Saving New laminate from dog

Kay20October 6, 2012

Hi all,

Over this thanksgiving weekend, I'm installing Golden Select Black Oak laminate flooring. Everything's good so far, however, I was wondering how everyone is dealing with a senior doggie and laminate? My girl is 14, has a heart condition but is in great health (according to the vet). Recently she's developed a bit of seperation anxienty, so now when I head off to school (for some reason she doesn't do it when I go to work which is equal hours to school) she piddles on the floor. Now I know moisture + wood = buckling, but how bad can it get? Also she has a new habit, that whenever she wants water she basically flips her bowl (existing water in it or not), so what's the best thing to put under or over her bowl so the water doesn't go on the floor.

FYI: Can't move the bowl because our kitchen is small (I mean tiny) and there isn't a place to put it without being in the way, and we lack a mudroom/laundry room space. So it's gotta stay in the dining room with the intended laminate flooring.

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Sophie Wheeler

Don't put down laminate then. Put down sheet vinyl for now. What you describe, standing urine and water, will completely ruin a laminate floor. You might as well be papering the floor with dollar bills. Either find a spot to confine the dog while you are gone, and this is where crate training comes in handy, or wait until your dog passes to put down the laminate. Or put down the laminate and consider it sacrifice and that you'll replace it after she passes.

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Senior doggies with problems do well in smaller spaces rather than run of the house. They may feel more secure and need not worry about guarding the whole house. Buy baby gates and keep her in a comfy area while you are not home. Put some sheet linoleum down to protect that area for now. (And some comfy old blankies.)

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I thought I'd update since my original posting. Over thanksgiving, my cousin came down from edmonton with her cat (litter box included) and we discovered quickly that my ol'girl likes to use the litter box to pee in. I don't know if it was a memory from when she was a pup (the people who rescued her litter and their mom from the side of the road, owned a farm with indoor cats) or it was the smell of the litter, but know I've got me a solution.So far she's been peeing in that when I'm at school/when she really needs to go, which is perfect because we've had vinyl down before and it's just not appealing to the eye (in fact we're actually ripping up Allure planks to put in the laminate)...So thx

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