Window AC noise

Partsman41953February 11, 2013


I have a window ac that I am using until I get my central AC unit replaced. The unit is mounted in a window in my living room and when it rains it makes so much noise that it is deafening. We are thinking about putting gutters on the house but not sure it that will solve the problem or not. What would you suggest we do to try and eliminate the noise when it rains.


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So, the rain water running off the roof is hitting the case? Gutter.

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Put some packing foam a few inches thick on top of the case temporarily (the soft squishy kind).

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brickeyee is giving you usable advice, to address the question you asked.
if you chose this option make sure that you remove the foam instead of letting it sit on
the housing for long periods. this eventually will cause
the hosing to rust.

installing gutters is a long term solution.
but in the dead of winter..maybe not doable just now.

central hvac is great, but not everyone has, needs
or wants it.

best of luck.

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Hey don't play with this things, I would suggest you to call an expert for the same. Go for a technician nearby.

or you can check out

Here is a link that might be useful: Air conditioning repair washington, maryland

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