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honeyb2March 28, 2006

So... as a newish person, I'm trying to understand if it's ok to just ask for recommendations for good KDs in my state on the forum. I read lots of posts about Viking vs. Wolf, but never one that says "Bob at Kitchen Planners in Fairfield is really experienced and helpful". Is there some sort of a taboo against this that I should respect?

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Sure, we do that sort of thing all the time. The problem is that if you are not in a larger metropolitan area, or there is no one currently hanging around here from your area, then you may not get much response.

Check out the main page, and people will ask about contractors/designers in different areas.

And know that someone who worked well for one person may be the next client's worst nightmare!

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You can also try Angie's List, if you have one in your ara. That is specifically for local recommendations and reviews of service providers. It is fee based, but I've had good luck with them.

Many people don't like to post other people's names on the Internet, either in positive or negative context, so if you make a request for a "good kitchen designer" for example make sure you allow people to email you a private reply via your profile/page.

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Thanks for the responses, fairegold and lpolk. I'm in Massachusetts, and it seems like there are quite a few forum members who are from this area, so I'm glad to hear it's ok to ask. Your suggestion about going through email seem like a good way to handle the name posting issue. I actually think I may have found a KD I can work with, so hopefully I'll be moving on to suggestions about GCs!

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I'm in MA, too.

If you're in my area (south of Boston), I'd be happy to recommend contractors.

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also, it's OK for YOU to e-mail any poster directly to ask a question like this; just click on their name, or the "My Page" next to their name, and see if they've activated the "send me an e-mail" link.

If they have, that means they'd be amenable to answering this sort of reasonable query.

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Received your email and forwarded one back to you ~ hope it finds its way.

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