Central AC Installation

jml11758February 10, 2011

I live on Long Island in a front to back split of roughly 1300 square feet. I've had numerous estimates for the installation of Central AC. I'd like to know which system would work better in my home...3.5 ton Rheem with a two-stage air handler or a 3 ton Carrier Performance Series with a two-stage air handler. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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3-tons sounds like alot for 1300 square feet. 3.5 for that size is crazy.

I think 2.5 tons at most would be good. Even 2.0 tons if your well insulated.

I thought long island didn't get to hot. Does it get humid there? how much is your electric per KW in long island?

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Do you have a lot of big windows facing the sun?

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It does get humid here, I'm on the south shore in a waterfront community. No big windows facing the sun. The house is over 50 years old.

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I tend to favor Trane, which might be a bit more expensive, but Rheem is very popular here in FL too. How many returns are you getting installed?

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1300-sf in Long Island, or Central Park, NYC NY; summer design around 89-dry bulb 73-wet bulb or around 46% RH.

With high rates of air infiltration that level of humidity translates into a high indoor latent load at, say an indoor 75-F temp.

Therefore, do everything you can to reduce air infiltration & then do a manual D & I'd select lower on A/C tonnage.
Possibly a 1.5-Ton condenser with a 2-Ton cooling coil with a TXV metering device. (We cannot tell enough from here!)

Not liable for what you end up doing.

The decision is yours; but know what the sensible & latent heatloads are before you make any other decisions. udarrell

Here is a link that might be useful: Sizing New Equipment & Duct System

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3.5 tons sounds way oversized for 1300sf. I have 3 tons for 1750 sq. feet and it does fine. Long cycles remove lots of humidity, are better for the equipment and more efficient.

I would think 2.5 tons is plenty. If your pretty well insulated and good windows I would consider 2 tons.

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3.5 is absolutely too big. I live in NC and have huge windows with no shade yet and I am very cold at 750 sqft per ton.

A little caulk and 2 tons should be fine. But you should get a man J.

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