belushi: so-so of a singer, yet entertaining to a degree. He is better if I've had some wine to drink.

Ace...well...God Bless him. Put him on a TV show. I wouldn't buy his music, but I think I would enjoy watching him perform in a TV show. That is just how I see him. He HAS ability and talent...I just don't think singing is going to be his forte. He's got the 'look' to make money in many venues....not just singing.

I chose Elliott to be the surprise in this contest. See, he's only going to get better. Chris is so polished now, he won't have the greatest leap to stardom. In my mind, he's going to make it with AI's help or NOT. He's won anyway you look at it. Catherine Zeta-Jones...uh... I mean Katherine, will have to accept that 'it's a guys year to win.' I just sense it.

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American INVENTOR! That's a show we can get behind and not mind our daughter seeing. Fascinating first episode. Anyone else see it?

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I watched the first hour of American Inventor. Very interesting characters, huh? I oved the blonde lady with the edible snow globes and the corrections officer who designed his own gym in a bag.

They guy who could pee behind the cape? OMG that was too bizarre.

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