Tell me about NetFlex.

doceolatinMarch 20, 2007

Anything i need to know that you found out after you started with it?

Monthy cost? late fees?

I honestly haven't checked into it because I don't watch much tv during the school year and I usually just watch re-runs in the summer.

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Do you mean Netflix, the movie service?

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I've never joined Netflix, mostly because we have a problem with mail theft in my area, so I wouldn't want DVDs sitting in my mail box.

But I have a friend who was really into Netflix for a while. She rented several movies each week. I remember her complaining about two things: that you have to wait a long long time to rent anything that's just been released, and that after a few months she had seen so many movies (probably hundreds in her case) that she had a hard time finding movies to fill her queue. After a while she suspended her subscription. I haven't talked to her lately, so I don't know if she ever restarted it.

You should be able to find out about the fees on Netflix's web site.

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We use Netflix, which I like. I have their cheapest plan which is $10/mo. (one dvd at a time) and you can keep the dvds as long as you need to before you mail it back. We watch about one a week so it's working out well for us. I like that they notify you when the dvd is shipped, at your home or has been returned. We've been getting them in the middle of the week after watching them on the weekend. I don't know how I missed House on tv, but I did, so we're catching up via dvd. We're up to Season 2; it's a great way to watch and no commercials. I think it's a much better deal than trying to get a video back to the store and no late fees, ever!

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Actually, there's a cheaper plan now -- just $5/month. You can have one DVD at a time, and max 2/month, but that is plenty for us. There are no late fees, which is great for me b/c I'm horrible about returning movies, library books, etc. There's no minimum time (like with a one-year gym membership or two-year cell phone agreement), and you can stop at any time. For a while we had a $12 or $15 plan with three DVDs at a time and no monthly limit -- way too much! It was no problem to cancel, and a year later I read about the new cheapie plan and we re-joined.

I've never really had a hard time getting new releases, and I was able to catch up on the entire Sex and the City series. While the kids were sleeping, of course. :-0


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Sounds like it's time for us to re-sign. The three-at-a-time was great for a few months, but then I'd seen everything I wanted and was way down into the 'filler' movies. But a slower plan would be great...

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I love Netflix - now when my kids ask yo buy a movie - I just tell them to queue it up - I figure I have more than broken even. Love the no late fees - as a matter of fact I have had a movie for over a month now - better put it in the box tomorrow!

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we've been on NetFlix for years--started with 3 then moved down to 2 at a time--unlimited (not sure they offer this one anymore)

Dh is in charge of the queue and gets lots of movies I don't want to see..

We are close (30 min away) to a distribution center so we have a 2 day turnaround

A complaint I heard from voracious movie watchers was that NextFlix mysteriously slowed down shipping the faster you watched and returned them...not sure if that is still a complaint...

I like the fact there are no late fees

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We also have the two-at-a-time plan, unlimited. We usually only watch movies on the weekends, but we also get all the TV movie stations, so this is plenty for us.

I think we pay $14.95 a month, so that's usually up to 8 movies. Not bad at all.

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Netflix just announced they are offering downloads. This eliminates the mail issue, which I too often worry about. But if you do lose a movie, they don't charge you for it. Am not sure how the download will work, cost...but very interesting option.

The download would be a plus for "series" DVDs. Sometimes when you add a series to the queue they won't always be sent in order. Downloading would allow them to be in order, but this depends upon what will be offered too. I suspect they will offer DVDs which are the most popular.

I switched from Netflix to BB and back again to Netflix. Netflix has more foreign films or actors. Plus BB got me into the habit of going to the store for returns and getting the free ones in exchange. Was great at first but they started losing the ones returned or not inputting back into the computer and I had to head down there to reconcile. They also still charged for any late movies. I didn't need that many movies as it was.

Two at a time works fine and mail is really fast, one day turn around, keep them as long as you want. I haven't had to wait for movies with them as I did with BB most popular.

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I love Netflix. I have the $10 plan, one DVD at a time, but unlimited for the month. The DVDs arrive the next day from a distribution center about 120 miles away. Thanks for reminding me I have a movie at home I forgot to watch.

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