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jennybogOctober 7, 2012

Hello everyone. I live in a old farmhouse in new england. I have some floors upstairs that have been painted. We carpeted over them 9 years ago and now decided to rip up the carpet and re-paint the floors.We have chosen a very fun green color. We will be doing a very small 2 piece bath that is under the dormer and the hallway and stairs. I would love to see any painted floors that are out there.I have no interest in sanding and staining the floors up there. I have beautiful 24 inch wide pumpkin pine on the first floor .I would never paint that but this was in stalled much later when they put a second story on. Thank you

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I wish I had taken pictures of the painted wood floors in a river vacation house we stayed in a couple years ago.

The whole first floor was painted dark green and they looked great. I asked the owner what they used and he did say they used "porch" paint for durability.

I can't wait until someday I have that opportunity.

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Ask me in about three weeks :)
I am in the process of painting my hardwood- blasphemy to many, I know but it is perfect for me.
I LOVE old painted wood flooring!

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I visit a cottage in Vermont every summer and it has painted wood floors...nothing fancy...just painted gray and they look great. And I'm a hardwood floor specialist.

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Thank you for all your replies. We have started repainting the floors green. They are pretty dreamy .I will post pics soon.

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