Is it ok to install Engineered and solid on different floors ?

tambrams25October 2, 2011

Hi all , newbie here . I'am buying a 7 year old home , my first , and planning to replace carpet in 1st and 2nd floor with hardwood. I got a quote from couple of flooring companies and got a good quote for handscrapped birch hardwood for $4.93 , 1/2" Engineered Hickory for $5.93 and 3/4" Handscraped Solid hardWood for $6.79 ( all price includes labour charges ) . I'am not too sure which one to choose . Any suggestions ? And Is it ok to install engineered hardwood on my 1st floor and solid on 2nd floor ? Thanks.

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If your first floor is concrete, then I would go with the engineered. Nothing is stopping you from going to a solid in the upper floor over the wood substrate, unless for some odd reason, your second floor is pan poured concrete.

Solid wood and concrete don't mix very well.
Concrete has the ability to be below dew point at certain times of the year, or even certain times in a given day as a storm approaches.
Dew point is the forgotten element in solid wood over concrete. If the concrete is below dew point, so will the moisture barrier!

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