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momj47March 22, 2007

My SIL, DD and grandson Chris will be moving to San Antonio in June. Sigh

My SIL will be going down there in a few weeks to start his Officer Basic Training Course, and then he will be stationed there for about two years.

This will be a big adventure for them, and a big change for me. Right now, they live about an hour from me, soon, they'll live 1600 miles from me. Southwest has direct flights from Baltimore to San Antonio, so I'll visit as often as they'll have me.

But will I know what to worry about, and what to "nag" them about. They'll be too far away. I'm a Yankee - northern New England; Texas is going to take some getting used to.

If anyone is from the area and has suggestions or information about housing and life in San Antonio, I'd appreciate all you care to share.



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We moved to Texas as newlyweds 37 years ago from the Chicago area, and have never looked back. Except for the really hot summer months, the climate is fantastic. I think San Antonio is the very best Texas city to visit, because there is so much diversity & history, and the Riverwalk is so much fun. It isn't just the Alamo.

To keep this kitchen related, the one thing we learned about Texas that is different from the North is that you must keep all flours & grain products in Tupperware or something equally robust. No open flour bins or pasta drawers here, unless you like bugs.

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My daughter, at age 22, moved to Dallas for a job offer. She didn't know a soul in Texas when she moved and we're from Pittsburgh. She has thrived in her profession and she loves her life in TX and even married a cowboy lol.

We visited San Antonio. LOVED it!

As far as family visits? We talk every day via cell phone and we send a heck of a lot of pictures via cell and internet. We travel there 2 x a year and more if we see a great flight at the last minute (we're wired to all the discount email sites). She travels home once in the summer and every other Thanksgiving and xmas. She used to come home every xmas and not thanksgiving, but the son-in-laws family deserve to see their shining faces at xmas also. We're lucky. Her new family of in-laws love her and are wonderful people. We know that if anything would ever happen, they will be there.

Your child also has a wonderful family: the military. I'm married to a SGM and I know our military familily is always there for us, too.

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I'll come out of hiding with my bit to add. I lived in San Antonio briefly, 20 some years ago, with my now longtime ex; if memory serves, he was stationed at Ft Sam Houston. Since he, too, was going thru some sort of officer's introductory course and we were on to Colorado next, we did not live on base. While I am sure much has changed since I lived there, I can tell you SA is HOT much of the time, so if your family lives off base, find someplace with pool privileges. Be careful, too, as the worst sunburns of my pale life I got from the broiling sun on Texas beaches where people drive, and park, their cars like some beach tailgate. Exterminators come year round as it doesn't get cold enough to kill what our NE winters will. The people are incredibly nice and friendly. As a matter of fact, when passing an oncoming car and the driver lifts a finger off the steering wheel, it is a friendly wave and not what two, just out of college, born & bred eastcoasters thought it was... Yummy yummy Tex-Mex food all over, too--living in TX and CO influenced my cooking style and meal choices permanently. Take advantage of your time visiting and soak up all the Southwestern culture you can--museums, galleries, restaurants (did i mention the food?) and even the touristy stuff, like the Alamo and the Riverwalk.

When I was living the military spouse life, we always did our px and commissary shopping on the air force bases in the area instead of the army shops. Years ago, the joke was that the army spent its budget on bombs and troops and funded the bases with what was left over, but the air force did it in reverse, knowing they could get more funding for the hard-core stuff. Don't know if that is still true.

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It's my understanding that you can get the most house for the money in San Antonio versus anywhere else in the country. The market is apparently booming there. You didn't say if they'll be buying but that's something to consider.

And - it's hot. Must have a pool.

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I had to laugh when I read your comment about Army funding/ airforce funding.
I think it's still true!

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Thanks for all the information. I think, based on what's happening at Walter Reed, the Army/Air Force funding is still in effect!

Both my daughter and grandson will need lots of sunscreen, they are so fair skinned. My daughter always tells me how she hates the cold, I guess we'll find out if she likes the heat!

I'll have a couple of years to explore with my grandson, and learn lots of new cooking techniques and recipes.

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Hi Barb, I wanted you to know how much I understand the lump in your throat thinking of that sweet baby and family moving away. While our friends travel to exotic places, we jet set to one location only: to our grandson and family! I also console myself with the memory of how special was the grandmother who did NOT live in our town. The wonders of email videos are a huge help keeping up with all their growing up. We are so blessed having them...oh never mind. I'm getting corny here. Mostly just wanted to say it will be okay! You're very lucky it's a non stop flight. Happy flying:>)

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leahcate, thanks for the sympathy. It's getting closer so I know it's going to happen. My SIL leaves next week, I imagine it's going to be very hard for my daughter, with the added burden of househunting from a distance, and then the move.

I didn't live near my grandparents, we were in Maryland, they were in Boston and Maine, so visits were wonderful, but not nearly often enough. My parents lived about 30 minutes away and were such an important part of my children's lives, they are missed.

I'll be getting a web cam, and my daughter has a set so dad can stay in touch when he's gone. At this point, he's changing and growing so fast, I hate to miss it.

Of course, I'll be posting pictures.

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Just some offthetopofmyhead suggestions:
Grocery shopping:
Central Market
Other shopping:
Shops at La Canterra
Alamo Heights
Fun, cheap university drama performances:
Trinity University
Sports team you must revere if you want to fit in in San Antonio:
Day Trips:
San Marcos and Wimberly

DS 1 used to live there; DS 2 still does. Dear friend's son moving there next month.
Unfortunately, S.A. may have the worst drivers in the United States, so be careful.

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I wanted to let you know that I have gone through the exact thing your DD is about to do. We were very lucky to be from Louisiana so it was only a 7 hour drive for visits home and family.

My very first time leaving my parents house, and my small town, was to go with my DH of only 2 months to San Antonio. In 2001 he went through OBC (officer school) and we were stationed there while he went through further schooling. I would not change a thing.

We loved every second of it. The city had such a small town feel that we felt at home right away. There is so much to do to keep busy. Tell your daughter that she needs to eat at Pappasito's for mexican, Boudors on the Riverwalk for the atmosphere and Landry's, also on the Riverwalk, for seafood. The zoo is great for little ones and the best and largest water park is 30 minutes away, Schlitterbahn. The shopping is unbelivable. So, so much to do.

Coming from a person who thought she would never leave home, I tell you that your DD and her family will love it in San Antonio. You can visit 4 times a year and probably never run out of places to see and shop.

I do have to say that if they are stationed at Fort Sam then it is not the best post. The PX was nice but not worth driving all the way from where we lived. Tell your daughter that the north side, HWY 281 and loop 1604 and west to I-10, is the place to live. Everything is new and thriving.

Good luck to you and your family.

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My DD and grandson left this afternoon for San Antonio, it was a tearful trip to the airport. The movers came Tuesday and picked up their stuff. They called this afternoon to say they would be delivering everything this evening! They found a nice house to rent in the Woodlake area.

I will be driving down next weekend with the minivan and the cats! But I already miss them. They stayed with me for a week.

I'm looking forward to learning about a new city, but I hope they don't stay "too long."

Thanks to everyone for the information and encouragement, I've been forwarding all the information to them, so they'll be busy this summer.


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