hi everyone! - Introducing myself here- warning long!

doceolatinMarch 12, 2007

I just saw the invite and thought I would slip in and say hi.

Well, actually I stopped in before but it was completely by accident....I was trying to post a question for the kitchen for my remodel and I was all messed up :o

But, here I am again but this time on purpose! Should I tell you a little about myself? Hmmm...if I shouldn't, just stop reading now. If I should, here goes!

I found this site when searching, belatedly, for kitchen ideas. I wish I had searched BEFORE I started planning everything for my kitchen because, wow, I was blown away with the wonderful kitchen pictures of your remodel jobs!

I'm remodeling my 30 year old kitchen that I moved into when I was young and newly married. I'm still married to my dh- coming up on 32 years next month and loving him more everyday. We have 3 children who are 30, 29, and 28 and a dog, Waldo, who thinks he is a lab.

Dh is a SGM in the military. For the last several years, he has been traveling around working with troops (not war zones) and I try to see him when I can. We've been trying to remodel our kitchen together by using the internet and cell phones. I've been teaching HS Latin in a very large public school for 15 years. The name I chose actually means "I teach (doceo) Latin."

I could probably talk more, but I don't want to scare you away....

p.s. I am still trying to figure my way around this site. I'm not chatboard new and I don't consider myself mentally challenged, but for some reason I have been getting lost in this one. I apologize if I post anything to the wrong place. I'm really going to work on that! Promise!

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Welcome, doceo.

Have you found the appliance, kitchen, paint, organizing the home and the home decoration boards as well? (Not to mention the more task oriented ones like plumbing and electrical ... just hope you don't have something for the home disaster forum!) To see a list of all the fora, click on forums on the green bar above, to the right of the words GardenWeb.

Hope your DH is away on assignment, and your students on vacation because if you're like most of us you'll be glued to your computer as you get up to speed on all the posts.


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Hey doceolatin, welcome and glad you found this side!

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welcome and enjoy the variety of subjects; you'll get a hang of it after a while, it's quite user friendly but the kitchen forum is very active on the discussions side so you have to search through the posts as they descend through the list quickly. When you post on a thread, it gets bumped back to the main page.

my kids are 29 and 27 and I've been married 32 years, similar to you.

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Et tu, doceo -

Welcome - and sorry for belated greeting, been running around non-stop since posting invite.

I don't think your post was overly long at all - great to know more aboutcha.

I, too, fervently wish I had known about GW from the getgo - would have changed a few things, I think, although - wish I had relied more on GWers recently than on my local friends on the kitchen floor advice. We really do end up with a wealth of knowledge from the combined research/experience. And I should now trust my own research better.

So, welcome - and, as you might garner - we talk about anything and everything "over here".


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