Is there a zero radius SS sink less than 10 inches deep?

gwentmMarch 15, 2010

I would like a zero radius one bowl stainless steel sink but I can only find sinks that are 10" deep. I tried one out at a friend's house and it is too deep for me. Is there a manufacturer that makes one that is 8" or max 9" deep?

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You might want to post your question in On-Topic Discussions so more people will see it. I don't know much about SS sinks, but I think you can also have them custom made for a reasonable price, from what I've heard.

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there are links to a couple that are less than ten inches deep (height).

It is extremely easy to weld metal to make a zero-radius sink.
Stainless or copper or any other metal.

The rounded sides and corners are what is hard to make. In practice.

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pllog. How do I find On Topic Discussions to put the post there?

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pllog, I think I found it. Never noticed it before. What is the difference? Maybe that is why some of my questions did not get many responses. Per your suggestion I will try reposting it there.

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For others: Discussions

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Rachiele, LLC

Since you have had no luck try searching for custom stainless sinks on Google.

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Reviving this - Couldn't find any follow up in Discussions. Wondering if you ever found sink. I am tall and am finding that the 10" deep sinks are just too deep.

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