Mastercook Software with Windows 7?

becky_caMarch 18, 2010

I know the topic of recipe software comes up every so often, but to be honest I haven't been reading the posts because I've used Mastercook for years and didn't feel like I wanted or needed to make a change.

I bought a laptop yesterday (my first - yeehah!) and I'm in the process of loading the programs on that I use, Mastercook among them. I have the older Food & Wine version 5.02 by Sierra, and there's now a 9.0 version available from Valusoft.

I thought the older version would work, but I'm not able to import recipes so I think I need to upgrade, but when I check the Valusoft website it says that Windows 7 isn't a supported operating system so there may be some problems that they can't solve.

So I'm wondering - is there anybody out there who's been able to use the 9.0 version with Windows 7?

And at the risk of beating a dead horse - if you used to use Mastercook but switched, which program did you switch to, and were you able to transfer your MC files to it easily?

I'd appreciate any feedback - thank you :-)


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Sorry no hyperlinks. Things are kind of busy right now.

I don't know if you want to get into this sort of thing or not, but Windows 7 should have a Windows XP Compatibility Mode that makes it possible to run older 16-bit programs like MasterCook. It may take some work-arounds, but as a MasterCook person myself, the last thing I want to do is switch programs after all these years.

Here's some info from Microsoft support:

There's also a blog that discusses a work-around to use MasterCook in Windows 7:

The one remaining issue is the web import feature may not work with Internet Explorer, but if you have FireFox there's an add-on that will fix this problem. The blog discusses the issue.

This may be more than you want to fiddle with, but if you do things step-by-step, I think you'll be able to keep your old MasterCook. It's a little investment at the front end for a big payoff. At the very least it's worth making the attempt (It's time but not money.) before investing in a whole new software program.


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I have Master Cook 11. Does it work with windows 7 or is there a work-around?

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